Tech was a branch of Imperial Intelligence's Analysis Bureau. Their mandate had two main objectives; to analyse enemy technology and determine how it functioned, and to supply Intelligence with hardware to counter it. Tech was full of brilliant and skilled scientists and technologists who used the branch's generous budget to supply Intelligence agents with superior technology. The administration, drawn from the ranks of the branch, however, were unable to properly decide on research priorities that lay outside their field of expertise. Tech was better at analysing enemy equipment than they were at producing it.[2] Tech maintained Technical Branch Outposts on several planets, including Lotide and Dakot Seven.[3]

Tech's personnel including Doctor Tobias, who advocated for the use of 3PO-series protocol droid as infiltration units,[2] Alessi Quon, the Sluissi creator of IN-GA 44, and Royd Pew.[1]

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