The Imperial Task Force Vengeance was a task force formed to pacify the Airam sector. It was headed by the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Vengeance under Admiral Wooyou Senn.


The naval unit commenced operations at roughly the same time when a Rebel Alliance task force centered around the cruiser Liberty set up a new shipyard in the Nocto system. These forces subsequently engaged in a long campaign.

At the end the campaign against the Rebel forces, Admiral Senn and the Vengeance were destroyed by an intense Rebel attack. Both the Rebels and the Imperials in Airam were significantly damaged and left in a stalemate. Task Force Vengeance failed to destroy the Rebel presence in the Airam sector, nor force the compliance of the Airam leaders.

Ships under Senn's commandEdit

Below is a list of ships encountered by the Liberty task force in Airam and Elrood sectors, respectively.

Executor-class Star DreadnoughtsEdit

Imperial-class Star DestroyersEdit

Victory-class Star DestroyerEdit

Immobilizer 418 cruisersEdit

Strike-class cruisersEdit

EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigatesEdit

Nebulon-B2 frigatesEdit

Escort CarriersEdit

CR90 corvettesEdit

  • CRV 1138 - destroyed
  • CRV Gotal 1 - destroyed
  • CRV Gotal 2 - destroyed
  • CRV 327-B - destroyed
  • CRV 327-C - destroyed

Assassin-class corvettesEdit

Support shipsEdit

Task Force Total: 53 vessels, minimum
Task Force Losses: 27 vessels, minimum (not including fighter sized and auxiliary craft)

Behind the scenesEdit

TF Vengeance

Opening crawl of the campaign.

The Imperial campaign of Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power derives its name from this task force. Although the last missions are open ended (they can be played as either Rebels or Imperials), the ultimate outcome is not held to favor the Empire or the Rebellion.


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