Team Mynock was one of the five Jedi strike-teams sent to Corellia as part of the Galactic Alliance mission code-named Operation Roundabout. Consisting of Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker, their mission was to destroy Centerpoint Station.

As with the other elements of Operation Roundabout, Team Mynock walked straight into a Corellian trap, but while Jacen was ambushed by Thrackan Sal-Solo, Ben was able to reach the control room, where he encountered a droid constructed to control Centerpoint, programmed to believe that it was Jacen's dead brother, Anakin Solo. Rather than destroying Centerpoint, Ben was able to show the droid the truth of the situation, and it scrambled the control interface before mindwiping itself, preserving the station in the hope that its undiscovered history and technology could one day be revealed, while rendering it inoperative as a weapon.

Jacen and Ben escaped the station and returned to the Alliance, although the Corellians subsequently attempted to restore Centerpoint to operation.



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