«My name is Tebeurra, and it's true I am far from my home on Kashyyyk.»
―Tebeurra, translated from Shyriiwook[src]

Tebeurra was a Wookiee who sought to spread the ideals of Life Day. She was one of four Wookiees within her family.



Tebeurra's family's home on Endor

During the Life Day festivities of 1 ABY, Tebeurra resided on Endor and on Yavin 4 with her family. Her family included Oraalarri, Anarra and Radrrl.

Oraalarri would have spacers speak to Tebeurra and other members of her family to learn more about Life Day. Though naturally sympathetic to the Rebellion, due to the Empire's enslavement of her species, she, like the rest of her family, welcomed Imperials to their home. They told these Imperials that while they themselves may not be bad people, corruption and darkness would consume them as they grow more powerful within the Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit


Tebeurra during Life Day

Tebeurra was a Non-Player Character in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. During the Life Day event of 2004, players could talk to Tebeurra on either Endor or Yavin 4 to learn about Life Day.


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