The Tech 4 PDV, also known as Plexus Droid Vessels (PDV), were used by Imperial Intelligence courier droids which operated as communications and relay ships.


Staffed only by droids and minimally equipped, they were essentially engines and electronics. Used to support the Sector Plexus, PDVs were designed to resemble mining droids.[2] They were capsule-shaped and could transport data across the galaxy.[3]


One such PDV was carrying information to an Imperial Intelligence sector headquarters when it was intercepted by the Rebel Alliance. In order to prevent its capture by the Rebels, the ship self-destructed after launching an I2-CG droid that was carrying the intelligence data. Despite the droid's self sacrifice, the Rebels detected the I2 unit descending to Goratak III. A skirmish ensued on the planet between the Rebel unit and an Imperial team led by Feskitt Bobb.[4]

Moff Jesco Comark used these vessels during Operation Death-Hunter. In order to hide what was being manufactured by the project, the droids were used to transport the materials involved in the operation. The final product, Death Hunter cyborgs were transported aboard the courier droids.[3]



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