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"We develop many technologies here and we offer them to the highest bidder."
―Wat Tambor[src]

The Techno Union was a commerce guild comprised of various technology firms in the galaxy. It played a prominent role in the Separatist Crisis, as Foreman Wat Tambor allied it with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Despite holding a seat on the Separatist Council and pledging their Droid Army to the Confederacy military during the Clone Wars, the Techno Union maintained their neutrality in the conflict, with many of their subsidiaries producing starships and weapons for the Galactic Republic. Nevertheless, after the conclusion of the war the Techno Union would be dissolved and absorbed by the Republic's successor, the Galactic Empire.


Separatist CrisisEdit

"The Techno Union army is at your disposal, Count."
―Wat Tambor, to Count Dooku[src]

The Techno Union was one of several corporate titans that quietly aligned itself with Dooku, a charismatic ex-Jedi and Count of Serenno, before he founded the Confederacy of Independent Systems. While joining the Count was a risk, it gave the Union special privileges, notably a seat on the Separatist Council.[3]

By 22 BBY, galactic tensions had reached a fever pitch. During a summit with Dooku on the planet Geonosis, the Techno Union's leader, Foreman Wat Tambor, pledged to supply the conglomerate's droid army to the Separatist Alliance. Shortly thereafter, the Battle of Geonosis saw the outbreak of the Clone Wars.[1]

Clone WarsEdit

Despite its actions on Geonosis, the Techno Union claimed neutrality in the Clone Wars,[14] and retained their representation in the Galactic Senate by Senator Gume Saam.[3] Saam lobbied for an intensification of the war effort, with the intention to create greater need for the Union's products by the Grand Army of the Republic.[5] Indeed, member corporations such as Kuat Drive Yards, BlasTech, and Republic Sienar Systems were vital to the GAR, lending the Techno Union an air of plausible deniability as it continued arming the Separatists. However, for every warship created for the Republic, the Union's member corporations manufactured a million battle droids, as the Union's only true loyalty was to war.[3]

The Techno Union's support for the Confederacy was demonstrated during the battle for Anaxes, as it was able to utilize a Republic strategy algorithm (captured with presumed-dead ARC trooper "Echo"). Around this time, it also created a prototype organic decimator, which Tambor planned to sell to the Separatists; however, it was destroyed during the Republic mission to rescue Echo.[14]

During the war, the Union defended its vital worlds with a combination of overstock and prototype starships from their member corporations.[3] Many of these worlds, such as Hypori, Skako Minor, and Utapau would be sites of major battles.[7][14][16]


At the conclusion of the war, Wat Tambor was killed with the rest of the Separatist Council on Mustafar.[16] The Republic would be reformed into the Galactic Empire, which proceeded to absorb the remnants of the Techno Union. This forced its low-level technicians and machine smiths to seek new employment all over the galaxy.[17]

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