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This article is about the Ewok named Teebo. You may be looking for Tseebo, the Rodian.
"Tomorrow we fight to save our forest and bring down the cold metal moon. Our new golden god has shown us how. Join us and we will be free again."
―Teebo's message to neighboring tribes to join the Battle of Endor as translated by C-3PO[src]

Teebo was an Ewok that was present during the Battle of Endor. One of Chief Chirpa's best hunters alongside Asha Fahn, they supported Chirpa's decision to help the Rebels take out the Imperial shield generator, vetoing Logray's choice to stay out of it. That night, he would write a message to be sent out to neighboring Ewok tribes to call them all to action against the Empire, that in the original Ewokese even Logray found beautiful.[1]

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Teebo was played in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi by Jack Purvis. Although not named in dialogue, Teebo was named in the movie's credits.[1]


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