Tazan City was a city on the planet Tazan. A group of agents from the Alliance to Restore the Republic landed in the city before infiltrating and attacking the Imperial Data Processing Facility located to the west of the city.


Tazan City was located on Tazan, an undeveloped and sparsely populated planet in the Expansion Region. Located within the city was Old Town, nestled between the Central Business District and the Tazan starport. Also located next to the starport was Startown, and an Industrial Belt ran through the city, with a number of suburbs around its outskirts. These were well spaced and included the low-income residential area known as Desander Section, which neighbored Old Town, and, arranged clockwise from there, the Lysander, Logan's Vale, Bellmont, and Fentella Sections. These sections were linked by tree lined avenues, with Pubtrans flitters and rental swoops available in the city for transport.[1]


"Yes? Can I help you?"
Willer Clines greets the Rebel agents[src]

Sometime after the destruction of Alderaan, the Imperial Data Processing Facility, located outside of Tazan City, was targeted by the Rebel Alliance, who dispatched a team of agents to the planet. Landing in the Tazan starport in the Flying Fish, the team made contact with the Rebel sympathizer Willer Clines, an occupant of Desander Section; however, Clines' daughter Jastina had been kidnapped by Imperial stormtroopers, who were aware of his contacts with the Alliance. The Imperials also stationed a contingent of troopers inside his house in order to capture any Rebels that turned up, and a brief firefight ensued.[1]

Despite this setback, the Rebels were able to continue their mission and infiltrate the Imperial base outside the city.[1]


The city was mostly occupied by Humans and well as some Twi'leks, a number of which were employed at the Imperial Data Processing Center located 50 kilometers west of the city. A number of other species also visited the city as spacers making use of the starport facilities.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tazan City appears in the roleplaying adventure Ultimate Core Dump, written by Megan Robertson for the RPGA affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. The city is the setting for a number of encounters during the adventure, for which the outcomes are often left open. For instance, during the ambush at Clines' house, the players may either defeat the stormtroopers or get captured, or some combination thereof. Even if the players are captured, they still get a chance to continue with their mission, just continuing with an encounter in which they break out of a prison cell. The ultimate conclusion of the adventure is also left open.[1]


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