"People in the real world dream about being a rockstar — it's ubiquitous. But that dream is only really achieved through belief and friendship. And that's the Star Wars part, too."
―James Waugh[src]

"Tatooine Rhapsody" (Japanese: タトゥイーン・ラプソディ)[3] is an animated short film and episode of the web television series Star Wars: Visions. Produced by Studio Colorido, the short premiered on Disney+ on September 22, 2021.[4]

Plot summary[]

A new calling[]

The episode opens amidst a battle between Galactic Republic clone troopers and Separatist B1-series battle droids. Order 66 has been executed, and the clones who had once fought with the Jedi Padawan named Jay turned their weapons against him. The Padawan flees through the corridors of a factory and falls off a railing, damaging his lightsaber. When he awakes, he finds that he has fallen into a vehicle with a Hutt named Geezer Odajion aboard. Odajion asks what he is. Jay struggles to answer.

Later, Jay becomes part of Odajion's music band called Star Waver, serving as the band's vocalist. Odajion plays the flaming rumble bass while the multi-torsoed alien Lan plays versatile cluster drums. K-344 ("Kurti") plays electrified dual guitars. The droid V-5 is responsible for managing and mixing sound.

Pursued by Boba Fett[]

The bounty hunter Boba Fett approaches with several henchmen including a Weequay and Nikto. Jay greets Fett and his party. Fett shoots Jay's guitar. He then confronts Odajion, telling him that he has come to collect a bounty that Jabba Desilijic Tiure has placed on him. If he resists, Fett warns that he and his henchmen will disintegrate his friends. Odajion laughs off Fett's warning, asking if Jabba wants his autograph.

Odajion tells his band "let's rock 'em" before unleashing a flamethrower hidden in his electric guitar. Fett is driven back. Lan and K-344 attack Fett's henchmen. Jay struggles with a Weequay but V-5 drives him away, causing the Weequay to fall off the stage. Boba Fett charges in with his blaster but Jay unleashes the sprinkler system. The band escapes in their starship The Rolling Gales and fly into the rain. Fett watches from behind.

While traveling aboard their starship, Jay says that this is the third time they have been chased. Kurti says they have such passionate fans while Odajion remarks that this is the price of fame. V-5 beeps while Lan's heads talk argue about not finishing thee separate times. Jay breaks up the argument and says that it will be nice to finish the show for once. Just then, The Rolling Gales receives a jolt. The band realized that they are being followed.

Fett gives chase in the Slave I and peppers their ship with laser fire. Odajion tells Kurti to punch it but she says that she has punched the engines already. V-5 panics during the flight. Jay says he has a bad feeling about this. The ship is hit by laser fire and crashes to the ground.

Following the crash landing, Fett forces his way into the ship. He tells Odajion that he has been marked for execution and that it is pointless to resist. Odajion protests that he doesn't know what he did. Fett disagrees, prompting Odajion to say that he won't join Jabba's crime syndicate. Fett warns that Jabba is not to be crossed. Odajion reluctantly complies and follows Fett out of The Rolling Gales.

Standing by a friend[]

As they leave, Jay tells them to wait. Fett asks if he really wants to do this. Jay ignites his lightsaber but it short circuits. Odajion reluctantly follows Fett aboard the Slave I. Several mice watch sadly in the rain. Aboard the ship. Lan's bodies and Kurti begin repairing the ship. Kurti enlists Jay's help but he is despondent about Odajion. Kurti says that there is nothing they could have done and thinks that their luck has run out. She says they are ultimately a band. Jay is unwilling to abandon Odajion given all that they have been through.

Jay reflects on his first meeting with Odajion, who asks who he is. In the flashback, Jay accepts Odajion's offer of friendship. V-5 plays a recording from the first session of Star Waver. Odajion tells the band that they are the people he is looking for. This recording brings back fond memories of Odajion for the band. Jay runs out into the rain and screams in rage and frustration. He tells Kurti that she is right that they are just a band. Just then, the rain stops and the sun rises.

Winning hearts and minds[]

The band plays on Tatooine

Later at the Mos Espa Grand Arena on the planet Tatooine, two Gamorrean guards bring Odajion before Jabba's majordomo Bib Fortuna, who releases Odajion from his binders. Jay and the rest of the band soon rejoin Odajion. Jay explains that they made a deal with Jabba to let them perform before he executes Odajion. Jay says that they only get one song. Odajion thinks that his friends have lost their minds and tells them that they don't need to get caught up in this. Kurti asks Odajion if he is not one to run away from his fans. Lan says that this is the biggest venue since they formed their band. V-5 beeps in agreement. Jay commands his band to make this their best show ever before handing Odajion his guitar.

Odajion leads the band as they take a cargo skiff to a podium. Jay sings a song while the rest of the band plays to the cheers of the crowd. The lyrics talk about traveling through hyperspace. A Hologlide J57 cam droid records the band playing. Their music goes viral, attracting fans across Tatooine including Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Mos Eisley. Part of the performance includes Odajion using the flamethrower in his electric guitar to set a hovering canvas sheet ablaze. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics emphasize freedom and being yourself. This resonates with the crowd who begin chanting the lyrics as well.

A nervous Bib Fortuna watches the rapturous reception. As armed guards approach the stage in skiffs, Jay issues an appeal to Jabba, saying that the Star Wavers will be the number one band in the galaxy. He asks if Jabba will like to be their first sponsor. A Nikto boy asks them to sing one more song and he is soon joined by the rest of the crowd. The guards shoot in the air before leaving the podium. This leaves Jay and the Star Wavers on the stage to perform one more song for the crowd. Even Jabba and his entourage take a liking to the band's music.


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Japanese Voice Cast

  • Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jay
  • Kousuke Goto as Geezer
  • Anri Katsu as Lan
  • Masayo Fujita as K-344
  • Akio Kaneda as Boba Fett
  • Taro Kiuchi as Gamorrean
  • Kosuke Echigoya as Boba's Henchman #1
  • Masaomi Yamahashi as Boba's Henchman #2
  • Mitsuho Kambe as Child #1
  • Momone Iwabuchi as Child #2

English Voice Cast


  • Inspired by Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Directed by – Taku Kimura
  • Written by – Yasumi Atarashi
  • Produced by – Studio Colorido
  • Executive Producer – Koji Yamamoto
  • Producers – Kana Manabe, Masahiro Kannae
  • Executive Producers – James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Jacqui Lopez
  • Co-Executive Producer – Justin Leach
  • Producer – Kanako Shirasaki
  • Score by – Yoshiaki Dewa
  • Sound Director – Soichiro Kubo
  • Casting by – Soichiro Kubo
  • English Voice Casting by – Lindsay Halper, Stephanie Shieh
  • English Voice Casting Coordinator – Caroline Keller
  • Planning – Twin Engine
  • Chief Planning Producer – Yuta Kanno
  • Planning Producer – Hibiki Saito
  • Script Managers – Kosuke Suzuki (Studio Colorido), Hiroki Hayatsu
  • Planning Coordinator – Shuntaro Izumi
  • Production Designer – Cedric Herole
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  • Character and Props Leads – Cedric Herole, Hisashi Ishikawa
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Notes and references[]

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