"Dr. Cinto Alaras is a designer and medical consultant at the Neuro-Saav labs on Tauber, in the Jaso sector, one of the most important medical areas in the galaxy."
―A report by Rebel Task Force on Alliance Security[src]

Tauber was an Inner Rim world that lay on the Rimma Trade Route super-hyperroute. In 214 BBY, an antidote to the disease known as the Bordal Contagion was created on Tauber. Two centuries later, a hospital on Tauber was where the A4 laboratory assistant droid designated EV-A4-D began his service, while Neuro-Saav Corporation ran material-design laboratories on the world by 2 ABY. Doctor Cinto Alaras and the undercover Rebel Alliance Agent Sommen both worked at the Neuro-Saav facilities.


Tauber was a terrestrial world[3] located in the Tauber system of the Jaso sector.[1] That sector lay within the Trailing Sectors portion of[2] the Inner Rim[1] and was considered to be among the most important galactic areas in medicine.[5] The Rimma Trade Route super-hyperroute linked Tauber to the Polith and Yag'Dhul systems.[2]


"Then came the Bordal Contagion of 214 BBY. I don't know what it was — some kind of plague that left people strangling on fluid in their lungs, awful stuff. I think it was the first time the Republic had thought about Rseik sector in a century or so. They figured out an antidote on Tauber and started sending holds full of it to Kabal."
―Memoirs of Firmus Kett[src]

EV-A4-D began his service at a hospital on Tauber.

In 214 BBY, during the outbreak of the Bordal Contagion in the Outer Rim Territories' Rseik sector, Galactic Republic researchers on Tauber created an antidote to the disease. At least 6 million doses of the antidote were subsequently sent to[6] the Outer Rim planet[7] Kabal for further transportation to the Rseik sector. Tauber's role in combating the disease was eventually mentioned in the memoirs of the Trade Defense Force captain Firmus Kett.[6]

Tauber was the site of a hospital[4] at some point by 22 BBY.[8] The facility employed Human doctors as well as a staff of droids. The MerenData A4 laboratory assistant droid known as EV-A4-D began his existence as a supervisor droid at the hospital. EV-A4-D dramatically improved the efficiency of the medcenter's droids. However, the doctors were disturbed by the supervisor's methods,[4] and when EV-A4-D ordered the mechanical staff to operate on patients without using painkillers, he was returned to his manufacturer.[3]

By 2 ABY,[9] the Galactic Empire was present on Tauber in the form of a local prefect. During that time, the Human male Doctor Cinto Alaras worked as a designer and medical consultant at Neuro-Saav Corporation facilities on the planet, as did the undercover Rebel Alliance Agent Sommen. The Rebel Task Force on Alliance Security noted in a report that Alaras could at some point stumble upon Sommen's true mission due to them working at adjacent stations and therefore classified Alaras' presence on Tauber as a potential threat to the Alliance.[5]


"Dr. Alaras would not normally present a threat to the Alliance, but as Alliance Agent Sommen works in the adjacent design station, the Alliance fears Alaras may become suspicious of Sommen's activities in the Neuro-Saav offices and eventually report his suspicions to higher executives or even the local prefect."
―A report by Rebel Task Force on Alliance Security[src]

At some point by 22 BBY,[8] a major hospital operated on Tauber with a staff of medical droids[3] as well as Human doctors.[4] Twenty-four years later,[9] Neuro-Saav Corporation ran material-design facilities on Tauber, which included laboratories and offices staffed by several designers.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Tauber was first mentioned in the sourcebook Alliance Intelligence Reports, published in 1995 for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[5] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Tauber system, and therefore the world Tauber, in grid square L-14.[2]


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