"The Imperials said if I did not do as instructed, [my family] would die. I am a fool, I know. They are probably already dead."

Tealart was a male Mon Calamari shipman who served in the Galactic Alliance Remnant.


Tealart was part of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, one of the main opponents of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. He eventually became a bridge shipman aboard Gar Stazi's flagship, the Imperious-class Star Destroyer Alliance.

Sometime after the Battle of Dac, Tealart was contacted by agents of the Empire. They showed him that his wife and child had been captured on Dac and told him that they would be the next victims of the genocide unless he betrayed Stazi and the Remnant. While Tealart felt terrible about doing so, he agreed to lead Imperial forces to the fleet and assassinate Stazi.

Fortunately, Tealart's assassination attempt failed: he shot Stazi, but before firing another shot, his right arm was cut off by Jedi Master Drok and he was later imprisoned. After Stazi, who survived the blaster shot, came to him, Tealart explained his reasons for betraying him, but that he deeply regretted doing so. Stazi, who understood divided loyalties, said he would contact the Mon Calamari Rangers and ask them to do whatever they could for his family. Tealart was then told that he was later expected to be court-martialed and executed for his betrayal. He was forgiven, but what happened in the Arkanis sector was inexcusable. Tealart understood, and thanked Stazi for what he was doing for his family.


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