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Tavo was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando serving in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tavo was a friend of Alpha-30, Sull, who attempted to desert the GAR much like Spar had done before him. However, Tavo was not as fortunate as Spar had been. Shortly after taking his leave of the armed forces Tavo was hunted down and killed by the deserter eliminating Covert Ops clone troopers. This motivated Sull himself to flee the GAR while on a mission to Gaftikar. Sull's run-in with Omega Squad there led to the exposure of Tavo's death—and the nobody-leaves-alive policy of the GAR—to people such as Kal Skirata and Arligan Zey.

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