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"I'm so happy."
―Kerlay Utanks[src]

A limmie team played for the planet of Fwillsving in the Galactic Cup of Limmie. In 22 BBY, during the Separatist Crisis, the team's single-score victory over the planet of Kubindi's team inspired a riot that saw that four million limmie enthusiasts express their jubilation by looting, vandalizing, and partying in the streets of Svitalos, the city on Fwillsving in which the game was held. One merchant, Kerlay Utanks, marked the occasion by exploding a number of thermal detonators in his own store.[1]

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Team Fwillsving was mentioned in an issue of the HoloNet News feed (2002), Volume 531, Issue 47, that was published in-universe on the fourteenth day of the third month in 22 BBY. The article that referenced the team, titled "Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round",[1] was written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens.[2]

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