Tayari Rook was a male Mandalorian who lived during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


In 3642 BBY, he claimed that he was a Mandalorian, but the truth was that Tayari used the Mandalorians' reputation for his criminal business. Tayari created a personal clan, Clan Rook, and they operated as a clan of Mandalorians by killing or dishonoring any who would expose the truth of their organization to the true Mandalorians, who would be honor-bound to kill the pretenders.

Tayari was also responsible for the downfall of Clan Spar, a real Mandalorian clan that Tayari Rook slandered in order to gain a favorable contract with the Sith Empire. Members of the Mandalorian Clan Lone joined with Clan Rook after they were dishonored for not aiding Clan Spar when the Sith came to capture and execute them. Clan Spar's only known survivor, a female Zabrak by the name of Akaavi Spar, eventually learned of Tayari Rook's involvement in the death of her people. She tracked the group to the planet Nal Hutta where they were camped, working jobs for the Hutt Cartel, and attacked, killing Tayari and any member of Clan Rook that didn't escape her assault.

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