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"We develop many technologies here and we offer them to the highest bidder."
―Wat Tambor[src]

The Techno Union was a commerce guild comprised of technology firms[16] that allied itself with Count Dooku prior to the Separatist Crisis. It was among the founders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which gave it special privileges like a seat on the Separatist Council,[17] and the Techno Union was among the gilds that gave its Droid Army to the Separatists prior to the Battle of Geonosis.[1] They were responsible for the design of many of the droids used by the Separatist Droid Army,[17] including the B1[source?] and B2 battle droids.[1] The Techno Union claimed neutrality in the Clone Wars,[12] and were even represented by Senator Gume Saam in the Galactic Senate, but it truly heavily supported the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[17] After the Clone Wars, the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire, and the Techno Union was absorbed by the new government, forcing its low-level technicians and machine smiths to seek new employment all over the galaxy.[15]


Separatist CrisisEdit

During a summit on the planet Geonosis, the Techno Union pledged to supply a droid army to the Separatist Alliance and Wat Tambor pledged allegiance to the Separatist Alliance, by extension granting himself and the Union representation on the Separatist Council.[1]

Clone WarsEdit

Using its status as an important galactic corporation the Techno Union lobbied in the Galactic Senate for an increased war effort through its senator Gume Saam. Their intention was to create greater need for the Union's products from the Republic.[3]

After a Republic infiltration of the Citadel, ARC trooper "Echo" was presumed to be dead. After being captured by the Separatists, the Techno Union purchased the clone trooper to experiment on. The Techno Union created a brain-computer interface of Echo.[12]

During the battle for Anaxes, the Techno Union was able to utilize a strategy algorithm that Echo had on him and sold the algorithm's predictions as a software service to the Confederacy.[12]

Sometime before the battle of Anaxes the Techno Union created a prototype organic decimator, and Tambor planned for it to be sold to the Separatists, but it was destroyed during the Republic mission to rescue ARC trooper Echo.[12]

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