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"I may process moments and thoughts differently, but it does not mean that I feel any less than you."
―Tech, to Omega[6]

Tech, formerly designated CT-9902, was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as a member of Clone Force 99, also known as the "Bad Batch," and who later deserted the Galactic Empire. As a result of his genetic mutations, he served as the brains of his squad and was a valued asset in this regard, using his high intellect and mastery of technology to ensure their operations were successful. Even so, he was no less skilled in combat than the other three members.

Tech deserted the Empire shortly after its proclamation, along with the human female clone Omega and the other members of the Bad Batch, except for Crosshair, who remained loyal to the Empire and soon started tracking his former squad. He and the Bad Batch became mercenaries for the Mantellian Trandoshan Ciddarin "Cid" Scaleback but were forced to come back to Kamino to rescue their fellow clone brother Hunter, who had been captured by the Empire. Tech then witnessed the destruction of the Kaminoan capital Tipoca City and was thought to have died during its fall. However, he and the Bad Batch survived and sought to avoid drawing the attention of the Empire, while continuing their mercenary missions.

After Clone Force 99 learned that the Empire had destroyed Tipoca City to gain control over its cloning technology and created the Advanced Science Division, a clandestine scientist program experimenting on clones, Tech and his squad infiltrated Raven's Peak on Eriadu during an Imperial summit to learn the whereabouts of Imperial Doctor Royce Hemlock and locate their brother Crosshair. However, the clones were quickly overwhelmed and Tech sacrificed himself so his teammates could escape.


Early life[]

"Your mutations were enhanced in this room. Experimental Unit 99 began right here."
―Omega about Nala Se's private laboratory[7]

Tech—designated CT-9902[8]—was part of Clone Force 99, an elite squad of clone commandos with genetically engineered enhanced abilities,[1] as its computer and weapons specialist.[4] While each of his squad-mates, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair, had their own unique abilities, Tech had a great intellect, which granted him an aptitude for science and incredible skills with technology, including engineering[5] and hacking.[9] His appearance differed from that of normal clones of Jango Fett[10] in that he appeared younger, leaner, and had lighter-skin and hair than his genetic template.[9] Like his squad-mates, Tech received his mutations in Kaminoan scientist Nala Se's private research laboratory.[7]

The Clone Wars[]

The Battle of Anaxes[]

"Experimental unit Clone Force 99. They're defective clones with, uh… desirable mutations."
―Commander Cody, on Clone Force 99 moments before they arrived on Anaxes[9]
Bad Batch scouting

On Anaxes, Tech hacked into the computer system of a Separatist Cyber Center and discovered that Rex's algorithm was being broadcast from the planet Skako Minor.

Late in the war, Clone Force 99 was sent to Yalbec Prime to end an insurrection. The clones then traveled in their shuttle, the Marauder, to Anaxes, where the Republic was engaged in a key campaign that they were on the losing side of. At the behest of Clone Commander Cody, Tech and the squad joined Clone Captain Rex, Advanced Recon Commando Jesse, and clone medic Kix on a stealth mission to destroy a Separatist Cyber Center. There, Tech and Rex discovered that the Separatists had been so successful in countering their strategies because they were accessing Rex's battle strategy algorithm through clone trooper Echo, who was being held prisoner on Skako Minor. They escaped the Cyber Center as droid reinforcements closed in on them.[9]

Skako Minor[]

Rescuing Echo[]

Later, Tech and his squad welcomed Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker aboard the Marauder en route to Skako Minor to rescue Echo. After a difficult landing, the clones and Skywalker were attacked by Poletecs, the planet's locals, primitive people flying keeradaks. After the locals took General Skywalker as a prisoner, the clones followed them to their village. Eventually, the Poletec chief cleared up the misunderstanding by ordering a ceasefire and explaining that he did not want the war to spread to his planet. Skywalker declared that the Republic had not brought the war to Skako Minor and that the Separatists were responsible for it.[11]

After Tech explained in the Poletecs' language that the Separatists were holding one of their men prisoner in Purkoll, the chief accepted to provide the clones and Skywalker with scouts to lead them to the city. On their way to Purkoll, Tech noticed that he could no longer trace Echo's signal. As Tech speculated that it could be explained by the atmospheric disturbances, Hunter stated that Echo might be dead and that the signal could be a trap set by the Separatists. When Rex retorted that he was convinced that his friend was still alive, Crosshair declared that he did not blame Rex for leaving Echo for dead at the Citadel, as he would have done the same. A fight quickly started, which was however stopped by Skywalker.[11]


Echo was found by Rex and Tech and rescued from Skako Minor.

In Purkoll, Tech managed to retrace Echo's signal to the city's tower. Inside, Clone Force 99, Rex and Skywalker quickly engaged several D1-series aerial battle droids. After losing the signal once again, Tech explained that it was only traceable during data transmissions and therefore, the clones had to wait for Echo to transfer more information. After splitting up and searching several rooms, the signal came back and Tech, Wrecker, Hunter and Rex managed to locate Echo inside a sealed room. However, the clones were interrupted by a transmission from the foreman Wat Tambor, accusing them of having violated the Techno Union's neutrality by invading Purkoll. Tambor then ordered D-wing droids to execute the clones. Joined by Skywalker and Crosshair, the droids were soon destroyed and Tech and Rex entered the room, which turned out to be a large lab. Inside, they found Echo confined within a stasis chamber.[11]

Tech and Rex found out that Echo was directly connected to the Separatist computer system, which led Tech to try to decrypt his cerebral interface. Indeed, Echo's vital life signs were still dependent on the machine and his body was controlled by computer-generated brain waves, which made him weak, disoriented and unable to walk. With no reinforcements, the clones and Skywalker were trapped in the laboratory and surrounded by droids. Meanwhile, Wat Tambor decided to send the Decimator, a prototype combat droid capable of vaporizing organic life. After Tech found a way to unplug Echo, the latter started regaining consciousness. Before the Decimator could enter the chamber, the clones and Skywalker escaped through the room's top exhaust door. Echo then led the group to a long suspended narrow pipe which led to a building with a landing pad. After he commented on the low chances of survival, especially since the group was surrounded once again by droids on both sides, Tech used recordings he had taken earlier to summon several keeradaks to escape on. Flying on the reptiles, the group was followed by several flying D-wing droids, which eventually crashed into a cliff.[12]

Alliance with the Poletecs[]

Tech and his squad fought against the Techno Union droids.

The clones and Skywalker then came back to the Poletec village that had helped them earlier. Tech apologized on their behalf, explaining that they had to flee from Purkoll. However, the group had been followed by droids, which went against the promise they made of not bringing the war to the Poletecs' territory. However, Rex explained that despite being officially neutral, the Techno Union had tried to turn one of their men into a machine and deprived him of his humanity, which meant that the Poletecs had to choose a side too. Indeed, when a force of D-wing droids and two octuptarra magna tri-droids arrived in the village, the Poletecs fought alongside the clones and general Skywalker. Although several Poletecs died during the fight, Skywalker, Rex and Clone Force 99 managed to destroy most droids, the remaining D-wings fleeing back to Wat Tambor. After the Poletec chief declared that they were now allies, the clones and Skywalker left Skako Minor aboard the Marauder.[12]

A victory for the Republic[]

With Rex's algorithm having been recovered from the Separatists, the Republic increased its chances to retake Anaxes and Clone Force 99 subsequently came back to the planet to assist the war effort. Indeed, Echo's planned to infiltrate Separatist Admiral Trench's dreadnought above Anaxes and mislead him by feeding the Separatist systems false strategies. After the plan was approved by Jedi Master Mace Windu and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Force 99, Skywalker, Rex and Echo departed for their mission aboard the Marauder. After transmitting a signal to cloak the ship as a Separatist shuttle, Echo managed to obtain permission to land on the dreadnought. Echo, Tech, Skywalker and Rex then infiltrated the dreadnought's interface unit. Tech masked Echo's transmission as originating from Skako Minor, which fooled Trench, unaware that the clone had been freed earlier. Trench thus mobilized all his troops to the assembly complex, Echo having claimed that the Republic would not send reinforcements due to their faith in the Jedi. However, when Trench thought that his victory would be imminent, Echo sent feedback pulses to shut down all of the Separatist droids, all fronts consequently falling.[13]

However, Trench did not entirely rely on the algorithm and therefore activated a bomb beneath the assembly complex. Tech thus contacted Master Windu to tell him about the bomb and that they needed help to disarm it, causing Windu to descend into the complex's fusion generator only to realize that the bomb was protected by ray shields. Before the Jedi could transfer the sequence to shut it down, Echo's signal was jammed. Meanwhile, Skywalker, still aboard the dreadnought, located Trench and, after severing his left set of arms, demanded he gives the last number needed to deactivate the bomb. After Trench tried to attack the Jedi, Skywalker killed him. Tech, his squad, Rex and Echo then evacuated from the ship after destroying several droids. Joined by Skywalker, they escaped with the Marauder, before blowing up the dreadnought.[13]

Clone Force 99 plus Echo

After the battle of Anaxes, Tech and his squad were joined by Echo.

After the Republic's victory, Windu, Kenobi, and Skywalker congratulated Echo, Rex and the Bad Batch for their courage. However, before Clone Force 99 left, Hunter asked Echo if he wanted to become a part of the squad. Echo accepted and joined the Bad Batch.[13]

The end of the Clone Wars[]

Kaller and Order 66[]

"The comm channel is repeating one directive, 'Execute Order 66.' "
―Tech, right after Order 66 was issued[5]

As a member of Clone Force 99, Tech was sent to Kaller to fight under Master Billaba and Padawan Dume.

Shortly before the end of the Clone Wars, Clone Force 99 was sent to the planet Kaller to serve as reinforcements for Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her Padawan, Caleb Dume. After wiping out all B1-series battle droids present and their Armored Assault Tanks, Tech and his fellow soldiers Hunter, Echo, Crosshair and Wrecker met with the two Jedi, recommending them to launch a counter-attack since another droid battalion was approaching. Billaba declared that she was impressed by their exploits but asked nevertheless where the reinforcements were. Hunter explained that they had been rerouted to Coruscant but Tech pointed out that according to his calculations, the clones might not be needed anymore, as the Clone Wars would soon be over. Indeed, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had just engaged General Grievous on Utapau.[5]

However, as Clone Force 99 left, Order 66 was issued, and Billaba was killed shortly after she told her Padawan to run away. The Bad Batch tried to follow Dume, but he vanished. When Echo wondered what had happened, Tech explained that his comm chatter was issuing an order called "Order 66" even though he did not know what it meant. Indeed, the Bad Batch's inhibitor chips failed to activate properly, and thus they did not participate in the Great Jedi Purge, except for Crosshair who, when asked by Hunter to help him find Dume, tried to kill the young Padawan. As Hunter and Crosshair were after the child, they were contacted via comlink by Tech, who told them that all regular clones had received orders to execute all Jedi under the pretext that they had committed treason. Crosshair then spotted Dume and tried to shoot him down despite Hunter's orders not to. Crosshair having fallen unconscious when Dume fought back, Hunter went after him and declared that he was as confused as well about Billaba's execution. Dume refused to listen and ran away, Hunter allowing him to go. Crosshair shortly arrived and asked him what had happened. Hunter lied by declaring that he had killed Dume.[5]

Proclamation of the New Order[]

"Still don't think the regs are programmed?"
―Tech's reaction to the clones acclaiming the new Emperor[5]

Clone Force 99 traveled back to Kamino aboard the Marauder. Crosshair asked Hunter again if he had truly killed the Padawan, to which Hunter responded that he had. In front of Tech and the other members of Clone Force 99, Crosshair stated that he doubted that. Upon arriving above Tipoca City, two V-wing starfighters stopped the clones and asked them for a clearance code. While Tech believed that it was simply a protocol drill, he shortly discovered after landing that it was not. Indeed, Coruscant clone shock troopers were present in Tipoca City, and the Bad Batch was informed that a mandatory meeting for all clones would soon begin.[5]


Tech and the rest of the Bad Batch listened to the declaration of the new Empire.

In their barracks, the clones discussed once again what had happened on Kaller. When Hunter declared that Kaller was not a win for the clones, Crosshair accused him once again of having allowed the Jedi Padawan to run away despite having received clear orders. Echo pointed out that Billaba's execution did not make sense since the clones responsible for it had been serving her for years. Tech finally explained that the regulars' programming was different. Indeed, when creating the clones, the Kaminoans inhibited their cognitive functions to ensure they would follow orders without question. Tech concluded that as defective clones, the Bad Batch's inhibitor chips were immune to Order 66, whereas Echo's behavioral modifications had probably been wiped out on Skako Minor. Later, at a staging area of the Kaminoan facility, the clones witnessed Emperor Palpatine's speech claiming that the Jedi attempted to take over the Republic but that their rebellion had been foiled. The Emperor added that the Galactic Republic would be reorganized into an Empire, much to the Bad Batch's surprise. However, every regular clone present in the room cheered and applauded.[5]


Tech and his brothers met the young Omega, an unmodified yet defective clone as well.

As they were returning to their barracks, the clones met a young blond-haired human girl, whom Tech initially described as an adolescent human female with unknown origins. The girl declared that her name was Omega and that she wondered when Clone Force 99 would come back. When Hunter asked her what she was doing in a clone facility, the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se appeared and stated that Omega was her medical assistant and that she had a curious mind that caused her to wander, before taking her away.[5]

Later in the mess hall of the facility, Clone Force 99 was informed that Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin had arrived on Kamino and that he was here to evaluate the clones. Tech stated that he hoped that it would not be a mental evaluation because the Bad Batch would most likely not pass it. However, the clones were joined once again by Omega, who reminded them of their previous meeting. She then sat at their table, stating that she liked the clones because she also was a misfit. When a passing regular clone trooper mocked the Bad Batch for being defective clones, Omega threw her food at him and demanded an apology. The situation escalated and engendered a fight between several regular clones and the Bad Batch, as Admiral Tarkin and a Kaminoan watched the fight disapprovingly from above the gallery.[5]

An Imperial trooper[]

"Why don't you take a look at the insurgents you were sent to destroy?"
―Saw Gerrera to Clone Force 99, revealing that Tarkin had asked them to execute civilians[5]
Tech versus training droid

To prove their worth, Tech and his squad had to fight droids using live rounds.

Later, in a hallway, Tech and the rest of Clone Force 99 were informed by shock troopers that Admiral Tarkin had summoned the squad for a battle simulation. The clones thus went to the training facility. The five clones were sent to a simulation room and under Tarkin's orders, watching them with great interest, the Kaminoans activated several floating droids equipped with laser arms. The Bad Batch easily beat the droids, leading Tarkin to ask the Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su to switch to live fire. The Kaminoans activated armored training droids. When the defective clones fired at them, they realized that their blasters had no effect on their armors.[5]

Hunter asked the group to follow a technique they had used during a mission on Felucia. While Hunter and Crosshair exchanged fire with the droids, Wrecker wrestled with one of them. Echo then damaged the head of one droid, allowing Tech to start reprogramming it. As his brothers kept fighting the droids, Tech used the terminal on his arm to command the captured training droid to take out the others. Eventually, Clone Force 99 wiped out all remaining droids, putting an end to the simulation.[5]

Back in their barracks, the clones expressed their concern at such simulations involving live fire. Crosshair argued that they were used to being shot, but Tech answered that there was a fundamental difference between being shot in battle and being used for target practice. During the discussion, Tarkin entered the room accompanied by two clone shock troopers. Tarkin complimented the Bad Batch for their methods and explained that Nala Se spoke highly of Clone Force 99. Thus, he entrusted the clones with a mission in the Onderon sector and asked the clones to deal with some insurgents linked with Separatist forces seeking to keep the galaxy at war. Tarkin promised the clones that they would be highly regarded if they were to succeed. As Tech was preparing the Marauder for the mission, Omega came to meet the group in the hangar. She warned the Bad Batch that Tarkin was dangerous and that she had heard that he did not like clones. Stating that they should not trust the admiral, Omega asked to come with them so that they could all leave Kamino. Hunter refused, claiming that she was too young. The Marauder took off from the planet as Omega left with Nala Se.[5]


Saw Gerrera allowed the clones to choose whose side they wanted to be loyal to.

Upon arriving on Onderon, Tech found out that the insurgents were gathered in a Separatist encampment two klicks south. After navigating their way through a jungle, Tech detected 25 heat signatures but declared that no droid was present. Crosshair answered that Tarkin had never talked about droids, ready to start shooting the insurgents. However, Echo pointed out that something was wrong, as children were present as well. As Hunter asked his squad to stand down, Clone Force 99 was ambushed by several Onderon insurgents.[5]

Led into the camp, the Bad Batch realized that the insurgents were Republic fighters and that their leader was Saw Gerrera, trained by Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker to fight for the Republic. Hunter explained that his squad had no intent to kill civilians, whom Gerrera described as villagers, croppers and former Republic fighters, who had been displaced right after the proclamation of the Empire. When Tech tried to explain that the Jedi had attempted a coup and that the war was now over, Gerrera answered that Emperor Palpatine would soon control the entire galaxy, which would lead to a civil war. Onderon having been freed by clones during the Clone Wars, Gerrera freed the Bad Batch as well, offering them a choice. The clones left the camp with their mission unfulfilled, a Viper probe droid watching them.[5]

Travelling back to their ship, Tech declared that they knew where to stand with the Republic whereas the Empire was now a completely different system. Crosshair insisted once again that completing the mission was the most important part and that such considerations should not influence their duties as soldiers. However, Hunter soon sensed the movement of the probe droid and shot it down. The Bad Batch realized that Tarkin had been spying on them, which explained why Omega was worried. When Crosshair complained that they were listening to a child, Tech explained that they should not ignore her state of enhanced awareness. Indeed, Tech had discovered that Omega was an enhanced clone just like them, having previously analyzed her DNA after Nala Se spoke of a fifth defective clone. Acknowledging that Omega was one of them and most importantly was in danger, Hunter decided to come back to Kamino to save her.[5]

Deserting the Empire[]

"The probe droid's report was quite detailed. Conspiring with Saw Gerrera. I assume you know the punishment for treason."
―Admiral Tarkin, accusing the Bad Batch of treason[5]

Upon arriving above Kamino, Tech declared that they were not receiving any communication from comscan, which was unusual. Hunter was determined to understand what was happening and Tech landed the Marauder on an outdoor landing platform. With the plan of splitting up to find Omega and coming back to the ship, the clones opened the hangar door, only to be surrounded by several shock troopers. Tarkin arrived shortly after and declared that the clones were traitors and had conspired with Saw Gerrera against the Empire resulting in their arrest. The five troopers were marched into a cell protected by a force field. However, Tech declared that their plan did not truly fail, as they immediately noticed that Omega had been sent to the brig too. Hunter asserted that they had come back for her. Crosshair annoyingly asked when Hunter had become sentimental and criticized his leadership. Angry, Crosshair declared that every choice Clone Force 99 had made since Keller was wrong and that as soldiers, they had to follow orders. However, Crosshair was soon led out of the cell by shock troopers.[5]

While the clones were waiting, Tech realized that their cell was not designed to hold someone like Wrecker, meaning that if he were to punch the correct spot, they could all break free. Echo, Hunter and Omega stoop up while Tech searched for a weak point in the wall. Tech pointed out the weak spot to Wrecker, who waited for the shock troopers to be distracted to punch it. With a panel dislodged, Omega volunteered to sneak out through the hatch and head to the console to lower the ray shield. After leaving the cell through the ventilation shaft, Omega lowered the shield, which resulted in the clones leaving their cell and knocking out the remaining guards. In the corridors, Tech declared that they needed their gear, to which Omega answered that it had been moved to a hangar.[5]

Crosshair Imperial Armour

Tech and the rest of Clone Force 99 had to leave Crosshair behind.

Going to the hangar, the clones retrieved their gear but refused to leave without Crosshair. As Tech was powering up the Marauder, the rest of the group went back to look for him. However, a group of Clone shock troopers entered the hangar shortly after, followed by Crosshair, now wearing a black clone trooper armor. He asked his former squad to surrender, claiming that they should have killed Dume on Keller and that disobeying orders prevented them from seeing the bigger picture. The clones formed position behind a crate, but eventually, Crosshair shot first, which triggered a gunfight. Tech still fired up the Marauder's engines. Crosshair ordered a clone shock trooper to seal the hangar, but his attempt was remotely blocked by Nala Se, aware of the scene. After Omega prevented Hunter from being shot by Crosshair by shooting the blaster out of his hand, the clones departed aboard the Marauder, Crosshair bitterly watching them fly away.[5]

Age of the Empire[]

Visiting an old contact[]

"We're all deserters now."

Clone Force 99 visited Cut Lawquane and his wife Suu.

After fleeing Kamino, the clones, now accompanied by Omega, wondered what they should do since Crosshair would soon start tracking them. Eventually, they decided to go to the planet Saleucami to visit another clone deserter,[5] whom they had met during the Clone Wars. After arriving on Saleucami, Echo asked about the fugitive they were about to meet and wondered if a deserter could be trusted. Hunter explained that the clone had succeeded in staying off the radar whereas it was not Clone Force 99's speciality. Tech added that running away from the Empire meant that they were also fugitives themselves. After springing a trap, the clones were confronted by Cut Lawquane and his Twi'lek wife Suu Lawquane, who recognized them and led them to their farm. The group discussed the recent events, including Order 66 and the birth of the Galactic Empire. Tech declared that the reason why Order 66 had been efficient was that the clones were programmed to never mention their inhibitor chips. Lawquane explained that he had been visited by Rex a few days prior and had heard of the chips. When Omega went outside to play with the Lawquane children, Shaeeah and Jek, Lawquane asked about the young clone and her purpose, to which Hunter replied that she was a defective clone. After Lawquane stated that, just like Kamino, Saleucami was no longer safe, Hunter explained that he planned to travel to a nearby spaceport with his squad to find off-world transport.[14]


Shortly after the birth of the Empire, identification chain codes were introduced by Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart to allow citizens to travel off-world or to convert their Republic credits into Imperial credits.

Later that day, Tech informed the group that due to new imperial policies, including forcing citizens to be registered through chain codes, something that he thought to be an ingenious idea for the Empire to identify anyone in the Galaxy, Clone Force 99 would not be able to travel. As a result, Hunter ordered Tech to forge chain codes for Cut and his family and to add another code for Omega so that she could join them and have a normal life. To forge the codes, Tech had the Marauder impounded and brought to the local imperial spaceport while he stayed inside the ship with Echo and Omega. After hacking into Imperial databases, Tech, Echo and Omega were joined by the Lawquanes, Hunter and Wrecker at the spaceport. Cut and his family left the planet undetected with their new chain codes, while the clones fought against several clone troopers. As more reinforcements arrived at the impound dock, the clones boarded the Marauder and quickly left Saleucami. Omega having refused to flee with the Lawquanes was welcomed back into the squad.[14]

Crash on the Ordo Moon[]

"The creature is most likely an Ordo Moon Dragon. A species that feeds on raw energy. It was probably drawn to the capacitor's electric charge."
"Well, that would've been good to know beforehand, Tech."
―Tech about an Ordo Moon Dragon that the clones encountered on the Ordo moon[15]

On the Ordo moon, Tech and Echo noticed the presence of an Ordo Moon dragon.

Sometime after leaving Saleucami, the Marauder was thrown out of hyperspace and had to land on the desolate moon of Ordo. Tech concluded that after their recent confrontation on Saleucami, the power capacitor of the Marauder had to be changed for the ship to fly again. Echo stated that the repairs would be faster with Tech's help, but the clone explained that he was busy building a scanner that would allow the clones to locate their inhibitor ship and subsequently remove them.[15]

Tech declared that no critical systems had been compromised but Echo reported that the power capacitor was damaged, forcing the group to land immediately. As the Bad Batch looked for a capacitor, Omega came across Crosshair's old weapon kit. As Wrecker commented that he missed Crosshair, Echo reminded him that the latter was responsible for shooting him during their escape on Kamino. However, Tech stated that it had been the inhibitor chip's fault. Nevertheless, Hunter declared that debating such a topic would not fix the ship.[15]

Wearing breath masks, Echo and Tech left the ship to replace the capacitor but soon investigated a snarling sound and later found deep scratches gouged into the hull. After Echo reported his findings, Tech noticed that other systems were failing. However, the capacitor the clones had kept outside the ship was soon stolen by what Tech identified as an Ordo Moon Dragon, a species feeding on pure energy. Hunter, followed by Omega, ordered Tech and Echo to get the ship's systems online and Wrecker to stay behind, while he retrieved the missing capacitor. Omega and Hunter were soon attacked by the creature but Omega distracted it by feeding it a flashlight, allowing the two clones to recover the capacitor and get back to the Marauder. After the ship was repaired, Clone Force 99 took off from the moon.[15]

Landing on Pantora[]


Clone Force 99 on Pantora

At one point, Hunter proposed the clones hide on Idaflor, an uninhabited world of the Outer Rim. However, due to the Bad Batch being out of fuel and rations and the Marauder being on a wanted list, Tech recommended that the ship land on the nearest world, Pantora, so that they could scramble the ship's signature and get supplies. After landing on the moon, the group encountered a Sullustan overseeing a refueling depot. After the clones refused that Six scan their ship, the Sullustan offered to skip the step for a bribe, which Wrecker and Tech eventually accepted.[16]

However, the Sullustan turned out to be working for the bounty hunter Fennec Shand. Informed that Clone Force 99 was on Pantora with Omega, she jumped into hyperspace. While Hunter, Omega and Echo explored their surroundings, Tech and Wrecker stayed at the landing pad. Tech indeed declared that the ship's signature key was embedded below its rear parallax inverters. After Wrecker reached it, Tech explained that with a slight adjustment, the signature would soon be scrambled. Meanwhile, Shand tried to approach Omega but the situation escalated when her intentions were revealed. Hunter, unable to rescue Omega, contacted Tech, Wrecker and Echo by comlink and explained the situation. Tech tapped into the city's CCTV system to find Omega and the bounty hunter and explained that maintenance droids would be needed to repair the ship. Thus, Echo asked several astromech droids' help, which eventually accepted to repair the ship.[16]

After going down into the maintenance tunnels, Omega was forced to climb up a ladder and reach the top of a tower to escape Shand. Tech soon intercepted com chatter discussing reports of a child hanging from a tower in the city's lower division and conveyed the news to Hunter, who then stole a speeder bike. Meanwhile, Shand saved Omega from falling off the tower and dropped her onto a hovertruck. Inside the hovertruck, Omega raised a level which caused the truck to tilt and the bounty hunter to lose her blaster and drop into an airspeeder. Hunter, still after Shand and Omega, blasted at the hijacked airspeeder's engines, causing them to explode. After Hunter caught Omega and planted a detonator inside the speeder, Shand jumped out and the clones were able to escape. Back at Ro Station, Tech declared that they needed to hurry. The Bad Batch then left Pantora. In space, Hunter explained to Omega that she had been the target of a bounty hunter. Echo explains that a bounty hunter was someone who hunted targets and Tech added that, in this case, she was the target.[16]

Ord Mantell[]

Looking for Cid[]
"I'm certain this is Cid's. The Jedi came here during the war."
"Well, perhaps Cid heard what happened to the Jedi and fled. Or he was arrested for violating countless health code regulations."
―Echo and Tech, after entering Cid's Parlor[17]

Clone Force 99 started working for Ciddarin Scaleback, a female Trandoshan, who owned a cantina on Ord Mantell.

Wanting to discover the identity of the bounty hunter who had attacked Omega on Pantora, Clone Force 99 traveled to the planet Ord Mantell, where Echo said a contact that had previously worked with the Jedi resided. Echo led the group to a cantina, where they asked a green Trandoshan where they could find an informant called "Ciddarin Scaleback". The Trandoshan evasively answered that they were in the wrong place, which Tech speculated to be the proof that Scaleback had run away after hearing of the Jedi's fate. However, Omega understood that the Trandoshan was in fact Ciddarin "Cid" Scaleback and told the squad.[17]

In Scaleback's office, the Trandoshan pointed out that it was unusual for her to meet clone deserters. Tech explained that they had inevitably separated due to a fundamental difference in ideology, to which Scaleback replied that she did not care. When shown a hologram of the bounty hunter the clones had encountered on Pantora, Scaleback declared despite not knowing who she was, she could probably find who hired her, if, in return, Clone Force 99 pulled a job for her. The clones reluctantly accepted and were tasked with finding a child called Muchi, who had been taken by Zygerrian slavers, located on the other side of Ord Mantell, in the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City. Omega was surprised that such things could happen, leading Tech to explain to the young clone what slavery was, resulting in Omega showing her disgust. Echo reassured Omega by saying that they would not let anything happen to Muchi, while Tech added that they could earn a decent amount of credits.[17]

The first mission[]
"A rampaging adolescent rancor is not the distraction I was anticipating."
―Tech, to Clone Force 99[17]

Tech fighting against Zygerrians

Tech and his squad later reached Old Ord Mantell City aboard the Marauder. Using macrobinoculars, the clones observed several slaves including a green Falleen child under armed guard, whom they assumed to be Muchi. Tech spotted two dozen sentries and multiple entry points with minor fortifications. While Omega was asked to stay in the ship, Hunter ordered Echo to keep an eye on the scene and asked Wrecker to draw the Zygerrians out while Tech and he would rescue Muchi. The plan ultimately failed after the clones were captured by the slavers. However, due to Omega's help, the group soon freed themselves and realized that Muchi was a child rancor, which had been kept in a cage by the Zygerrians. After Omega unlocked its cage, the rancor attacked the slavers. Tech and Wrecker were sent after Muchi while the rest of the squad fought the Zygerrians and liberated the remaining slaves. Wrecker wondered how Muchi could be tamed and Tech explained that rancors were a species that adhered to social hierarchies and that to tame it, one had to challenge it for authority. Following a fight between the rancor and Wrecker, Muchi collapsed from exhaustion, allowing the clones to transport it to Ord Mantell City.[17]


Tech and the squad discovered that Fennec Shand had been hired to track and capture Omega.

Back at Cid's Parlor, Muchi was given to Jabba the Hutt's majordomo Bib Fortuna. The clones were then informed by Scaleback that, according to her sources in the Bounty Hunters' Guild, the bounty hunter after them was Fennec Shand, who, despite being new to the scene, had already proven herself to be ruthless. Scaleback added that the clones had to be valuable for a bounty hunter of Shand's caliber to be pursuing them. Before Clone Force 99 could answer, Scaleback declared that she was good with secrets.[17]

Meeting the Martez sisters[]

"The droid's already in pieces."
"Is the head intact?"
"Affirmative. Wait! Someone just ran off with the droid head."
―Omega and Tech in a Corellian decommissioning plant[18]

After their successful mission in Old Ord Mantell City, Scaleback tasked the Bad Batch with retrieving a tactical droid that belonged to the Separatists, which Tech described as having been the operational brains of their military. Due to the war being over, the droids were now being destroyed. However, some of the remaining ones were located in a decommissioning facility on Corellia. According to Tech, since the clones were now soldiers of the Galactic Empire, knowing how to defeat them had become valuable. Even though Clone Force 99 had never agreed to work for Scaleback, the latter explained that she would be giving them a part of the money she made out of their missions and that it was the best option they had since the Empire was looking for them.[18]


The Martez sisters and the Bad Batch were looking for a Separatist tactical droid.

Clone Force 99 traveled to Corellia aboard the Marauder, which hitched a ride on the underside of a class four container transport, allowing it to get past the planetary sensor. After detaching from the container, Tech landed the ship at an industrial dockyard in Coronet City's industrial district. Inside the decommissioning plant, the clones avoided several police droids and stunned the workers while Omega looked for the target. Echo then found out that only one tactical droid remained. Omega soon encountered Trace and Rafa Martez, who had been hired to retrieve the data inside the tactical droid's head. However, Clone Force 99 and the Martez sisters decided to resolve their dispute over the droid after having found a way out of the factory, as they were being attacked by police droids. During the fight, Tech managed to reprogram the tactical droid, whose intelligence was transferred into a data rod, before it was destroyed. After leaving the plant, Hunter, despite Scaleback's mission, gave the data to the Martez sisters before they parted ways.[18]

Reunited with Rex[]

"You're telling me you haven't removed your chips? […] Those chips make you a threat to everyone around you."
―Rex, on the clones' inhibitor chips[19]

After a mission against Rhokai gang starfighters involving the recovery of a lizard named Ruby, Clone Force 99 found a hooded stranger waiting for them at Cid's Parlor. The man turned out to be Rex, who had supposedly died in action at the end of the Clone Wars. Rex revealed that he had found the squad with the help of the Martez sisters. Tech told Rex that, as defective clones, their inhibitor chips did not function properly during Order 66, except for Crosshair's. Confused and alarmed by Wrecker suddenly complaining about headaches, Rex asked the Bad Batch if they had removed their chips. When Tech confirmed that they never did, Rex slowly reached for his blaster pistol, claiming that the chips were dangerous and that the clones could become out of control without a warning. Before leaving the cantina, Rex told them that he would be in touch to help the group remove their chips.[19]

Wrecker Turns

The moment Wrecker's inhibitor chip activated, he violently attacked Tech.

Aboard the Marauder, Tech explained that his scanner would soon be finished since he was able to establish a baseline by comparing Rex's brain scan to theirs. Clone Force 99 and Omega then met Rex on the planet Bracca so that they could use the medical amenities of a wrecked Jedi cruiser to remove their chips,[19] as Rex did shortly after Order 66.[20] Rex explained that Fives had tried to warn him about the chips, but that he did not understand at the time. When asked how they found out about the chips, Echo replied that Omega had told them. After fighting a dianoga inside the cruiser, the clones arrived at its medical bay. Tech noted that the room was no longer a sterile environment, to which Rex asked if he would prefer to go back to Kamino to undergo the surgery. Tech agreed to use the bay and started preparing the equipment. Wrecker was the first clone to get his chips removed; Tech found his inhibitor chip 90 degrees from his right orbital floor. However, as the surgery was about to start, Wrecker pulled the scanner off and growled to Tech to get the device away from him. He then choked Tech, lifted him and hurled him across the room, claiming that he was in direct violation of Order 66.[19]

While Tech was unconscious, Rex and the rest of the team managed to stun Wrecker. Realizing that the chips could have terrible consequences, the Bad Batch hurried to get them removed, except for Omega, who never had one in the first place. After the procedure was over, Clone Force 99 told Rex that he now knew how to reach them and bid each other farewell. Unbeknown to them, scrappers were watching them through a pair of macrobinoculars and one asked the Empire to be notified of their presence.[19]

Reunion with Crosshair[]

"Look at you all. Scavenging like rats. How pathetic. […] You're traitors."
―Crosshair to his former squad[21]

The scrappers having informed the Empire about Clone Force 99 being spotted on Bracca, Commander Crosshair and his squad were sent to the planet with the order of terminating the clones. Clone Force 99 was spotted and then pursued by Imperials inside the wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer[21] they had previously used to remove their inhibitor chips.[19] Tech tapped into their comms and learned that Crosshair had ordered all squads to push them towards the hangar so that they could capture them. In reality, it was only a ruse used by Crosshair, familiar with the Bad Batch's strategies. Surrounded in the Venator's artillery deck, Crosshair stated that his resentment towards Clone Force 99 came from the fact that they were traitors. Hunter and Omega tried to reason with him, explaining that he was controlled by an inhibitor chip. Nevertheless, Crosshair ordered his troopers to aim for the young clone. Before the squad could target Omega, Tech and Echo activated the nearby turbolasers, which resulted in the ceiling falling and Clone Force 99 having time to escape towards the ion engines.[21]


Tech and his squad were attacked on Bracca by their former squad-mate Crosshair.

Crosshair soon managed to surround the Bad Batch once again. Crosshair's squad started firing up the engines, which would incinerate the clones if they stayed inside. Echo declared that it was impossible for the cruiser to be functional but Tech answered that he had previously restored the ship's main power core, meaning that the engines could indeed be activated. Tech and the rest of the group decided to place explosives all around the engine using what Wrecker had previously salvaged from the starship's armory. After Crosshair ordered ES-04 to engage the engines, the ship unleashed flames, knocking off Crosshair's helmet and burning his face.[21]

On their way to the Marauder, Hunter and Omega were attacked by Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, who shot Hunter in the chest and kidnapped Omega after stunning her. After finding Hunter, Tech, Echo and Wrecker took him to the ship, where, wounded, he declared that someone had taken Omega and that they needed to rescue her.[21]

Rescuing Omega[]

"Omega, we need a relay of your position. Try to create a power surge. Can you find a panel nearby?"
"There's one by a door. It looks like the ones on Tipoca City."
―Tech, trying to help Omega send her position via her comm device[22]

Pursued above Bracca by a vengeful and injured Crosshair, Tech recommended that the Marauder jumped into hyperspace, despite Hunter wanting to go back to find Omega. Tech stated that the bounty hunter detaining her was most likely long gone and that they would not be able to rescue her if their ship was shot down.[22]


Clone Force 99 realized that Cad Bane and Fennec Shand had been hired by the Kaminoans.

By consulting an old Republic database, Echo found out that Omega's kidnapper was in fact Cad Bane, the bounty hunter behind the Senate Hostage Crisis. Tech concluded that Omega was valuable to the Kaminoans because she had first-generation DNA, making her the only remaining pure genetic replication of Jango Fett, as Boba, originally named "Alpha", had disappeared during the Clone Wars. The clones realised that the Kaminoans were the ones behind the bounty. Hunter then ordered Tech to contact Scaleback in case she had more information. Meanwhile on Bora Vio, Omega had managed to escape the cell she was kept in and to use her comm device to contact Clone Force 99. Tech answered and helped her find a way to relay her position. After a confrontation between Cad Bane and Fennec Shand, both having been hired to capture Omega, the latter used an escape pod that was caught by the Marauder, having reached Bora Vio. Distraught, Omega said that she did not want to go back to Kamino and end up as an experiment, which Hunter promised would not happen.[22]

Imperial occupation of Raxus Secundus[]

Tech: "The client being a Separatist is not relevant."
Echo: "It is to me."
Hunter: "Forget politics. We're here to do a job."
―Tech, Echo and Hunter after arriving on Raxus Secundus[23]

Clone Force 99 was sent to Raxus Secundus to rescue its senator, Avi Singh, who had been arrested by the Empire.

At some point after Omega's rescue, Scaleback tasked Clone Force 99 with the mission of extracting Senator Avi Singh from Raxus Secundus, the former capital of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Omega declared that she wanted to come with the squad, Tech declared that with two bounty hunters after her, the young clone needed to keep a low profile, forcing her to stay on Ord Mantell. Aboard the Marauder, Tech explained that the coordinates given by Scaleback had them landing outside the capital city of Raxulon. After the Marauder descended into Raxus Secondus' atmosphere, the clones encountered two Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters who declared that they were flying into restricted airspace. When they requested clearance codes, Tech transmitted the codes that Scaleback had supplied. Echo expressed his disapproval at the idea of helping a separatist, which Tech considered to be irrelevant, as they were not acting in the name of political beliefs but as mercenaries.[23]

On Raxus Secundus, the clones were greeted by Singh's droid, GS-8 and learned that the senator had been arrested after he spoke against the imperial occupation of the planet. GS-8 led the squad to the senator's residence, where Tech spotted six exterior guards and multiple heat signatures inside the residence, including four on the subterranean level. After using the droid as a distraction and taking out several clone troopers, Clone Force 99 infiltrated the compound. Inside, Tech tapped into its security system, allowing the clones to keep an eye on the Imperial patrols outside the residence. Ultimately, Hunter sent Wrecker and Echo to clear the upper levels while he and Tech took out the main floor. After another distraction caused by GS-8, Hunter and Tech were able to get rid of the guards and access the residence's lounge, that Imperial Captain Bragg was using as an interrogation room. Before the captain could use an IT-O interrogation unit on Singh, she was stunned by Tech and Hunter. Singh offered to help the clones but Tech revealed that their position had been compromised, an alarm having been triggered. Accompanied by Singh and GS-8, Tech and Hunter were joined by Wrecker and Echo on one of the residence's balconies, where the group spotted an AT-TE walker.[23]


Tech and his squad hijacked an AT-TE walker in Raxulon.

With the plan of hijacking the walker, the clones used a grappling cable to reach it. Tech stunned its gunners and crew with a stun grenade while Wrecker evacuated the senator and its droid. Tech then took over the AT-TE walker, which rear axial stabilizer was damaged after Captain Bragg ordered another AT-TE to stop Clone Force 99. The group was quickly surrounded by clone troopers but after the walker was repaired, Singh ordered Tech to bring the hijacked walker down a certain alleyway since it led to a subterranean passage. Fleeing underground, Singh, GS-8 and Clone Force 99 eventually found their way back to the Marauder and left the planet. Back on Ord Mantell, Singh was greeted by Scaleback, who declared that they needed to talk about payment. Meanwhile, the clones found out that in their absence, Omega had managed to pay off Clone Force 99's debt to Scaleback by playing dejarik against several clients of Cid's Parlor.[23]

A new era for Ryloth[]

"Cid sent us."
" Along with three dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators."
―Hunter and Tech to Twi'lek revolutionaries[24]

At some point, Clone Force 99 traveled to Ryloth's third moon to deliver weapons to Twi'lek revolutionaries Gobi Glie and Serin, accompanied by a young Hera Syndulla, the daughter of General Cham Syndulla. Tech declared that, in total, they had brought a set of three dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators. The revolutionaries found the weapons satisfactory and asked the clones to tell Scaleback that they were interested in buying more. However, Glie, Serin, and Hera were later arrested for being insurgents, their ship having been tracked by Crosshair after the Empire had established an imperial presence on Ryloth earlier.[24]

Later in the Marauder, Tech noticed that the clones were receiving a transmission from an unrecognized frequency. It turned out that Omega had given the squad's comm channel to Hera Syndulla after befriending her on Ryloth's moon. When Hera appeared as a hologram, she begged Clone Force 99 to come to Ryloth to rescue her parents who had been taken into custody by the Empire, wrongly accused of having attempted to assassinate Senator Orn Free Taa. Tech answered that Hera was probably overreacting, as she was merely a child. However, Omega convinced the group that it was their duty to help the Twi'leks. Offering no guarantees, the Bad Batch met Hera in a canyon area of Ryloth, where she was hiding with her droid C1-10P, "Chopper."[25]


Tech, along with the other members of the Bad Batch, helped Cham and Eleni Syndulla.

Hiding at Syndulla's base, the squad decided that one team, Tech and Wrecker, would attack the Imperial doonium refinery of the city to draw reinforcements away while the other team rescued the Syndullas and the Ryloth fighters. After destroying the gun emplacements and disabling the autocannons of the refinery, Tech and Wrecker escaped from the Empire. Meanwhile, Hunter, Echo and Omega had freed Cham and Eleni Syndulla, as well as Gobi Glie. Due to a clone mutiny led by Captain Howzer, Clone Force 99, Omega and the Twi'leks fighters were able to leave Ryloth. Eventually, Clone Force 99 refused to take money from the Syndullas, as they would need it to fight the Empire. Innocently, Hera told her mother that Tech had taught her how to scramble a ship's signature.[25]

The Durand crime family[]

"Given his tone, it is a plausible assumption that Cid was either forced out or taken out."
"Well, we have to find her and help her."
―Tech and Omega, learning that the Durand Crime Family has taken over Ord Mantell[26]
Roland Durand One Horn

For a short period of time, Cid's Parlor was taken over by the criminal Roland Durand.

After returning from a mission, Clone Force 99 discovered that Ord Mantell and Cid's Parlor had been taken over by the Devaronian male criminal Roland Durand from the Durand crime family due to the planet's connection to several useful hyperspace routes used by the Pyke Syndicate. Initially, Tech speculated that Scaleback had been eliminated or forced out, which caused Hunter to believe it was better for the group to leave the planet. However, Scaleback turned out to be alive and blackmailed Clone Force 99 into helping her get her cantina back. She revealed that Durand would soon meet a buyer concerning a shipment of spice. Tech realized that Scaleback wanted the clones to steal the shipment and sabotage the deal between Durand and the Pykes so that they could take care of him.[26]

Using Ord Mantell's old mining tunnels, the Bad Batch infiltrated Cid's former office and stole the crates of spice. However, on their way out, the clones were attacked by insectoid creatures that Tech identified as winged irlings, and had to let go of the spice. When visited by the Pykes, Roland admitted that the spice was stolen but denounced Scaleback as the one responsible for it. The Pykes confronted Scaleback and demanded that the Bad Batch retrieve the lost spice. To show that this was not a matter up to negotiation, Omega was taken hostage. Clone Force 99 went back to the tunnels with the plan of distracting the irlings so that they could grab the crates without being attacked. Tech threw a flash bomb into the cavern below the group, which caused a bright explosion of light that scattered the creatures. It gave enough time for the Marauder pulley system to retrieve all the spice. The clones met with the Pyke Syndicate again and the conflict was said to be resolved. However, Roland did not have the same luck and had one of his horns cut off as a sign that the Pykes never accept bad deals. Out of gratitude, Scaleback offered to treat the clones and led them to Cid's Parlor.[26]

A distress call[]

"Look at this. These are not clone troopers."
"That's what I've been trying to tell you. These are our replacements. If you can believe that."
―Tech and Gregor talking about the new Imperial stormtroopers[27]

While the Marauder was traveling through hyperspace, the Bad Batch received a message from Rex, asking them to rescue the clone CC-5576 "Gregor", who had sent him a distress signal. Tech managed to discover that the distress signal originated from the planet Daro, a terrestrial world in the Outer Rim Territories with no known settlements.[27]

When Clone Force 99 arrived on Daro, they realized that something was jamming their scanner, which should not be possible, as the planet was supposed to be uninhabited. Tech concluded that the data were no longer accurate. The group observed a shuttle landing at the base of one of the Daro mountains, which indicated the location of the settlement where Gregor was kept. Tech explained that the mountain's natural composition made the base nearly impossible to penetrable. Thus, Clone Force 99 understood that this was no longer a simple extraction and that a more complex plan was needed.[27]


During his mission on Daro, Tech discovered that the Empire was training new "TK" recruits.

While Wrecker and Omega stayed aboard the ship in order to provide reinforcement if needed, Tech, Hunter and Echo broke into the base. Tech tapped into the central database and pinpointed CC-5576's location. Meanwhile, Echo discovered that fifty clone commandos were present at the base, as well as a thousand TK troopers, a designation that Tech was not familiar with. Freed from his cell, Gregor explained that the TK-Troopers were human recruits that he had been forced to train. Tech sent a signal to Omega and Wrecker so they could come to pick them up. However, while the clones were regaining the Marauder, Hunter lost his grip and fell from the ship. Despite Tech not wanting to leave him behind, Hunter insisted that they take themselves to safety. Reluctantly, Clone Force 99 and Gregor jumped into hyperspace, while Hunter was captured by stormtroopers.[27]

Return to Kamino[]

Lured to Kamino[]
"Activating Hunter's comm was intentional. The Empire wants us to come to Kamino."

Leaving Gregor in Cid's Parlor on Ord Mantell, Clone Force 99 fixed the Marauder with the goal of going back to Daro to rescue Hunter. However, Tech realized that they had just received a transmission from Hunter's comm and that the latter had been transferred to Kamino. Tech pointed out that while it was obviously a way for the Empire to lure the group to their homeworld, he could not understand the reason behind it. Knowing that the Kaminoan platforms would be swarming with troopers, Omega gave Tech coordinates to a landing pad only she knew.[7]


To rescue Hunter, Tech and the squad had to use Kaminoan secret tunnels to reach the capital, Tipoca City.

On Kamino, Tech landed on a hidden platform in the middle of the sea. The clones then used a secret tube system to access Tipoca City, something that Tech found surprising as the transport system had never been documented before. Omega explained that as her former medical assistant, Nala Se had told her about the tunnels since they directly led to her private research laboratory.[7]

In Nala Se's secret laboratory, Omega told the group that the place was particularly special because it had been where Clone Force 99 had received their mutations. Omega added that she in fact witnessed their creation, shortly before they were sent with other clones,[7] making her technically older than the Bad Batch.[28] When Wrecker wondered if it was possible, Tech declared that it was not something he could possibly have recollections of. In the laboratory, they also discovered the droid AZI-3, which had been hiding as troopers were deactivating droids. When the group wondered why, they learned that Tipoca City was being evacuated and that key Kaminoan personnel were being sent onto transports.[7]

Another reunion[]
"Don't become my enemy."
"Crosshair, we never were."
―Crosshair to Hunter, as the rest of the squad watches[7]

Tech managed to locate Hunter's comm to the central cloning platform, where the group, now accompanied by AZI-3, immediately went. Crosshair, using Hunter as bait, was waiting for the group and predicted that they would not use the main entrance but the lift. Surrounded, Clone Force 99 was greeted by Crosshair, who told them that they would not need their weapons, forcing the clones to drop them. However, Crosshair noticed that Omega was missing: indeed, she was waiting below the platform with AZI. When he sent troopers to look for her, Omega refused to leave her brothers behind and activated several training droids to cause a distraction.[7]

Meanwhile, Crosshair told his former squad that they were more than regular clones and that in order to have a purpose again, they had to fight for the Empire. The conversation was cut short when the droids activated by Omega started attacking. Even though Tech declared he had not been the one activating them, a fight started between the clones and the droids. For the first time since their original escape from Kamino, Crosshair and the remaining members of Clone Force 99 fought together. After defeating the droids, Clone Force 99 was joined by Omega and AZI and confronted Crosshair. When Hunter begged him to remove his inhibitor chip, Crosshair revealed that he had already done so a long time ago. Before he could use his weapon, Crosshair was stunned.[7]

Destruction of Tipoca City[]
"Let it go, Wrecker. Crosshair has always been severe and unyielding. It is his nature. You cannot change that. He cannot change that."
"Why are you defending me?"
"I am not. Understanding you does not mean that I agree with you."
―Tech and Crosshair, while fleeing the ruins of Tipoca City[28]

The clones were soon confronted with another issue, as Tech noticed that three Venators were descending on Tipoca City. The group decided to save a disarmed Crosshair, who was thus carried by Wrecker. Running through the empty corridors of the clone factory, Clone Force 99 tried to get back to their ship. However, with cloning technology now under Imperial control, Tipoca City was suddenly bombarded and started collapsing into the sea.[7] As the remaining Kaminoan structures flooded, the clones had to hurry to find a way to get back to the Marauder. Waking up from his stun and having been rescued from drowning earlier by Omega and AZI, Crosshair decided to work with the group to escape the ruins of Tipoca City.[28]

Tech soon warned the others that if they did not find a way to escape, the entire structure would soon be submerged. Even though Tech believed accessing the Kaminoan tube system would be difficult, the group concluded that it was the only option left. AZI cut open a maintenance hatch, which led to one of the many tunnels of the system. When the transparisteel canopy above the clones started to crack, Wrecker blamed Crosshair for having forced them to come back to Kamino. However, Tech stated that he needed to move on and added that Crosshair had always been severe and unyielding, a nature that could not be changed. When Crosshair wondered why Tech protected him, the latter explained that even though he understood Crosshair, he did not agree with him.[28]


The Bad Batch witnessed the destruction of Tipoca City, the place where they were born.

After Clone Force 99 reached Nala Se's lab, the Kaminoan tunnels were no longer accessible. The Bad Batch decided to get into medical capsules to reach the surface, something that Tech thought to be entirely possible if their mass was evenly distributed. The group destroyed the windows using detonators and AZI started guiding the clones' medical capsules through the sea while dodging multiple debris. When AZI ran out of power, Omega exited the capsule and went after him. The two were later saved by Crosshair. Having reached the surface, Tech declared that they finally had a visual on the Marauder.[28]

At dawn, the Bad Batch reached the Marauder. After mourning for the destruction of their birthplace, Tech explained that they had to leave quickly before Imperial forces showed up. When Crosshair was given a chance to join the group, he refused and stayed on the platform. The Marauder then took off and left Kamino.[28]

Count Dooku's war chest[]

A dangerous mission[]
"Clearly, you're not paying attention to what's happening out there, but I am. It's only a matter of time before the Empire comes here. And then my little operation is over, which means no more jobs for you."
―Scaleback, telling Clone Force 99 that the Mission on Serenno could make them rich enough to leave Ord Mantell[29]

Several months after the fall of Tipoca City[30], Clone Force 99, including Tech, was still working for Scaleback. They notably wore new armors, recolored and lacking the number "99" on them.[31] At some point, Clone Force 99 was offered a mission, which proved itself to be difficult, as it concerned the planet Serenno, the homeworld of the late Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Bad Batch was tasked with stealing one of Dooku's war chests from the former castle. Knowing that the Empire would most likely be present on Serenno, Hunter initially refused the mission. However, Tech, Echo and Wrecker insisted that it would bring them a large amount of money, that they could use to free themselves from their debt to Scaleback. The latter pointed out that inevitably, Ord Mantell would be occupied by the Empire, something that Tech had also concluded.[29]

On Serenno, Clone Force 99 observed that the planet had been bombarded by the Empire. Near a destroyed Serennian city, Tech spotted several class four container transports departing from the planet and concluded that the group had to be quick if they wanted to steal the war chests. At the local Imperial shipyard, Tech, Echo, Wrecker and Omega entered the containers while Hunter stayed behind to provide a distraction if needed. When Omega found a chest full of credits, she asked Tech how someone could possibly be that rich. Tech answered that Dooku acquired these resources from the worlds he had exploited during the Clone Wars.[29]

Stealing the war chest[]

Aboard the cargo ship, Tech, Echo and Omega were attacked by clone troopers under the command of Captain Wilco.

The local clone captain, Captain Wilco, soon realized that intruders were present at the shipyard and ordered the last remaining cargo ship to depart. As Wrecker ran away from the ship with one of the war chests, Tech, Echo, and Omega stayed behind, trapped in the cargo ship. Tech suggested that the group head to the escape pods but this idea was compromised when the pods were released to prevent the clones from using them. Omega then came up with the idea of ejecting the cargo and escaping the ship in one of them. Tech added that in order to do so, the containers needed to be ejected before leaving the atmosphere of the planet. While the container, in which the group was hidden, descended towards the planet's surface,[29] the reentry thrusters activated, which prevented it from crashing.[32]

As the cargo container landed on the edge of a cliff, a chest fell on Tech, which caused his left femur to be fractured. Meanwhile, Captain Wilco had sent more troopers to the upper forest region of Serenno, where the cargo had landed. As Echo and Omega helped Tech walk, the group noticed that they were being followed by the Serennian native Romar Adell, who, with no affiliation to the Empire, led them to his home. At Adell's domicile, Omega insisted that the clones go back to get the war chest, which Adell said was not a good idea, blaming Dooku and his war effort for the destruction of his city.[32]

Escaping Serenno[]
"A Separatist archive. Fascinating."
"Not Separatist. Serennian. We did exist before the war, you know."
"I… never thought of it like that."
―Tech and the Serennian Romar Adell, discussing the state of Serenno[32]

While working on reactivating a datacore containing fragments of Serennian history, culture, art, music, and memories, Adell asked Tech if he could borrow his spanner. Intrigued by the archives, Tech helpted Adell repair the device, to his delight. Tech, Echo, and Adell soon noticed that Omega had left the house with a rappelling cable, in the hope she would get the war chest back. As the clones left to find Omega, Adell showed concern for Tech and his broken leg, but the latter declared that he would manage.[32]


The Bad Batch was helped by the Serennian Romar Adell, who had survived the bombardment of his homeworld after the end of the Clone Wars.

Back at the crashed cargo container, Tech got in a fight with several clone troopers and managed to take out a few. Learning that Hunter and Wrecker had reached the Marauder, Tech sent them his coordinates. Hiding behind a tree, Tech tried to resist the clones but ultimately collapsed due to his injuries. He was saved by Adell, who had followed the clones. Adell then helped Echo and Omega escape from the cargo, without the war chest, which ended up being left behind. The Marauder soon arrived and when Adell was asked if he would come with Clone Force 99, he refused and stated that he was a survivor and thus would not leave Serenno.[32]

Racing on Safa Toma[]

"This is not the first time she has required our assistance due to her dealings with individuals of questionable integrity. It is a problematic pattern."
―Tech on Scaleback's antagonistic relationship with the gangster Grini Millegi[33]

At some point, Hunter and Echo were sent to deliver fifty cases of nerf nuggets, something that Tech thought to be a waste of their skills and talents. Meanwhile, Scaleback brought Tech, Wrecker, and Omega to the desert planet of Serolonis, where she said their skills would be needed. Indeed, Scaleback revealed that the world was known for its Riot Racing and that she had been betting on a droid racer, TAY-0. Scaleback was soon visited by the Dowutin gangster Grini Millegi and his racer Jet Venim. After Millegi menacingly declared that his racer would soon beat TAY-0, Tech asked Scaleback if she had any antagonism with the Dowutin. Scaleback answered that it was not personal but a part of the racing business.[33]


Tech tried to repair the droid Tay-0 but he was destroyed once again.

Millegi turned out to have been correct, as TAY-0's speeder was destroyed in the next race, leading Venim to win. As Tech and Wrecker tried to salvage the 12 series speeder and reassemble TAY-0, Millegi came back to collect the credits Scaleback had promised. When Scaleback could not pay, she asked Tech and Wrecker to defend her. To calm the situation, Omega proposed a deal to Millegi: if their team won the next race, Scaleback would be freed from her debt, however, if Millegi's won, they would pay him double. Millegi agreed but took Scaleback hostage until the end of the next race. Wrecker proposed that the group rescue the Trandoshan but Tech explained that this would cause the gangster to seek retribution. He then commented that Scaleback's association with criminals was problematic.[33] Indeed, she had previously had issues with the Pyke Syndicate and the Durands.[26] Despite Tech trying to repair TAY-0, the droid was run over by a speeder and once again rendered out of commission. Therefore, Tech volunteered to be the next racer.[33]


Tech ended up winning the race, which resulted in the entire crowd cheering for him.

Stepping inside Tay-0's speeder, Tech was informed that he was competing against Jet Venim, Bosco "The Mad Bomber" Brix, "Steel Claw" Kane, "Vicious" Vid Santari, Haxxon "The War Gnome" Trajanix, "Quick-draw" Quasar, "The Trickster" Flash Raktor, and "Hyper" Rod. Omega and Wrecker, watching the race, initially showed concern as Tech was in last place. However, the latter declared that it was a strategy. Indeed, Tech used the left tunnel of the speedway, Gambler's Gulch, known as a death trap, and survived. He then got rid of the blaster section of his speeder to gain speed. Still in last position, Tech used another short tunnel called the "Nellis Express to Lotho Minor" and climbed the ranks. Tech then deployed his speeder's retractable claw and used it to latch onto Venim's speeder, making him reach the finish line and thus win the race.[33]

Tech's name was chanted in the arena, which surprised the clone. As part of the deal, Scaleback was freed by Millegi. However, the gangster reminded the clones that despite their loyalty to Cid being admirable, they needed to understand that Scaleback was not someone to be trusted. Tech, Wrecker, Omega and Cid then walked away.[33] This warning was ultimately correct, as Clone Force 99 was betrayed months later by Scaleback and sold out to the Empire, leading to Omega's capture.[3]

Treasure hunting in the Kaldar Trinary system[]

"I'm not picking up any signs of civilization whatsoever. Which makes sense, considering this land appears to have been razed and left uninhabitable."
"Who'd wanna hide treasure here?"
―Tech and Echo, shortly after arriving on a unidentified planet in the Kaldar Trinary system.[34]

Prior to their mission on Serenno, Scaleback had introduced Tech and the other members of the Bad Batch to pirate Phee Genoa.[29] At some point, she and Omega, who had found an ancient relic with coordinates leading to the uncharted system of Kaldar Trinary, decided to go on a mission to retrieve what they thought to be a treasure. Due to their recent failure on Serenno and the vagueness of the mission, Clone Force 99 was initially skeptical. However, the clones eventually accepted to follow Genoa and her droid MEL-221.[34]

Skara Nal

Convinced that they would find a treasure there, Omega had the Bad Batch go to the Kaldar Trinary system with Phee Genoa.

Upon landing on a planet in the system, the group discovered that it was completely lifeless. The compass Omega had found led them to a forest and later a mountain. Genoa assumed that they had to go inside it to find what they were looking for. Unbeknown to them, the group was followed by a reptilian creature. Entering the mountain, Genoa realized that it was the entrance to Skara Nal, a legendary place that supposedly contained a treasure called the Heart of the Mountain, a rare crystalline stone. Tech pointed out that the minerals of the stone slabs surrounding them predated the Galactic Republic.The clones were soon attacked by the creature that had followed them and Tech, Wrecker and Echo were separated from the rest of the group. Tech soon found a way to find the group by using adjacent tunnels.[34]


The Bad Batch and Genoa had to give up on the Heart of the Mountain to prevent the walker from destroying the Marauder.

Reunited, the clones and Genoa located the Heart of the Mountain. However, when the pirate tried to take the stones, the structure's security mechanism was triggered and the entrances sealed. The location turned out to be a gigantic superweapon machine that soon emerged from the mountain. Stuck inside the walker and witnessing it destroying everything in its way using superlasers, Tech tried to control the machine before it destroyed the Marauder. However, only the stone could get it to shut down. Thus, Tech recommended Genoa immediately put the stone back. She reluctantly accepted but stated that the clones owed her a debt for the lost treasure. After leaving the now crashed walker, Tech remarked that they had once again failed at retrieving a treasure, even with the help of a professional.[34]

Helping a Jedi[]

"Well, seeing how all clones were given an order to execute the Jedi, he has good reason to be cautious."
―Tech on Gungi's fear of the clones[35]

At some point, Clone Force 99 was hired by the criminal droid organization Vanguard Axis, leading Tech to forge several chain codes. As the codes were being verified by the Axis Leader, Omega heard a Wookiee roar and discovered that a young Wookiee was being held captive by the droids. Omega refused to let him behind but the Axis Leader stated that everything could be sold and that the child was very valuable to the organization. The Wookiee used the force to retrieve his lightsaber from Axis Leader's belt and soon escaped from the station with Clone Force 99, aboard the Marauder.[35]


Tech and the clones were brought to a Wookiee village.

Clone Force 99 being familiar with the Shyriiwook language, the clones quickly learned that the Wookiee's name was Gungi and had been a Jedi Padawan before Order 66, which explained why he was afraid of them. Tech found out the Gungi was trying to return to his homeworld of Kashyyyk but had been captured by the smuggling droids before he could reach the planet. Therefore, the clones accepted to bring Gungi to his homeworld. As they arrived at a Wookiee village they thought would help the child, the group witnessed that it had been incinerated. Indeed, Tech and Hunter discovered that Trandoshans armed with repurposed Incinerator tanks had taken control of the land. After fighting them, the clones and Gungi were taken by a group of Wookiees, who then brought them to their village, where they met the female Wookiee chief Yanna.[35]

The clones informed Yanna that they came to Kashyyyk to help Gungi, despite not knowing what village he was from. However, as the clones and the tribe were sympathizing, the Wookiee warriors found out that a large convoy of Trandoshans and Imperials was headed in their direction. Clone Force 99 agreed to help the tribe. After ambushing the Trandoshans and the clone stormtroopers with a detonator, the clones shot down some of them, as the Wookiee warriors attacked their tanks. Gungi and Omega fought alongside to drive the Trandoshan Commander Babwa Venomor toward netcaster nests, where he was eventually attacked and captured by the creatures.[35]


The clones ended up helping Yanna's tribe fight against Trandoshan and Imperial invaders.

The next morning, Tech and the other clones had managed to prevent the fire that started during the fight from spreading to the village. The group observed Gungi and Omega meditating under a Wroshyr tree. Hunter then expressed his hope to the Wookiees that the children would hopefully live a life far away from war.[35]

The clones' future[]

"I will keep fighting for the clones. You all deserve the same rights as every citizen. I won't give up."
―Senator Riyo Chuchi to the Bad Batch[36]

Even though Tech and his squad had witnessed the fall of Tipoca City months prior,[28] the galaxy had been informed that a cataclysmic storm had destroyed the city. Indeed, Vice Admiral Rampart had lied in order to ensure that his Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill would be approved by the Senate. Thus, the clones were contacted by Rex, who worked with Pantora Senator Riyo Chuchi, and were tasked with recovering a backup copy of the command log stored in Rampart's Venator-class Star Destroyer's backup data banks, which proved that Kamino had been intentionally destroyed. Upon arriving on Coruscant, the group decided that Omega would stay with the Senator while the other members of Clone Force 99 and Rex pulled the heist.[36]

Vz-114 destroyed

Tech, his squad and Rex infiltrated a Venator-class Star Destroyer to recover data showing the destruction of Tipoca City.

After Rex and Clone Force 99 infiltrated the Venator, Tech, in the command bridge, found out that the energy conduits were offline and that the data could only be retrieved by rerouting the power, which would inevitably trigger a security breach. Several clone troopers informed of their presence, Wrecker jammed the doors while Tech recovered the file. Rex and Clone Force 99 eventually had to fight several troopers but decided to fire up the Star Destroyer's engines to escape from the ship. The Star Destroyer thus tilted forward which resulted in the frontal support clamp collapsing. Having caused a distraction, the clones escaped with an escape pod and managed to bring the stolen data to Omega, which rushed to the Senate to give it to Alderaan Senator Bail Organa, allowing Chuchi to expose Rampart's actions in front of the entire council.[36]


Tech and the other members of the Bad Batch accepted Echo's choice of leaving, unlike Omega.

Exposing Rampart did not help, as Emperor Palpatine used the destruction of Tipoca City to arrest Rampart and convince the Senate that clones, who had followed Rampart's orders, could not be trusted anymore, leading the Defense Recruitment Bill to be voted. Senator Chuchi promised that she would still fight for the clones but Echo stated that their fate was now sealed. As they were about to leave Coruscant, Echo decided to join Rex in his quest of rescuing clones all around the galaxy. Tech wished him farewell and good luck, while Omega expressed her sorrow at seeing her brother leave the squad.[36]

Stuck on Ipsidon[]

Cid's mine[]
"We can always acquire another ship. It is merely a mode of transportation."
"The Marauder's our home. We already lost Echo. We can't lose that too."
―Tech and Omega, after the Marauder was stolen[6]

Scaleback sent the Bad Batch on a desert planet to retrieve Ipsium.

At somepoint after Echo left the Batch, Scaleback purchased an ipsium mine on a desert planet Ipsidon. Ipsium being a highly valuable mineral, Clone Force 99 was tasked with retrieving some from the mine and bringing what they had found to Ord Mantell. Inside the mine, Tech noticed that it was almost empty and that Scaleback had been misled. The little ipsium available being practically out of reach and due to the volatile nature of the mineral, Tech pointed out that Omega would be most likely to extract the ipsium, due to her size. However, as the clones managed to retrieve some ipisum, the Marauder was stolen by a masked stranger[6], who later turned out to be thief and miner Benni Baro.[37] Both Tech and Hunter reproached Wrecker for not properly guarding the ship. However, Tech checked his scanner and detected a spaceport 40 kilometers away from the mine. With no other option left, the clones started walking to the spaceport, in the hope they could get a ship there.[6]

A stampede of Ipsidon bucks with a thunderous storm soon approached the clones and Tech pointed to another mine entrance they could hide into. While fleeing, Tech inadvertently dropped the canister the group had filled ipsium with early on, causing it to explode after being struck by a thunderbolt. The explosion also resulted in debris blocking the entrance of the mine, trapping the clones inside. Wrecker and Tech bickered about the situation, the latter blaming the former for losing the ship in the first place. Hunter then intervened, explaining that the clones could not afford to fight and had to dig their way out of the mine. While the clones removed as many rocks as they could, Omega tried to locate the Marauder, only to realize that its transponder was not relaying any signal. Tech pointed out that the thief had been smart enough to disable the transponder and that it was unlikely that they would even see the Marauder again. Upset, Omega replied that the ship was their home and that they could not afford to lose it the same way they lost Echo. Not comprehending Omega's reaction, Tech stated that Clone Force 99 had existed before Echo and would survive his departure. Omega then tossed a device towards him and walked away. Confused, Tech declared that he had merely told the truth, to which Hunter replied that Omega already knew it.[6]

Trapped in a mine[]
"We're a family."
"[…] Yes, of course we are."
"Then why don't you act like it?"
"Echo chose a different path, as did Crosshair. I have to respect their decision. Even though it can be difficult to understand, we must carry on. I may process moments and thoughts differently, but it does not mean that I feel any less than you."
―Omega and Tech, talking about Echo's departure inside an Ipsium mine[6]
Ipsium mining tool

Omega extracted ipsium, which was later used by the Bad Batch to blast their way out of the mine.

Noticing that it would take days to clear the debris, Tech explained that a small amount of ipsium could be used as an explosive to destroy them. To make amends for dropping the canister, Tech decided to explore the mine to find some ipsium they could extract. Nevertheless, Hunter asked Tech to find Omega and to talk to her. Shortly after walking inside the mine, Tech found Omega and discovered that she had found a large cavern of pure ipsium. Tech said that he trusted Omega and the latter started retrieving the ipium. As she did so, Omega lost her balance and fell inside the cavern. Immediately, Tech jumped as well to rescue her. The two fell into a subterranean river and were swept by rapids, leading them to an underground shore. Tech quickly noticed that the shore was right next to a wall leading to another exit. He contacted Hunter and Wrecker and told them to get Omega's gear, which contained ipsium, and to join them.[6]


Tech explained that he processed thoughts differently but still deeply cared about the Bad Batch.

Waiting for Hunter and Wrecker, Tech and Omega discussed the situation they were in. Omega expressed her concern at losing both Echo and the Marauder. Tech replied that change was a fundamental part of life and that soldiers had to deal with such situations. After Omega stated that Tech did not seem bothered by Echo's absence and that he did not act like the Bad Batch was a family, Tech explained that in reality, he was as moved as she was but simply had another way to express it. They were then joined by Hunter and Wrecker, who had just fallen down the waterfall. Tech positioned a vial of ipsium near the wall and shot at it, creating an exit. Finally out of the mine, Tech used his macrobinoculars, only to discover that the spaceport they were looking for was abandoned.[6]

Upon reaching the spaceport, the clones managed to contact Scaleback through a long-range transmission, hoping she would get them a means of transport to come back to Ord Mantell. However, the Trandoshan declared that she was busy with other matters and that she was not responsible for the Marauder's theft. When Tech reminded her that they had helped her settle her problems with Durand and Millegi, Scaleback quickly replied that she would try to see what she could do in a few days, before ending the transmission when Hunter stated that they did not have enough rations to wait this long.[6]

Retrieval of the Marauder[]
"And who is this Mokko?"
"Who's Mokko? He runs this whole town. He's the boss. Your ship's his now."
―Benni Baro on the slaver Mokko[37]

The clones decided to repair a rusty speeder bike they had found in the abandoned spaceport. Indeed, Tech had proposed to use it in order to reach a town on the other half of the planet's hemisphere. Omega then remembered that their droid Gonky was still aboard the Marauder and thus could be tracked through his binary reference code, something that Tech described as an ingenious idea. It turned out that their ship was still on the planet, about a hundred kilometers away from the spaceport. After traveling on the now salvaged speeder bike, the clones reached a town, which contained an ipsium mine. Tech's scanner detected several lifeforms in subterranean levels, leading the group to enter the town.[37]


Benni Baro agreed to lead the clones to their ship, despite affirming his loyalty to his boss Mokko.

Clone Force 99 quickly located the thief of the ship, Benni Baro. Ambushing him, the latter revealed that he was working for the gangster Mokko, who had taken control of their town from the Techno Union. Baro declared that the ship no longer belonged to the Bad Batch and initially refused to betray his boss, stating that Mokko had done a lot for him. He eventually agreed to lead the clones to their ship only if Mokko were never to learn of it.[37]

After Tech generated a hologram schematic of the mine, the clones and Baro entered the town, which was protected by a ray shield, through a factory stack. Entering its access hatch, Clone Force 99 witnessed several workers pushing crates of ipsium under the watch of armed droid sentries. When asked about the harsh working conditions, Baro explained that the ipsium was degrading, which had forced Mokko to lower wages. Once they reached the Marauder, Tech noticed that its hyperdrive was missing. Baro declared that it would not be complicated to fix. As for the ray shield, Baro proposed that Omega follow him to the central tower, where it could be deactivated. Tech then told Omega to transfer the data onto a mini computer so that he could access it remotely. In the tower, Omega managed to collect the data but also found Mokko's profit reports, which indicated that ipsium had never degraded and shown it to Baro. However, he had previously contacted Mokko to tell him about Clone Force 99, in the hope he would earn an additional ration.[37]


The Bad Batch witnessed Mokko's demise.

The clones having been caught, Mokko confronted them on a suspension bridge inside the ipsium mine. Tech and Wrecker declared that they were here to get their ship back but Mokko answered that it was now his and warned that if they tried to shoot inside the mine, they could ignite ipisum and cause a massive explosion. When the clones answered that they did not miss when shooting, Mokko brought Omega on a higher suspension bridge and threaten to have her thrown down a chasm. Mokko then asked his workers to take their clones away as he intended to imprison them for ten years and make them work in the mines. However, the gangster was interrupted when Baro appeared with the data Omega has previously found, claiming that Mokko had been lying to them. When the reports were shown to other workers, including the miner Drake, they confronted Mokko. Meanwhile, Hunter rescued Omega. Mokko attempted to defend himself by using droids armed with electrostaffs but Tech and Wrecker quickly deactivated them with their blasters. Losing his balance, Mokko started falling but tried to drag Baro down with him. However, the latter was rescued by the other miners and Mokko eventually fell to his death.[37]

Later, Baro returned the clones' belongings and declared that now that they were free from Mokko, the workers would be getting an equal amount of profit. After Baro left, Omega told Tech that eventually, the Empire was not the only threat in the galaxy. Tech answered that like the Bad Batch, there were many people with good intentions and that it meant something.[37]

The Zillo Beast[]

"Hunter, there is far more to this than we realized. From what I have gathered, I suspect the Empire did not destroy the cities on Kamino to end cloning. They merely wanted to control it."

Shortly after their previous mission, the clones contacted Scaleback once more and chastised her for not helping them. The latter declared that she had received a tip on a downed ship and offered the clones 30% of the cut. When the Bad Batch showed disinterest, Scaleback accepted to raise their cut of the share to 50%. After Hunter initially implied that cutting ties with Scaleback could be an eventuality, Tech reminded the group that the Trandoshan had compromising information about them and that they at least ought to complete this one last mission. However, Clone Force 99 soon realized that Scaleback had only sent coordinates without any ship transponder code or indication of what caused the ship to crash.[38]


Aboard the ship, Tech encountered a Zillo Beast, the same species that attacked Coruscant during the Clone Wars.

After following the coordinates, the Bad Batch arrived near a village on Silla. After seeing the ship, Tech deduced that the crew had probably perished but Omega disagreed and urged the clones to take a look inside. After exploring the ship and noticing scratch marks, Hunter pointed out that whatever had killed the crew was not human. Thus, Tech decided to go restore the ship's power and check data logs on the bridge. Alone, Tech entered the ship's engine room and reactivated the power. As he was rejoining the group, Tech encountered a medical droid who warned him about the danger before running out of power.[38]

Meanwhile, Omega, who had stayed with Hunter and Wrecker, recognized the ship's medical technology as Kaminoan but pointed out that it was slightly different. The three clones were then attacked by a juvenile Zillo Beast. After driving it away with their blasters, Hunter warned Tech via comlink to immediately leave the ship, as the creature was headed his way. After seeing it feeding on electricity from power generators, Tech declared that the beast was fascinating. He then shot at the transport's reactor, which blew a hole through the its hull, allowing the Zillo Beast to escape toward a village. Before Hunter and Wrecker departed aboard the Marauder to locate the beast, Hunter tasked Tech and Omega with accessing the highly encrypted ship's files to search for information on how to neutralize the creature.[38]


Imperial forces managed to capture the Zillo Beast and the Bad Batch thus had to escape.

As Hunter and Wrecker tried to locate the creature, Tech warned his brothers not to let the beast near a power grid or it would increase exponentially in size. It was however too late, as Hunter and Wrecker reached the power grid only to discover that the Zillo Beast has reached a massive size. Imperial forces soon arrived above the planet with three Venator-class Star Destroyers, several Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships and a transport. Hunter quickly contacted Tech and Omega and convinced them to leave the ship and evacuate in the Marauder. Meanwhile, the Empire recovered the Zillo Beast and arrested the villagers who witnessed the events.[38]

In hyperspace, Tech explained that the crashed vessel was part of an Imperial cloning program and that Palpatine had issued an order to clone the Zillo Beast when he was still Supreme Chancellor. Indeed, the creature's genetic material had the potential to be weaponized. To their terror, the clones realized that the intent behind the destruction of Tipoca City was not to end cloning but to gain control over its technology.[38]


Hidden paradise[]
"I was thinking. We could stay and help out with things."
"I had the same idea."
―Hunter and Tech on staying on the remote island[39]
TBB on Pabu

After Tech and his squad cut ties with Scaleback, Phee Genoa took them to a lush tropical island on Pabu.

After retrieving an old artifact from the criminal Lanse Crowder and his associates in Club Lao Che, Clone Force 99 and Phee Genoa escaped and traveled in hyperspace with the Marauder. After Genoa explained that despite Omega's extraordinary soldier skills, she needed to learn more about the world and mix with friends her age, the clones received a transmission from Scaleback, who chastised them for not contacting her for the past twenty rotations. Genoa pointed out that the clones better not make Scaleback one their enemies and concluded that, due to their lack of plans, she could take them to Pabu, a tropical planet with a remote island that the pirate described as her "home away from home".[39]

Upon arriving on Pabu, Genoa told the clones that most of the island's inhabitants were refugees and that she was actively working on finding remnants of their cultures, stored in the Archium, a structure in Upper Pabu housing artifacts from all around the galaxy. Indeed, Tech had noticed that the artifact that they had found earlier was of no monetary value.[39]

The group soon met Shep Hazard, the Mayor of the island and his daughter Lyana, whom Omega quickly befriended. During a walk of the island, Hazard explained that Pabu was a friendly community that expanded over the years. When Omega and Lyana started playing with several simian moon-yos, Tech pointed out that he had not heard Omega laugh like this for a long time. Shep Hazard explained that the island was a good place to raise a child, to which Hunter asked if the mayor was implying that the clones could stay here permanently. After a feast, Omega and Lyana went to watch the sunset on the latter's motorized boat while the clones stayed with Genoa and Hazard. However, Hunter warned the group that something was coming when he felt the ground shaking and contacted the two children, urging them to return to the shore.[39]

Tech warned that the island was about to suffer from a sea surge, but Hazard answered that the island had not experienced one in more than three decades. As the residents started taking shelter, Tech advised Hazard to evacuate Lower Pabu, while Hunter declared that he would use the Marauder to rescue Omega and Lyana. As the residents evacuated to Upper Pabu, Tech and Genoa manually lowered the rescue ladders to enable more people to take shelter. Meanwhile, Hunter rescued Omega and Lyana while Wrecker and Hazard helped the last resident escape.[39]

The ocean waves eventually devastated most of Lower Pabu. Sometime after the tsunami, Mayor Hazard expressed his relief at evacuating every resident, Tech explained that it would take several rotations to repair what had been destroyed. Eventually, Clone Force 99 accepted to stay on the island to help the citizens rebuild their city.[39]

An unexpected warning[]
"I checked our old comm channels and found a recent distress message sent from Crosshair's old code."
"What did it say?"
"Plan 88. The Seeker. We are being targeted. I believe he is warning us."
―Tech to his squad, after receiving a message from Crosshair[40]

Tech gives Omega a flying lesson.

At some point, Tech gave flying lessons to Omega aboard the Marauder above the remote island. Tech tasked Omega with executing a sharp swing back to port with zero thruster pull, which Omega excitedly called the "Tech Turn". The two clones suddenly received a transmission from Echo, back from one of his missions. After landing in Upper Pabu, the clones reunited, much to Omega's delight. Echo explained that he had come to seek Tech's help in decrypting data that his network had stolen from an Imperial ship carrying clone prisoners.[40]

Sometime later, Tech asked his squad to join him aboard their ship. Indeed, he had discovered that the Imperial transport Echo had hijacked was assigned to the Advanced Science Division, a clandestine scientist operation with no records, headed by Doctor Royce Hemlock, who had been previously expelled from the Republic Science Corps for his experiments. Worse, Tech stated that despite not knowing why the Empire had clone prisoners, one of the clones transferred to the Science Division was Crosshair, their former squad-mate. Wrecker expressed his surprise at the thought that Crosshair had turned against the Empire and Tech explained that he had also checked all comm channels and found a recent distress signal from Crosshair's old comm with the message "Plan 88," also known as "the Seeker", a plan that Clone Force 99 used to signal that the squad was being targeted. When Tech declared that it could be a warning, Hunter replied that it could as well be a trap.[40]

Infiltrating Raven's Peak[]

"We have not always agreed with Crosshair, but he is still our brother. We do not leave our own behind."
―Tech, on Clone Force 99's mission to Eriadu[41]

After Tech found no information on Hemlock, Echo revealed that his network had learned that the doctor would be attending an Imperial summit on Eriadu, Tarkin's homeworld. With the plan of planting a homing beacon on Hemlock's ship, the clones decided to travel to Tarkin's compound and learn where Crosshair was being detained. However, before leaving Pabu, Genoa came to see Tech, hinting at her feelings for him and asking him not to get involved with any other pirate and mercenary during the mission.[41]


The clones infiltrated Tarkin's compound, Raven's Peak [in the background].

In hyperspace, Tech explained that he had found a suitable location to land on Eriadu. Echo added that the clones would manage to bypass Imperial cruisers with a fake clearance code he had acquired thanks to one of his contacts. After descending into the mountainous terrain of the planet, the Marauder landed near a forest, allowing the clones to have a view of the fortified compound. Clone Force 99 decided to infiltrate the facility via the rail line, whose sensor platform Tech deactivated using a grappling cable. Fooling the imperial technicians present, the clones reached the compound, killing several TK stormtroopers in the process. In the hangar bay, Tech went with Hunter and Echo to infiltrate the control room, while Wrecker and Omega were tasked with planting the beacon.[41]

Omega planted the device but ended up being pinned down by stormtroopers, forcing Echo to remotely lift a parked V-wing starfighter and slam it against several cargo boxes to distract the troopers. In the control room, Tech soon started feeling uncomfortable, as he noticed that several systems had been deactivated. Indeed, Hunter and Tech soon realized that the Partisans, Saw Gerrera's resistance group, were also present in the compound and were organizing an attack by planting thermal explosives.[41]

Soon after, the clones encountered Gerrara himself, as well as another female Partisan, dressed as stormtroopers. Gerrera reminded them of their previous encounter on Onderon and declared that the clones had indeed made their choice concerning their allegiance toward the Empire. He then explained that his plan was to destroy the base and kill the high-ranking Imperials in it, not caring about the gathering intelligence he would destroy in the process. Tech told Gerrara that killing these Imperials would not matter, as they could soon be replaced but Gerrara decided to keep on with the attack. Pursued by troopers, the two groups split up. The Bad Batch reunited and reached the rail line, while the Partisans flew off aboard a shuttle. As Tech overrode the manual controls of the rail line, Gerrera activated the explosives, resulting in the main hangar being destroyed, including Omega's tracking beacon. However, Tarkin had predicted the outcome of the attack and had the facility's conference chamber sealed.[41]

Plan 99[]

"When have we ever followed orders?"
―Tech's last words before sacrificing himself[3]

Stuck in the skies of Eriadu, the clones were attacked by stormtroopers stationed in a car at the other end of the rail line. With no power available, Tech proposed to reboot the system manually through the terminals present on the track while his squad covered him. Tech quickly reached the top of the rail line and accessed its control panel. Tarkin then ordered several stormtroopers to take the clones out with V-wings. Understanding that they could not stand a chance, Hunter warned Tech and asked him to be quick. Ultimately, Tech managed to reactivate the power.[3]


Tech sacrificed himself so that his squad could evacuate.

However, the clones could not prevent their car from being damaged by the starfighters, causing it to hang loose. Tech tried to use his grappling cable to hold onto the carriage but warned that any additional weight would cause the rear carriage to fall while Wrecker attempted to keep it from plunging. Tech implored his squad-mates to sever the connection hinge. After they refused, Tech declared that he would enact Plan 99, much to Wrecker's dismay, before stating that Clone Force 99 had never been used to following orders anyway. Tech then sacrificed himself by shooting the hinge himself. A devastated Wrecker and horrified Omega watched as Tech, along with the fallen railcar, plummeted into the cloudy abyss to his death.[3]


"Wake up, Wrecker. Clone Force 99 died with Tech. We're not that squad anymore."
―Crosshair, regarding Tech's death[42]
Tech broken goggle TBBS2

Tech's broken goggles after his fall.

Tech's sacrifice allowed Clone Force 99 to get back to the Marauder and leave Eriadu. Imperial forces led by Hemlock soon located the wreckage and discovered Tech's broken goggles at the site, the only thing that Hemlock could salvage from him. Following the remaining members of Clone Force 99's escape to Ord Mantell, Omega asked Hunter and Wrecker where Tech was. Hunter replied that Tech had not made it, much to Omega's sadness. Hunter explained the importance of Tech's sacrifice, as he had put his life and needs ahead of the squad. Soon enough, the Bad Batch was betrayed by Scaleback and sold out to the Empire, resulting in Omega's capture. When Imperial forces arrived to apprehend the squad, Hemlock returned Tech's goggles to Hunter, mocking his death.[3] Months later,[43] the squad still kept Tech's goggles aboard the Marauder.[44]

When Crosshair and Omega fled the Tantiss Base of Mount Tantiss, Omega confided to Crosshair that Tech had taught her all the plans Clone Force 99 used, including Plan 72.[45] After Crosshair and Omega regrouped with the rest of the Bad Batch, they provided them with a datapad containing information regarding Tantiss, which Echo stated would be difficult to decrypt without Tech.[46] Phee Genoa later remarked to the Bad Batch—as they were searching for information regarding Hemlock's m-count research—that finding such information came easier to Tech than it did to her.[47]

Eventually, Omega became captive on Tantiss once again. During a mission to rescue her, Crosshair asserted that Clone Force 99 had died with Tech. Concerned that another member of the squad wouldn't make it out of the base, he volunteered to go in alone. Hunter opposed Crosshair, telling him not to even consider Plan 99. Hunter and Wrecker assured Crosshair that Tech knew the risks of going on dangerous missions and that they were still a squad regardless. Eventually, all of Tech's squad managed to survive and rescue Omega, killing Hemlock before they finally settled down peacefully on Pabu.[42]

Some time later, when Omega had reached adulthood, she set off to join the Rebel Alliance as a pilot. Tech's goggles remained with Omega aboard her ship as she left Pabu.[42]

Personality and traits[]

"Tech… what was the war like?"
"It was a primary mission objective comprised of battles on various fronts."
"But… what was it like?"
"Hmm? I just told you."
―Omega asking Tech what the Clone Wars were like, and Tech's response[21]

Tech was a master of anything relating to technology.

While not a physically imposing individual,[48] Tech's advanced data analysis skills allowed him to solve technical issues at speeds even faster than some droids.[4] As a soldier whose genetic manipulations gave him[10] an unmatched gift for science and technology,[48] enabling him to surpass men and machines alike in those fields, he was a valuable member of the Grand Army of the Republic, even if he did not resemble his typical clone siblings, as he appeared leaner, fairer, and younger than his fellow clone troopers.[10]

Personality-wise, Tech was very talkative and communicative,[1] earning him his status as the most talkative Bad Batch member.[4] One of his major quirks was his eagerness to dispense trivial knowledge about any given subject without hesitation or reason.[1] He did this regardless of whether anyone was listening to him, or whether anyone else cared about what he was saying, as Wrecker pointed out at one point. When confronted with a task which demanded his full concentration, he tended to become oblivious to what was going on in his surroundings, unless it was a matter of life and death.[11] Tech could often miss the intention behind a question someone asked him, such as when Omega asked him what the Clone Wars were like.[21] Like the rest of the Bad Batch, Tech became protective of Omega and acted as a mentor for her.

He also made an effort to record all sentient sounds he encountered, which Hunter described as a "hobby" of his. On one occasion, this helped the squad, alongside Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Rex, and Echo escape from an enemy base.[12] Tech was also very calm and non-confrontational, and rarely grew angry. When his squad-mates would argue with each other, he would frequently walk away and not participate. Much like Hunter and unlike his other two teammates, Tech was mostly civil and respectful to his fellow clones.[1] Sometimes, his pragmatism made him fail to take into account the feelings of other members of his squad, like Omega.[4]

Able to comprehend and notice things easily, Tech occasionally had a habit of unintentionally keeping important information secret, assuming that his teammates would notice it on their own, such as Omega's true nature, which he described as being "obvious," or the clones being programmed through inhibitor chips.[14]



Tech's visor

Tech made use of a heavily modified suit of Katarn-class Commando Armor with a unique helmet, which held a specialized visor that acted as a computer display.[1][11] The helmet was equipped with a translation visor that was capable of translating various languages.[12] A computer terminal was installed into the forearm portion of his armor, enabling him to access a number of versatile functions, such as trajectory calculation,[1][11] translation of alien languages,[11] and recording and replaying sound effects.[12]

Tech's primary weapons were two DC-17 hand blasters, with which he was very proficient.[1] During a mission in Corellia, he carried a DC-15A blaster carbine.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

Conception and The Clone Wars[]

Tech on kashyyyk

Tech, overseeing the attacking beasts in the unfinished episodes on Kashyyyk.

George Lucas had a very specific vision of the Bad Batch, in that he wanted a version of The Dirty Dozen with clones. Dave Filoni sketched their appearances which Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz used to imagine the Bad Batch's voices and personalities. Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story.[49] Tech was to appear in a four episode arc written by Michnovetz[50] which starred the Bad Batch, now including "Echo", alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk.[51]

At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the Kashyyyk arc. He revealed that the characters would ride on "giant ape lizards," that were holy to the Wookiees in a religious way. In one scene Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a Trandoshan and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities they would have to burn some of the trees. The Clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the Clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the Separatists. A story reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookiees riding on the "ape lizards" and battle against kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.[51]

The Bad Batch[]

"Well, a soldier's life is fulfilled by fulfilling the mission and supporting his brothers. And this is the end of mine. And that's a good thing."
Dee Bradley Baker, when asked to give Tech one final line[52]

According to Bad Batch producers Jennifer Corbett and Brad Rau, Tech's death was a hard decision to reach but was ultimately necessary in order to give a mission into Tarkin's headquarters a realistic weight. They also reasoned it was a noble sacrifice for his family.[53] Asked to give Tech one final line after his death at a convention, voice actor Dee Bradley Baker complied and had Tech calm the audience about his passing; in Tech's voice, he reasoned that he had completed his mission by protecting his siblings.[52]


According to Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia - Join the Battle!, Tech stood 1.93 meters—or 6 ft, 4 inches—tall.[1] In 2024, however, the online StarWars.com Databank was updated to give Tech the new height of 1.82 meters,[4] whereas previously the Databank had not given any height for the character.[54] As the 2024-updated Databank is the most recent source, this article assumes it to be correct.


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