"I am tied to Tython and Shikaakwa... My mother and father... I can never satisfy both... Never satisfy either. Bound to both by duty... Torn by duty..."
―Tasha Ryo[src]

Tasha Ryo was a female Twi'lek Je'daii Journeyer who served the Je'daii Order on Tython at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign.


Early life[]

A Force-sensitive Twi'lek of the Ryo Clan, Tasha Ryo was the daughter of Baron Volnos Ryo of Shikaakwa and Je'daii Temple Master Kora Ryo, archmaster of the Great Temple of Knowledge, Kaleth. Upon coming of age, Ryo was trained in the ways of the Force by the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython, one of nine planets in the Tython system which made up the Settled Worlds. Preferring to use her Force skills rather than any weapons to defend herself, Ryo achieved the rank of Journeyer within the Order. Throughout her life, Ryo constantly struggled with her duties to the Order and the demands of her father, who wished she would join his criminal empire on Shikaakwa.[1]

A Dark stranger arrives[]

While saving her father from an assassin within his own fortress, Ryo received a vision of a mysterious man named Xesh, a Force Hound of the Infinite Empire, who would crash the Rakatan ship called the Devourer near the Rift on Tython. The surge of deaths associated with the crash alerted all Je'daii to the foreign presence on the world, as well as stirring a Force storm that would rage across the entire planet. Sensing the disturbance through a vision while fighting off the Devaronian killer, Ryo was decided to follow the vision to where ever it may lead in order to maintain balance in the Force.[1]

At the crash site, Ryo met fellow Journeyers Sek'nos Rath and Shae Koda, both of whom had experience similar visions. Searching the wreckage of the alien ship, the trio discovered an escape pod carrying the stranger known as Xesh.[1] Preparing to defend themselves, the Je'daii were shocked as Xesh's Forcesaber easily cut through Rath and Koda's durasteel blades, while his Force powers overwhelmed Ryo's. Despite the setback, the three Je'daii's combined mastery of the Force outmaneuvered Xesh and Koda was able to take the Forcesaber from his grasp. Unarmed and winded, the Je'daii forced Xesh deeper into the Rift towards the dangerous Abyss of Ruh.[5] While tracking the Force Hound, the three Je'daii experienced hallucinations brought on by the dark energies inside the Abyss. Ryo spiraled into depression when her fears of disappointing her parents were brought to the surface through the strange effects of the Abyss.

Finding hope with the help of her allies, the trio was able to locate Xesh as he battled a saarl. When Rath's distraction only antagonized the beast, the group was forced to flee deeper into the cave. Making a final stand, Ryo and her allies attempted to hold off the beast but were unable to turn on the Forcesaber she had confiscated from Xesh. At the urging of her fellows, Koda relinquished possession of the saber to Xesh in hopes that he would activate it and kill the saarl; however Xesh took the weapon and abandoned the Je'daii to their fate. Unbeknownst to the journeyers, Xesh had stayed behind to watch the them fight. Ryo was hit by the saarl's lightning, but Rath came to her aid. When only Shae was left standing, Xesh then spontaneously aided her against the saarl, ultimately killing it. Weeks later, after Xesh was subdued, the three journeyers recuperated at Mahara Kesh. Tasha visited Xesh in his prison cell, requesting permission to look into his mind. The Twi'lek bore witness to Xesh's memories of the Infinite Empire and his upbringing.[6]

Deciphering a mystery[]

Later, Rath, Koda, and Ryo were on Stav Kesh with Je'daii Master Tave. Tave found that they were to distracted with Xesh to think about there studies. Ryo asked why their vision and suggestions had been ignored. Tave assured them they were being listened to. He then told Rath and Koda to go to Vur Tepe and Tasha to Kaleth. [7]

At Kaleth Tasha looked for some evidence of the mysterious aliens killed in the ship's crash, a species that was totally unknown to the Je'daii. At the same time her father contacted her mother demanding she send Tasha to him. She refused. Meanwhile, Tasha found nothing. However, Master Ters Sendon arrived and stated he had something to show her. He took her to an ancient chamber beneath Kaleth which he believed predated the Tho Yor Arrival. He showed her a holocron from which he had tried and failed to extract information. When Ryo touched it, however, the holocron's creator A'nang appeared before them.[8] A'nang explained to them how the Kwa had founded an advanced and benevolent interstellar civilization. A'nang spoke a "Cosmic Power" which Sendon believed was the Force. A'nang realized that if the holocron had been activated then some catastrophe had occurred on Tython. Sendon told him about the strange ship and the storm. A'nang was silent. Ryo then showed A'nang the unidentified skull--in response to which A'nang cried "Rakata!" and disappeared.[9]

A new threat discovered[]

Some time later, in Master Ketu's chambers, they explained their discovery. Ketu introduced Rajivari, who attempted to access the holocron. A'nang appeared to him and explained about the Rakata and their Infinite Empire.[10] Originally, the Kwa used Infinity Gates to wander the galaxy, when they came across a primitive species, they would teach and help it develop. On one occasion, they came to a world known as Lehon, populated by a species known as the Rakata. While the Rakata were primitive, they were extremely strong in the Force, so the Kwa decided to teach them about it, and to share their technological knowledge. Tragically, the Kwa were unaware of the Rakata's barbaric and aggressive nature. The Rakata abused the knowledge they were given to embark on a path of war and conquest, enslaving many species, and practicing only the Dark Side, as opposed to the Kwa's teachings of balance. Eventually, the Rakata coveted the Infinite Gate technology, which the Kwa refused to give to them, so the Rakata decided to try to take it, starting a devastating conflict. The war resulted in the downfall of the Kwa holdings, and the retreat of the majority of the species to their homeworld of Dathomir; however, the Kwa were at least able to disable the Infinity Gate network, preventing the Rakata from obtaining it.

Seer Tasha[]

About a year later, the Rakata invaded the Tython system. Tasha Ryo had then become a seer, and aided the Je'daii forces, led by Xesh and Daegen Lok, by sharing her visions. While the Je'daii forces made their all-or-nothing assault on the Rakata base on Ska Gora, she and the other seers had a vision of the Rakata attacking the Anil Kesh temple on Tython. Their vision was cut short when Xesh, who once again was a Force Hound of the Rakata, blinded them with the power of the dark side. Blinded both physically and mentally, she chose to stay on Tython and meditate on the holocron of A'nang. Predor Skal'nas eventually found the Kwa Infinity Gate deep in the chasm, and A'nang told Tasha that it was time for Tython to awaken, and asked her to take the holocron to the lowest level of Anil Kesh. Once there, Tasha stepped into the exploratory beam, reawakening her connection to the Force.

Powers and abilities[]

Tasha Ryo was extremely proficient in the Force especially in the use of Telekinesis. When a talented assassin was sent to kill Volnos Ryo, she was able to detect his presence through the Force, saving her father in time. While fighting the assassin, she was also able to deflect his shots using her bare hands, right before disarming and knocking him down. She was also proficient with Force Push, which she demonstrated against Xesh. She, unlike other Je'daii Journeyers, didn't use any weapons besides the Force itself.



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