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The Taylander shuttle was a model of civilian transport shuttle manufactured by Gallofree Yards, Inc. and found throughout the galaxy. It was used as a transport ship for undercover operations by the early rebellion and the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Description[edit | edit source]

An innocuous civilian craft, the Taylander shuttle was utilized as a transport starship and cargo vessel.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

A Taylander shuttle over Garel

Taylander shuttles were used throughout the galaxy, and were common and innocuous sights everywhere from Coruscant's bustling cargo lanes to Tatooine's docking bays.[2]

Three Taylander shuttles were used by Phoenix Cell during the Battle of Garel between Phoenix Squadron and the Galactic Empire on Garel.[3] One Taylander shuttle called the Chandrila Mistress transported the fugitive senator Mon Mothma to a rendezvous to meet with the Spectres. They were ambushed by Imperial forces and the Chandrila Mistress was destroyed.[4]

After the Rebel Alliance captured the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Harbinger, Admiral Verette and a contingent of Rebel troopers fled in a Taylander shuttle. They were pursued by SCAR Squadron, who shot down the shuttle over the Ghost Moon.[5] After capturing Verette, SCAR Squadron strapped him to the front of the shuttle and sent him to the Rebel rendezvous point as a gruesome distraction. Sana Starros then blew the shuttle up.[6]

Following the mission to Ktath'atn, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa took a shuttle on a mission during which Skywalker flew it into a nebula to avoid Imperial forces, but the nebula disabled the ship, causing it to crash on a planet for three weeks. They were able to repair it and return to the Alliance Fleet after destroying an AT-AT using traps they had constructed.[7]

Years later, a gutted Taylander shuttle could be found on Jakku's Niima Outpost.[8]

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