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"Begin the final phase, and bring the last specimen forward. I will perform the procedure myself."
―The Head Techno Union Scientist to an underling[src]

This Techno Union scientist was a male Skakoan, and the lead engineer who managed the experiments performed on the Nelvaanians for the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 19 BBY. He was killed by Anakin Skywalker during the Battle of Nelvaan.


Experiments on NelvaanEdit

Engineer: "But sir, the brain modulations aren't fully integrated or tested yet; specimen control cannot be guaranteed."
Head Scientist: "No matter. Grievous grows impatient; we must deliver the prototypes."
Engineer: "But we're just not ready!"
Main scientist: "Our concerns are of little consequence to General Grievous."
―Combat engineer and the main scientist.[src]
Skakoan bio engineers

The main Techno Union scientist commences to transform Harvos.

During the Clone Wars, the Skakoan served in the Techno Union as a combat engineer. In 19 BBY, General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies, assigned him to the planet Nelvaan,[2] where he became the leader of the local separatist facility, accompanied by four other Skakoan combat engineers and an army of B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids. In order to keep the base powered, he constructed a siphon generator, which absorbed the warmth from the planet while reducing the planet to a wintry state. He then moved his troops against Rokrul, a local village populated by the native humanoid species, the Nelvaanians. The Skakoan ordered the droid army to empty the village of every adult male, leaving only the women and children.[3]

The Skakoans began experimenting on the captured Nelvaanians immediately.[1] The purpose of their experimentations was to study the effectiveness of hybrid droid-organic technology, and also to convert the captive Nelvaanians into cyborg mutant super-soldiers. Inspired by his own success as a cyborg, General Grievous planned to replace the battle droids with the mutant Nelvaanians.[2] After being individually transformed into enormous mutant cyborgs, the Nelvaanians were fitted with control collars. Grievous, impatient for his new soldiers, ordered the specimens to be delivered to him as soon as the last Nelvaanian was transformed.[1]

Battle of NelvaanEdit

Head scientist: "Jedi! Unleash the specimen!"
Engineer: "But they're not ready..."
Head scientist: "I said: unleash them!"
―Main Techno Union scientist and combat engineer, as Anakin Skywalker reveals himself[src]
Nelvaan ani

Skakoan leader watches as Nelvaanians attack Skywalker.

The Head scientist performed the last procedure himself watching as the Nelvaanian began to transform. However, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker had penetrated the laboratory and defeated the droid perimeter guards. The main Techno Union scientist was shocked when he realized that a Jedi had entered his laboratory, and ordered his henchman to unleash the specimens under remote control. His underlings objected, saying that they weren't battle-ready yet, but the Head scientist ignored them, ordering the cyborg warriors to attack against Skywalker.[1]

The Head scientist watched as the mutant Nelvaanians attacked the Jedi, who tried in vain to convince them that he was not their enemy.[1] However, the last specimen Harvos, whose control collar had not yet been fitted to him, was able to break out from his transformation chamber and show Skywalker that the control collars were the reason for the hostility of Nelvaanians. The Head scientist could only watch helplessly as Harvos and Skywalker freed all of the mutants from their collars. The specimens then started to rampage through the base, destroying battle droids and freeing their comrades, while Skywalker headed to destroy the siphon generator. Upon realizing that he himself was in mortal danger, the Head scientist fled to the exit of the base. He and his fellow Skakoans ran up the stairs that led outside, as the furious horde of Nelvaanians followed just behind them.[4]

Unsuccessful escape and deathEdit

The Skakoans managed to reach their Hardcell-class interstellar transport , which was located near the exit on the surface. However, Anakin Skywalker, who had just destroyed the siphon generator at the cost of his prosthetic arm, climbed towards the ship. The Skakoan underlings attempted to defend themselves, but the enraged Jedi Knight used the Force to disarm two of the engineers, whom he then hurled into the horde of Nelvaanians.[4]


The Head scientist flees from the base.

The remaining scientists attempted to retreat, but were stopped when Skywalker destroyed the ramp to the ship. As a result of the destruction of the siphon generator, a geyser burst from the ground, killing the last of the Skakoans, except for the main scientist. While Skywalker had his back turned, the Skakoan pulled out a blaster pistol and aimed it at the Jedi Knight. Turning quickly, Skywalker spotted him and in his rage, used the Force to crush the pressure suit of the helpless Skakoan. This caused an explosive decompression, which killed the Head scientist instantly.[4]

After deathEdit

The death of the main Techno Union scientist and the destruction of the facility put an end to Grievous's plans for new elite soldiers. Anakin Skywalker left the planet with his Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi for new missions. However, the anger and mercilessness Skywalker had showed against the engineers pushed him closer to the dark side of the Force.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Anakin Kills

The Head scientist dies at the hands of Anakin Skywalker.

"Attack! Attack!"
―The Head scientist, to the mutated Nelvaanians[src]

The Head scientist showed a callous lack of concern for the fate of the Nelvaanians and the cruel nature of the tests being performed on them, whom he viewed only as specimens. He was short-tempered and impatient, ignoring the warnings of his underlings and acting only under his own advice.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Head Techno Union scientist was voiced by Nick Jameson.

The official name of this Skakoan is currently unknown. In the episode credits he is referred to as "Head Techno Union Scientist."

Coloring errors were made during the animation of the main scientist's escape. Although his skin is blue, when he tries to escape and shoot Anakin, his skin is colored green like his underlings. When Anakin lifts him into air, his skin goes back to blue.

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