"Why did you join the Rebellion? Why do you fight the emperor?"
"My parents were killed by the Empire. They refused to give up their land. So they were killed."
―Purr and Tawn Porew[src]

Tawn Porew, also known as Leaf One, was a Human female who worked for the Rebel Alliance.


Porew joined the Rebellion after stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire killed her parents who refused to surrender their farm property to the local governor.

She swore to avenge her parents and managed to blow up the governor's landspeeder. She also attempted to blow up his house, but was captured and imprisoned. Eventually, she was liberated by the local underground Rebel cell. Tawn was talented when it came to demolitions, and the Rebels were so impressed by her skills that they offered her a place in the Rebel Alliance. She accepted and received training at a secret Rebel base. Once the training was complete she was assigned to Commander Brion Peck's unit on Rafft where she met and befriended the smugglers Dannen Lifehold and Purr.