Team Womp Rat was one of the five Jedi strike teams sent to Corellia as part of the Galactic Alliance mission code-named Operation Roundabout. Assigned directly to the Second Fleet, Womp Rat consisted of the ten XJ6 X-wing starfighters of Hardpoint Squadron, flown by Luke Skywalker, his wife Mara, and eight other Jedi pilots, plus the shuttle Chandrila Skies and its crew. Their mission was to extract the surface-based snatch squads, Team Tauntaun and Team Purella, and perhaps also the observer unit Team Slashrat.

As Operation Roundabout found itself ambushed on all fronts by Corellian forces, Womp Rat was attacked by a force of eighteen Corellian attack fighters, plus flak fire from the surface. The team suffered the worst casualties of any of the Jedi elements involved in the mission, including the Rodian pilot Toile Senn, and the Chandrila Skies and its crew. This forced the Purella-Tauntaun commando teams to improvise an escape by "borrowing" a shuttle from Behareh Spaceport, but Womp Rat continued to provide them fighter cover until they made their escape.



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