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Te Hasa was a desert planet with a Type II atmosphere that was located within the Gree Enclave, a part of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. A hidden planet that had been terraformed by members of the sentient Gree species into a harsh desert world with bioengineered predators, Te Hasa was used for thousands of years to store many pieces of ancient Gree technology that the cephalopoid species had forgotten how to use.

The Te Hasan Gree dedicated themselves to rediscovering ways of operating the ancient devices stored in the numerous vaults and warehouses located on the planet, such as the Great Library of Manuals, with many Gree making pilgrimages to Te Hasa in order to study the technological knowledge. Several guilds of masters—members of the Gree operator caste who specialized in the use of various technologies—were present on the desert planet, while a group of Gree from Te Hasa also oversaw the trade of artifacts on the planet Asation.


Te Hasa was a terrestrial planet[2] that was located in the Gree Enclave region's Te Hasa system, within the Veragi sector of the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.[1] The planet was connected to the world of Malanose via a relatively poorly-known hyperlane. The Rokak'k Baran, a massive transport starship equipped with a Class 3 hyperdrive that was the main method of travel within the Gree Enclave, took two days to travel the route and made regular, two-day-long visits to Te Hasa.[2]

The planet was also the destination point of at least one hypergate—a device allowing instantaneous transportation between two points—based on the planet Asation. Although the gate was non-functional by the time of the Galactic Civil War, its use had been common before the civilization of the sentient Gree species declined.[2]

Te Hasa was a dry desert world with a temperate climate and standard gravity. The local day lasted twenty-nine standard hours, while a year encompassed 296 days. Te Hasa had a Type II atmosphere, which was comfortable for the Gree who had settled there, although breath masks were suggested for certain other species.[2]

Although Te Hasa already had deserts, rocky valleys, and canyons on its surface, the Gree terraformed the planet to be truly formidable to any aliens who might discover the dry world. The deserts were greatly expanded by routing Te Hasa's water to underground cisterns that were located under oases in the valleys. Water was also transported to other Gree worlds. As an additional precaution, the Gree bioengineered the native predators to be more aggressive and deadly, while other creatures were engineered to sustain the carnivores.[2]


Millennia before the Galactic Civil War, members of the Gree species settled Te Hasa.[2]

During that conflict, an expedition of Gree from Te Hasa traveled to the planet Asation to find and retrieve the ancient Khoz'zhak device. The Te Hasans pursued the Human archaeologist Corellia Antilles, who had discovered the artifact in the Asation jungle, and eventually bought the Khoz'zhak from a group of traders who were working together with Antilles.[2]

A few years later,[3] around 11 ABY,[4] the Gree master Sharka'k, whose collection of Gree devices included the artifact known as the Sharka'k Noor, died on Asation. Since Sharka'k had not passed on the knowledge of operating the Noor to any apprentice, the Te Hasan Gree claimed the artifact. However, before the latter could retrieve the Noor, it was stolen by Doctor Ils Ee, who then escaped from the Gree Enclave.[3]


The Gree species used Te Hasa to store ancient devices and technological knowledge.

Home to 10,000 members of the sentient Gree species, Te Hasa was a legendary, secret world that the cephalopoids used for thousands of years to house ancient technological knowledge and hundreds of unique devices. The artifacts, which the Gree had forgotten how to operate by the time of the Galactic Civil War, were stored and cataloged in warehouses in the hope of eventually rediscovering their use.[2]

Dozens of Gree made a pilgrimage to Te Hasa each year in order to study the deposited technology, and occasionally some of them accidentally discovered the correct activation sequences for some of the devices or managed to decrypt the relevant instructions from the Great Library of Manuals, an expansive vault of technical knowledge. Such individuals were then granted the rank of master—a member of the Gree operator caste who was proficient in using a piece of the ancient technology. Those Gree who figured out how to operate some of the stored artifacts could keep those devices themselves, for the Te Hasan vaults contained duplicates, and the local Gree were only interested in the knowledge, not the devices themselves.[2]

The Gree from Te Hasa were close in function to priesthood and wore dark-colored robes ornamented with hieroglyphs. Those who made pilgrimages to the desert world wore traditional bright robes and were tattooed to signify that they studied there. The Te Hasans,[2] also known as the Keepers of Artifacts,[3] were a closely-knit community who guarded their technology with great care but were ready to accept the help of other Gree in rediscovering its use. A contingent of Te Hasan Gree also oversaw the trade of artifacts on the world of Asation and was allowed to interfere with the trade of advanced technology.[2]

Te Hasa was governed by a guild of Gree librarians, but members of other guilds were also present. The largest number of textmasters—specialists of information systems and communications devices—in the Gree Enclave worked in the Great Library of Manuals, and master synthesors, who had the skill of operating matter reconfiguration devices, were also common on Te Hasa.[2]


Te Hasa was the location of the Great Library of Manuals, where only knowledge focusing on technology was accessible to the Gree, as well as storehouses in or near oases in the valleys. The older warehouses were carved into rock, while newer ones, constructed like longhouses, resembled temples rising above the planet's surface.[2]

Deep in Te Hasa's largest desert, Sik'ark'kuck—which meant "the Swallower" in the Gree language—the Gree stored the most valuable or dangerous artifacts in a restricted and secret warehouse. A landing field was also present on the planet.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Te Hasa was introduced in "The Gree Enclave," an article written by Timothy O'Brien and published in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 8 in November 1995. The Gree Enclave includes an adventure seed for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, and this article assumes the scenario plays out as described.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Te Hasa system, and therefore the planet, in grid square K-2.[5]


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