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The Tatooine Campaign occurred in 4 ABY. Rogue Squadron faced off against Imperial Captain Marl Semtin and crime lord Firith Olan for the control of the secret Eidolon Base.


Rogue Squadron was sent to planet Tatooine to aid Winter in a covert investigation. Winter was planning to attend Huff Darklighter's gathering to commemorate the anniversary of Biggs Darklighter's death at the Battle of Yavin with Wedge Antilles, Elscol Loro and Tycho Celchu. The other Rogues were hired in a bar by Kapp Dendo to aid him in a raid on the Darklighter estate. It was in fact a diversion that Winter ordered so that she could steal an important disk in Huff's possession.

The missionEdit

When the time came for the diversion, though, it was not Kapp's team, but an outside party who managed to steal the disk. It appeared that the second team of raiders worked for a Twi'lek crime lord named Firith Olan. The Rogues later learnt from Huff Darklighter and Winter that the disk contained a map to a large Imperial cache of weaponry: the Eidolon Base. Olan wanted it so that he can gain prominence in the black market and have the power necessary to become Tatooine's next governor. As the Rogues headed to the base in their X-wings to stop the Twi'lek, Olan ordered his TIE interceptors, stolen in the base, into the air. Once that battle began, Olan's TIEs are joined by Imperial TIEs sent by Captain Marl Semtin, from an orbiting Star Destroyer, the Harrow.

Rogue Squadron's Mission to Tatooine

Dogfight over Tatooine desert.

Olan escaped in a ship to planet Ryloth, to which the Rebels and Imperials followed him. Once there, Cazne'olan, the leader of Olan Clan, organized a contest in which two Imperials and two Rogues must race to a "globe of victory" over who will be allowed to take Olan into custody. The two Imperials commandos, Sixtus Quin and Septaas, won but they were betrayed by their captain. Olan escaped with Semtin who didn't plan to wait for the race to be win, abandoning his troopers to probable slavery. The Imperial troopers decided to join the New Republic.


Elscol Loro attacks the Harrow.

They all came back at Tatooine, where Olan has been placed in charge of Eidolon Base by Semtin. As Rogue Squadron attacked by air the TIEs, a ground assault took place, including Winter, Kapp Dendo and the former Imperial troopers. The Rebels captured the weapon cache and Sixtus took revenge, killing Semtin.


After the battle, the weapons were given to Tatooine's government. Elscol Loro decided to join up with Sixtus Quinn to lead a Rebel ground attack force.

Upon returning to Jabba's Palace, Firith Olan's brain was taken and placed in a spider droid, while Bib Fortuna's mind received a new body: Olan's.



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