"Last night, a Jedi was murdered on Ueda."
―Tasi Lowa[3]

Tasi Lowa was a Zygerrian Jedi of the Jedi Order who lived during the High Republic Era. She was the Padawan of Jedi Knight Yord Fandar. Lowa and Fandar visited the Trade Federation freighter Fallon to find the meknek Verosha "Osha" Aniseya, who was incriminated for the murder of Jedi Master Indara by her twin sister, Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya. The Zygerrian questioned Osha, who claimed she was innocent, but the two Jedi apprehended the meknek and delivered her to the Galactic Republic prison ship Palwick.


Lowa: "The suspect matched your description."
Aniseya: "You think that I killed her?"
Lowa: "Where were you last night?"
Aniseya: "On this freighter. In this room."
―Tasi Lowa questions Verosha Aniseya[3]

The Force-sensitive[3] Zygerrian[1] Tasi Lowa was a Jedi of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era.[3] By 132 BBY,[4] she[2] was the Padawan of Jedi Knight Yord Fandar. After Jedi Master Indara was murdered by the Force-sensitive assassin[3] Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya[5] on Ueda, Lowa accompanied Fandar to the Trade Federation freighter[3] Fallon[6] to apprehend the meknek[3] Verosha "Osha" Aniseya[5]—a former Jedi Padawan to Master Sol and Mae's twin sister—who had been incriminated for the crime. The two Jedi landed on the freighter in a Jedi Vector and made their way to the bridge, where Fandar introduced himself and Lowa before asking the Neimoidian captain Blex about Osha. Although the captain denied having mekneks aboard, an officer revealed Osha's location.[3]


Fandar and Lowa question Osha in her quarters.

When Fandar met Osha in her quarters, Lowa entered, conversing with the former Jedi about her current job before questioning when she had joined the Order. Lowa noted that Osha's age had been a concern about her admittance to the Order, while Fandar brought up the loss of Osha's family shortly before her entry. Osha asked why the Jedi were there, and Lowa informed her of the murder on Ueda by a suspect matching her description. When Osha protested the idea that she had killed Indara, Lowa asked her where she had been the previous night, and the meknek claimed she had been aboard the freighter.[3]

At Fandar's request, Lowa stepped out of the room, returning a moment later with the barkeep[3] Cabuck,[7] who had witnessed the murder. The barkeep identified Osha as the murderer, and the two Jedi subsequently apprehended the meknek. As the Jedi escorted her to a the prison transport[3] Palwick,[8] which was to take her back to[3] the capital planet[2] Coruscant, Lowa powered down Osha's droid, Pip, informing her of what her fate would be. Lowa handed the meknek's belongings to a droid warden, who took Osha aboard, and the transport departed. The Jedi returned to Coruscant themselves, although Osha never arrived, the prison ship having crashed after the other prisoners attempted to escape.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"So how long have you been a meknek?"
"Since I left the Order. So… six years."
"Dangerous job."
"It has its perks."
―Tasi Lowa and Osha Aniseya[3]

Lowa had brown hair, purple eyes, and light skin. While questioning Osha, the Zygerrian[3] gazed staunchly[2] at the meknek, whose career Lowa knew to be dangerous.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

As a Jedi of the Jedi Order, Lowa was a Force-sensitive trained to wield the Force.[3]


"A major concern about admitting you to the Order was your age."
―Lowa reads off her datapad while questioning Osha[3]

Lowa wore a set of Jedi apparel that consisted of a white cape over a white and gold tunic. The Zygerrian also wore a brown belt over a green sash, as well as brown boots. She had several gold bands that tied back her hair. While questioning Osha Aniseya, Lowa carried a datapad.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"Oh, I got a Zygerrian in live-action, which that was one of my things. I was like, 'I've got to get a Zygerrian.' The poor makeup department. Let me tell you what I put them through."
―Leslye Headland[9]

Tasi Lowa appeared in "Lost / Found," the first episode of the series The Acolyte,[3] which aired on June 4, 2024.[10] She was portrayed by Thara Schöön.[3] Lowa was first depicted in a trailer shown exclusively at Celebration Europe[11] during the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase on April 7, 2023.[12] A trailer for the series released on May 4, 2024 featured a voice line from the character, whose name was provided in the subtitles.[13]

Showrunner Leslye Headland stated that a live-action Zygerrian was something she had wanted to include in the series[9] as a reference to expanded universe lore.[14] The Zygerrian's appearance was achieved through practical effects, with Headland commenting that the makeup department had a lot of work as a result.[9] The StarWars.com episode guide for "Lost / Found" spelled the character's name as "Tasi Loa."[1]


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