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"I am a Techno-service droid, not a safe deposit box."
―Todo 360 to Davtokk[src]

Techno-service droids were diminutive service and maintenance droids.


"You'll find Cad Bane down here, sir."
―Todo 360 to Davtokk[src]

A techno-service droid in wheel-mode and feet-mode.

One techno-service droid, designated Todo 360, was employed by the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane during the Clone Wars. Under the pretense of interviewing him for a job, Bane lured Davtokk, a fellow bounty hunter, to Keyorin around 22 BBY to test the abilities of his new posse by pitting Davtokk against them. Bane sent his droid to guide Davtokk to the proper meeting place, though the latter refused, offering a tip for the droid's master. Later, after Davtokk had been apprehended by Robonino, Shahan Alama and Aurra Sing, the droid was at Bane's side as he emerged from the shadows and ended Davtokk's life.[2]

Todo was later employed by Bane in his attempt to steal a Jedi holocron from the Jedi Temple's Archives.[3]

Techno-service droids had repulsorlifts on the bottom of each foot, and were able to latch their feet together to create a single wheel.

A lone Jedi Knight was seen with a Techno-service droid[source?]



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