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"Worry no more, Wicket, buddy! Luck is on your side. Ta-da! I brought you this lucksprite, so you can relax, so you'll have luck for your test tomorrow."

Teebo's lucksprite was a lucksprite whose services were requested by the Ewok Teebo to help Wicket Wystri Warrick pass his skills test to be a warrior. The lucksprite never mentioned that it was actually a bad lucksprite, and it thwarted Warrick's performance. The Ewok grew depressed, and his friends—Teebo, Latara, and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka—forced the lucksprite to confront him and admit its manipulations. When an arachnid creature attacked the group, however, the lucksprite seized the opportunity to wreak more havok. Teebo finally subdued the creature by pulling its hat over its head, and Warrick defeated the arachnid. The lucksprite took this as a personal affront and grew depressed at having been defeated for the first time in its career.


"Worry no more, Wicket, buddy! Luck is on your side. Ta-da! I brought you this lucksprite, so you can relax, so you'll have luck for your test tomorrow."

Teebo presented a lucksprite to help Wicket W. Warrick complete his skills test.

In 3 ABY or earlier,[3] this lucksprite was approached by an Ewok named Teebo, who requested the sprite's luck be put to use for Wicket Wystri Warrick, who was trying to pass his skills test to become a warrior. The lucksprite accompanied Teebo to Bright Tree Village, where he helped Warrick fire three arrows directly into a bullseye, even splitting the tree on which the target rested.[1]

The lucksprite had merely been hiding its true nature, however: it was really a bad lucksprite. When Warrick took his warrior's test, the lucksprite barraged him with bad energy. The Ewok's vaulting pole snapped, he grabbed a spiny creature from a tree instead of a doll, and he landed on a log, which rolled into the judges' platform and caused it to collapse. The village chief, Chirpa, declared Warrick fit only to be an assistant bordok stable sweeper. With Warrick in the depths of despair, the lucksprite admitted its true nature to the Ewok's friends, Teebo, Latara, and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, and then escaped.[1]

Before long, Teebo found the lucksprite and coerced it to come and admit its meddling to Warrick, who was moping in the Cavern of Broken Dreams. As Kneesaa tried to coax Warrick out of his stupor, an arachnid creature attacked her, and the lucksprite saw its chance to wreak more havok. The sprite caused Kneesaa to drop her lasso, without which, she tumbled into the arachnid's web, strung across a deep canyon. The lucksprite dodged an attack by Teebo and Latara. It then saw Wicket W. Warrick emerge from the cavern and attempt to rescue Kneesaa by snatching her up and tightroping walking with her on his shoulders. The lucksprite zapped the rope, though, forcing the Ewoks to swing to the safety of the canyon side. Before the lucksprite could strike again, however, Teebo pulled its hat over its head and put a stop to its mischief. The Ewoks managed to defeat the arachnid.[1]

Seeing its bad luck work foiled, the lucksprite cried in despair. This was the first time any Ewok warrior had thwarted its luck-changing abilities. The sprite considered giving up its job, even. Wicket W. Warrick offered it a new job—as a bordok stable sweeper.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"Not bad, little Ewok. But I've got more bad luck for you!"
―Teebo's lucksprite, as he ties to sabotage Wicket W. Warrick's rescue of Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka[src]

The lucksprite had the ability to alter another being's luck, for either good or ill. It shot blasts of luck energy from a prehensile tentacle on its head. The sprite could teleport out of harm's way, as well.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You know, I love my work."
―Teebo's bad lucksprite[src]

The lucksprite was a mischievous creature who enjoyed meddling in the fortunes of others. It did not admit its true nature—as a bad lucksprite— until it had had a chance to do some damage. The lucksprite enjoyed its work, cuddling up to its targets and taking genuine glee in the misfortune it caused. However, it also took great pride in its ability to thwart the plans of even the greatest Ewok warriors. When it was overcome by Wicket W. Warrick, the lucksprite grew quite depressed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Michael Dubil wrote the first and only Star Wars story to feature a lucksprite, the Ewoks episode "Just My Luck." The cartoon first aired on November 22, 1986, during the second season of Ewoks.[4] Although the lucksprite has several lines in the episode, the voice actor who plays him goes uncredited.[1]



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