Teardrop was a planet located in Shelsha sector. It contained Por'ste Island and was near Briston.

The world played host to a covert Rebel Alliance listening post that the Galactic Empire attempted to raid in 0.5 ABY. The Rebels, however, managed to escape before the raid; in response, the Imperial Security Bureau ordered the massacre of a town on that world, seeking to blame them for harboring agents of the Alliance.

In an ironic twist of fate, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer that had been ordered to subjugate the planet, the Reprisal, inadvertently aided the last ship to evacuate the planet's contingent of Alliance forces, the Millennium Falcon, which was under attack by pirates as the ship made its escape. In response to a distress call given by Han Solo using the Falcon's current false transponder ID Argos, the Reprisal fired on and destroyed several pursuing pirate fighter craft.



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