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"We were expecting someone a bit larger."

Teebo's fish friend was a sentient talking fish native to the Forest Moon of Endor. The fish took a home in a lake on the forest moon sometime before or during the Rebellion era, and had an encounter with King Elbo at one point, perhaps even going to the king's Coral Castle at the bottom of the sea. He passed this information to three EwoksWicket, Teebo, and Kneesaa— after their friend, Latara would be kidnapped by the king.

The fish created a sea bubble for the three Ewoks to travel in, as Ewoks could not travel to the bottom of the sea without air. The Ewoks were hesitant at first, displeased with the simpleness of the bubble, but after Wicket stepped into the bubble, the other two followed and they eventually traveled to Coral Castle. Later, they rescued Latara from Elbo after negotiating with him.


In the LakeEdit

"He checks creatures for greediness and honesty."
―Teebo's fish friend on Elbo[src]

The Teebo's fish friend lived in an Endor ocean around 3 ABY. The general consensus of Ewoks was that the fish was abnormally small. Sometime before his meeting with the three Ewoks, the talking fish had at least one encounter with the supposed king of the sea, Elbo. During this encounter, the fish saw Elbo do one of the king's greediness tests, and later the fish saw Elbo's home, the Coral Castle.[1]

Also, sometime before his encounter with the Ewoks, the fish learned how to make a sea bubble, a round, air-filled sphere that had enough room to fit three Ewoks. The fish could create a bubble by inflating himself full of air and then deflating himself in the water, creating a sea bubble. It is unknown if he used this form of transportation prior to making it for the Ewoks.[1]

Helping the EwoksEdit

"Not bad—a sea bubble."
Talking fish creates bubble

Teebo's fish friend deflates as he creates a sea bubble.

In 3 ABY, Kneesaa, an Ewok princess, accidentally dropped her ankle bracelet into the water. Elbo appeared to her and showed her three bracelets—one that was hers and two others. After correctly identifying her bracelet and resisting the temptation to lie about more attractive ones, she received all three. Later, Latara, another Ewok, heard of this story and decided to test it. She purposely dropped her flute into the water, and lied to Elbo. Elbo kidnapped Latara just as Wicket, Teebo, and Kneesaa arrived.[1]

They tried to come up with a solution quickly, but it was Teebo who acted. Teebo, hearing of legends of sea monsters in the water, allowed himself to float and make noises in the water. Responding to his call, the Teebo's fish friend surfaced and greeted the Ewoks. The Ewoks explained their problem to the fish, and he recalled his information of Elbo and the Coral Castle to the three Ewoks. After deciding to rescue the helpless Latara, the fish made a sea bubble in which they traveled. Later, the three Ewoks were successful in their mission and rescued Latara.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Endor fish in water

Teebo's fish friend surfaces to help the Ewoks.

"How's this?"
―Teebo's fish friend, on his size[src]

Teebo's fish friend was considered small by many Ewoks, but the fish did not let that stop him from helping taller individuals. He could be summoned for help by making sound and movement in the water, as one Ewok, Teebo, did.[1]

The fish's physical appearance had green scales and red fins, with yellow eyes. He was able to create a sea bubble by inflating himself with air and then releasing that air into the water, creating a sphere that held the air. This bubble could be traveled in, but could not touch a sharp object or the bubble would pop.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Teebo's fish friend was created by Bob Carrau for use in the seventeenth episode of the second season of Ewoks, titled "The Tragic Flute." In the episode, the talking fish's only purpose was to give the three Ewoks a form of transportation to get to the Coral Castle.

It is unknown if this fish was related to other species of fish on Endor, such as the buzzfish[2] or the piranha,[3] although it is likely they have some relation.


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