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The Taylander shuttle was an independent transport starship that began production just after the Battle of Naboo.


Sentients of all corners of the galaxy used the mass-produced Taylander shuttles to reach their destinations. The vessels were 43.5 meters in length, with a rounded bow and three landing struts.


Taylander shuttles were a common sight in docking bays on such Outer Rim worlds as Tatooine during the leadup to the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, one of the shuttles were used to send the demolition droids to Coruscant.[1] Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker returned to Coruscant from Ansion in such a shuttle.

Behind the scenes[]

Star Wars Insider 63 incorrectly identifies the Taylander shuttle and the Gozanti Cruiser as "Brocklander ships." Star Wars Insider 65 corrects the mistake, stating that "Brocklander" was only a nickname used during production.



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