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A Nautolan technician at work

"We'll get to work on him right away."
―A Rebel technician to C-3PO, on the damaged R2-D2[src]

A technican or mechanic was a person who was skilled in maintaining and repairing technology. Jackar Bowmani was a technician and munitions expert who worked in the Jedi Temple until he was murdered by his wife, Letta Turmond.[1] Chewbacca was also a skilled mechanic as he performed frequent repairs on the Millennium Falcon as well as reassembling the dismembered C-3PO.[2]

Certain droids also served as expert mechanics, such as R2-D2.[3]

Mich Matt was an Ishi Tib who worked as a technician on Coruscant's central power distribution grid.[4]

Mechanics wore durable fabric coveralls to protect them from dirt and oil. The clothing had many pouches and pockets that held the tools that they needed for work.[5]


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