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"I've never seen anyone more worthy of my tears! You are a true hero, young Teebo."
―Mount Sorrow[src]

Teebo was a Force-sensitive Ewok male; initially a scout, then an apprentice of the shaman Logray and eventually a respected warrior in the Bright Tree Village on the Forest Moon of Endor. He was the older child of Batcheela and Warok and the older brother of Malani.

A close friend of Wicket Wystri Warrick and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo shared a lot of adventures with them in his youth - traveling to various parts of the forest moon, get to know many of its resident species and defending the village and the surrounding forest from enemies, mainly Morag and the Duloks. Later, after he saved Wicket from a condor dragon and helped destroy the Griagh, Teebo was bestowed upon the rank of warrior and presented with the Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees. This newly-found occupation led him and his war party to accidentally capturing the Heroes of Yavin. Teebo participated in the Battle of Endor as one of the Ewok commandeers.

Teebo had a rocky courtship with Latara, eventually getting together with her in his later adolescence/young adulthood. In his spare time, he wrote poetry and on some occasions he played drums.


Early years[]

Saving Malani and discovering his hidden talents[]

Living in a cozy hut of three chambers just off the Bright Tree Village main square with his parents and his sister, in his earliest years, Teebo was a loner. He was not keen on learning how to make weapons, hang-glide and determine what vines were safe to swing on. Instead of that, he spending a lot of time sitting on a "secret" branch of one of the oldest trees in the village, daydreaming. He was able to hear colors as rivers moving past him, read animals' minds and observe tree ghosts. His friends would tease him for this, which he did not seem to mind; His parents decided that their firstborn merely had a vivid imagination.

All of this changed in a flash, when three Duloks, one of whom was Vulgarr, entered the Ewok village as the woklings were being gathered to go on an excursion and claimed that Malani was captured by a monster, her straw doll remaining behind. Chief Chirpa sent all of his warriors, led by Teebo and Malani's father Warok to battle the monster and find the lost wokling. Fearing for his sister's life, Teebo hid under a basket when the other young Ewoks were ordered to group in the central shelter, in order to be able to go find her himself. He then flew a glider for the first time. Meanwhile, all the other children from the village were kidnapped, mothers tied up and Logray trapped in a toadskin hood.

After some time, Teebo noticed he was stalked by a Mantigrue, just as he'd approached a tree unlike all the other trees. He managed to bite the beast and hide in the shrubbery, where he was discovered by the Yuzzums. He ran for his life, until the Grudakk scared the Yuzzums away, grabbed him and took him to his underground lair. Despite his initial fear of being boiled alive, Teebo peacefully fell asleep after the Grudakk fed him and tucked him in.

The next morning, Teebo left the lair and ran into Duloks preparing a picnic on a clearing, where the main course were supposed to be the kidnapped Ewok children, held in a cage. He witnessed Vulgarr club another Dulok to death and take Malani out of the cage to decapitate and cook her. In the last moment, Teebo hurled a stone at the Dulok leader. The Ewok warriors arrived and started battling the Duloks with their stone axes and spears. Teebo dodged the spears and found a stone axe to free the other children and he instructed them to run to the woods. Left behind under the heavy cage door, he was caught by Vulgarr who held him up and told the Ewoks that they would be carrying him home in two baskets.

The Grudakk attacked the Duloks from the forest, scooped on Vulgarr and freed Teebo, almost stepping over Warok and Chief Chirpa. The gentle giant was stopped by Logray who then explained his people that he was the guardian of the Father Tree. That evening, upon return home, Teebo revealed to the old shaman that he could see the flowing rivers of color and found out that he was not alone in his dream world.[4]

Other Adventures[]

On the eve of a Harvest Festival, instead of picking berries and chopping wood, Teebo and Wicket went for a hang-gliding adventure. A storm approached, they crashed and ended up hiding in a cave. Eventually, Princess Kneesaa helped them get back to the village using smoke signals. As a sign of gratitude, they promised to finish all of her remaining chores for the festival as well and she gave them a snack of bread with jam.[10]

Sometime later, at the annual midsummer festival, Teebo was announcing the archery contest.[11]

Village scout[]

Teebo and Wicket were appointed as scouts after both came out of age and they would regularly engage in various missions.

Rainbow bridge and Gantu, the ogre[]

Wicket and Teebo activate the rainbow bridge.

While escaping from the a thunderstorm that had caught the three friends picking sunberries, Kneesaa stepped on a poisonous nightshade, which put her life in danger. Chief Chirpa asked Logray if there was any chance of saving his daughter, and Logray mentioned the rainbow bridge. Teebo and Wicket then asked Logray what the rainbow bridge was and he informed them of the healing Sunnydew nectar on the other side of the Gorge of Fire. However, he forbid them to go there due to the danger of Gantu the Ogre, known for terrorizing and even eating Ewoks in the past, ultimately coming back to raid the village.

That night, the boys stole the bridge crystal, activated the bridge and, though Teebo was not enthusiastic about it, went to the other side of the gorge. Once on the other side, Teebo spotted a little almost-dead plant which would later play the crucial role in saving the princess. Wicket picked up the plant and put it in his pouch. Then, the boys encountered Zandor Rockers who led them to Gantu's cave, which was lit by the nectar they were seeking. Gantu discovered them and Wicket distracted him with the bridge crystal, then threw it to Teebo, whom Gantu caught, causing him to drop and break the crystal. Angry, the ogre vowed to eat the young Ewoks, but one of Zandor rockers jumped on his foot, after which he spilled the whole plate of nectar on his own head. Upon returning to the village thinking that their mission failed, Teebo and Wicket discovered a glowing flower in Wicket's pouch. It immediately brought the dying princess back to life.[12]

Space pirates' prisoner[]

Teebo and Wicket trained a baby bordok for Kneesaa's birthday, but they were unable to attend her party due to scouting duty, so Logray delivered it to her, using magic. While the villagers were busy with celebrating, the two young scouts encountered the Zorbian space pirates after the Ewok Gemwood tree, who discovered them as Teebo accidentally dropped a piece of fruit. Both were captured, but Teebo used his spear to free Wicket, telling him to leave him behind and. After a brief verbal confrontation with the pirates, he was staked out by their ship and gagged. As the party of Ewok warriors led by Chief Chirpa came to his rescue, he tried to warn them that it was a trap, but they all ended up trapped in a large net.

Meanwhile, injured Wicket and elderly Logray let the women and children, led by Kneesaa save the village and after they succeeded, the boys had only one request: a piece of Kneesaa's birthday honey-cake.[13]

Mission to harvest glider wood[]

At the next Harvest Ceremony, Chief Chirpa enlisted Teebo, Wicket and Kneesaa as guests of honor. They were told to fly "where the mountain and the forest meet" in order to harvest special, strong and light wood used for hang gliders. While flying, Teebo was pulling pranks on his friends by doing stunts, which eventually caused him to crash-land; after which he discovered that the wood had already been harvested by somebody else. The three were then surrounded by Quorks and while running to the nearby canyon, a devil beast grabbed Wicket. Teebo suggested to Kneesaa that they would better hide as they would not be able to help if they were captured as well.

Later on, as Wicket was being taken to solitary confinement, Teebo and Kneesaa created a diversion, but were captured themselves after Kneesaa's hood got hit by a spear. The Quorks then chained Kneesaa to a pole and threatened to have the Devil beast eat her unless the boys would build them a hand glider. Wicket then had an idea of building a glider that wouldn't fly and Teebo caused the Quorks to argue by telling them that only the smartest among them will be able to fly the glider. While the Quorks were arguing over who was the most intelligent among them, the boys grabbed the wood and flew away. The Quork king Marlox went after them, but the glider fell apart. Teebo then cut Kneesaa's ropes and she jumped aboard Wicket's glider.

As they were returning home, Teebo realized he was the one who had the wood and he asked Kneesaa what special honor that her father talked about was awaiting the one to carry the wood back to the village. He was not particularly delighted to find out that he was to perform hang glider stunts at the celebration.[14]

Escaping the Valley of Evil[]

On another occasion, Teebo and Wicket were returning from a particularly tiring scouting mission and decided to use a shortcut, leading through the Valley of Evil. They were almost immediately captured by Joddar and his lizard warriors, and escorted to a cave where they met Graak, whom they knew of from older Ewoks' stories, as he was expelled from the tribe long ago. An escape attempt failed.

The shaved Ewok in exile told the duo that they had to play his game in order to survive. Wicket and Teebo were then forced to run for their lives to the end of the valley without any weapons and followed by the lizards. Early in the run, Teebo almost fell of a cliff. The two friends then fought back by tossing burr balls at the lizard warriors, which bought them some time. As they were heading towards the swamp at the end of the valley, angered Graak sent Joddar to personally stop them, having seen that all the other warriors have failed. Joddar caught up with the young scouts after they narrowly escaped from an Endorian swamp beast and he would've ended being the giant serpent-like creature's pray, hadn't he been saved by the Ewoks.

Realizing that they saved his life, Joddar followed them to the sign marking the end of the valley and wished them luck, and then confronted Graak who, playing against the rules he set himself, tried to choke Teebo and smash Wicket with a rock. Graak eventually left his own tribe, not eager to understand the value of compassion and the Ewok scouts returned home safely.[15]

A brush with the laughing spell[]

Teebo and Mount Sorrow

During the honey melon harvest, Wicket and Kneesaa decided to have a bath at the lake, while Teebo declined and opted to finish his poem, Ode to a Fish. Once he happily proclaimed the poem was a masterpiece, he heard obnoxious laughter coming a loonee bird from behind the bush. Convinced that the bird was mocking him, he plucked its tail feather and stuck it in his hood, after which his mood changed to somewhat hyperactive. As his two friends were carrying his basket as additional load, Teebo brought them down as if they were bowling pins and skipped his way to the village; where he heavily damaged two huts - one belonging to a young married couple and the one to an older Ewok named Neddoo, used fire bellows to blast some flour and spilled honey. Initially, all the affected Ewoks were laughing as well, but then they ran to complain to Chief Chirpa, interrupting the meeting of the Council of Elders, solely to witness Teebo jump in and trash everything once again. Wicket managed to capture him and Logray arrived to the rescue. The shaman noticed the feather and destroyed it, and said that Teebo was cursed with the perilous laughing spell, which may remain with him forever.

Wicket and Kneesaa took a journey with Teebo, holding him on a leash, to the top of Mount Sorrow, to find supernatural being who was, according to a legend, capable of breaking the spell. The being turned out to be the mountain peak itself and it was not immune to the spell either. The young scout then insulted it, which caused it to turn on his friends and try to blow them away. Teebo saved them and concluded that he would rather remain under the spell forever than put Wicket and Kneesaa's life in danger again. He was immediately soaked with water from Mount Sorrow's tears and the being told him that it has never seen such a true young hero.[16]

Discovering the blue pearl[]

Caught unattended by a devil serpent while looking for pearl shells in a dangerous part of the Sunshine Lake, Teebo and Wicket woke up in an underground cavern. It turned out they were saved by a fishlike creature named Squik and his friends. The cavern was full of glowing yellow pearls and Teebo accepted one when Squik offered it to him. To his surprise, Squik cut the pearl like a loaf of bread and offered the Ewoks to eat it. The underwater creatures then showed their guests their most precious red pearl, which supplied the light for the yellow pearls to glow. They were quickly interrupted by Orcon, the tyrant with a trident, riding the devil serpent. The critters proceeded to give him a net full of their yellow pearls, which surprised the Ewoks, who decided to intervene. This enraged Orcon and he asked for all yellow pearls. Upon being denied his wish, he poked the devil serpent with his trident and the beast fired rays on the underlings. He stopped when he noticed the red pearl and decided to take it away with him, despite knowing that Squick and his friend will perish without it.

Wearing plants shaped as diving masks and riding water wallocks, the trio followed Orcon to his lair. The two young scouts tripped him and Squick caught the pearl. This prompted the tyrant to call the devil beast. As their plan to attack him from the back failed, Teebo and Wicket were steps away from death at the hands of the serpent, but Squick threw the red pearl to the monster in order to save their lives. Wicket grabbed Orcon's trident and turned the beast against him. On their way back to the cavern, Teebo spotted the same blue pearl he dropped when the serpent attacked the boat earlier that day and he brought it with him. The blue pearl appeared to be stronger than red and Teebo was offered a whole yellow pearl as a sign of gratitude, but he refused to take it, claiming that he had more pearls that he could stomach.[17]

Saving the shrunken princess[]

After princess Kneesaa was tricked into smelling the damsel flower, shrunken and kidnapped by the fleebogs, Wicket and Teebo offered to help rescue her. Logray used a spell to shrink them, which prompted Teebo to say that he did want to lose a few pounds, but that that was ridiculous. The boys were given a batch of growing powder and were then transported to the forest floor in a bucket. After having narrowly escaped a bunch of bugs, they were attacked by the ra-lugg. The beast caught Wicket. Teebo set his friend free, but the powder remained on the webbing. As the ra-lugg continued threatening the boys, the fleebogs crushed the ceiling from the forest floor and let some water into the tunnel.

The young Ewoks the other and ended up in a cavern where they reunited with Kneesaa, who prompted them not to attack the fleebogs, as they needed their help to defeat the ra-lugg. They did not respond to her plea and were only interrupted by the ra-lugg once again. This time, the beast took Teebo away to its lair to eat him. Urged by Kneesaa, they traced the ra-lugg to its lair and made up a plan on the go. While Wicket was distracting the aranchid, Kneesaa used some growing powder on it and the ra-lugg got big and ran away, scared of himself. Teebo was then set free and three friends used the rest of the powder to return to their regular size.[18]

Ruling the village for a day[]

When he and Logray had to be away for a day, honouring the spirit tree, Chief Chirpa decided to pull a name out of the hat and let the winner rule the village for a day. The result got him worried and he hesitated to announce it. Once he said it was Teebo, everybody laughed. Teebo himself, chasing a butterfly not far away, ran to see what he was called for and tripped on his butterfly net, causing the villagers to tease him even further, claiming that he would not be able to lead them out of a berry patch, with a map. This, however, did not change Chripa's decision, neither did the young Ewok's claim that he always saw himself as a great follower.

Once the tribe leaders left, Teebo asked Kneesaa what to do and she told him to make sure everything in the village runs smoothly, advising him to gain the villagers' confidence in order to show them who's in charge. He took the advice too literally and caused a lot of damage in the village, as he slapped Brador's bordok on its backside, getting the angry animal to run away, break through some laundry, crash a newlyweds' hut and break some pottery. The angry Ewoks ran after Teebo and he managed to ran away on his hang-glider, terrified, as Wicket and Kneesaa were trying to talk everybody else out of harming their friend. His glider was then attacked by an unknown probe droid and, as he crashed in some bushes, Teebo tried to remain still until the threat went away. Then he decided to warn the others about possible danger. Once he climbed back, he was surprised to see the village deserted and he initially assumed that everybody ran away due to him being a lousy leader. Just then, he spotted the probe droid again and got on another glider to follow it and he traced it to the Crystal Valley.

Hidden behind some rocks, Teebo saw his fellow villagers mine gems and take them into Zornak's spaceship, while wearing obedience stones around their necks. This angered him, but the probe droid approached again and he was spotted by Zornak's people, who then sent Wicket for him. While aware that his friend was not really meaning to hurt him, Teebo was unsure what to do other than tuck the stun gun, until his hood got stuck to a crummy branch. He then placed the hood over a bush and tricked Wicket into firing at the bush as he dropped a fruit on him from a tree. Once Wicket came to his consciousness, Teebo assured him that he was not angry and he got a risky idea. He placed the stone back around his friend's neck, effectively getting command of him. Once they were back in the spaceship, he was pretending to be betrayed and captured, until Wicket got close enough to Zornak. Teebo then commanded Wicket to place the obedience stone around the enemy's neck. Once Zornak was under his spell, Teebo commanded him to free all captured Ewoks and leave Endor.

Upon their return, Chief Chirpa and Logray were confused to see Teebo carried around by cheering villagers and Logray remarked that his companion would've been out of his job, had they been gone away for another day.[19]


Shaman's apprentice[]

"I don't know how you do it, Teebo, but I'm glad you can!"

In his teenage years, Teebo grew more mature and spiritual. As his little sister received a hood and transitioned from a wokling to an Ewok, he was determined to keep an eye on her and take care of her. He also rediscovered his strong powers with the forest creatures, the ability to speak their languages and summon them. At some point, he applied to be Logray's apprentice. Latara, a fellow teenage Ewok and friend of Kneesaa's, appeared to be romantically interested in him. His friendship with Wicket and Kneesaa remained strong and they were often joined by Paploo in their adventures. Teebo and Paploo would frequently, due to their opposing personalities and despite his mellow nature, Teebo was no stranger to occasionally being hostile to his friend.[20][21]

Saving the trees[]

Teebo and Baga

On a particularly hot summer day, as Baga was running away from Wicket and Kneesaa who were attempting to give him a bath, Teebo casually stopped him, hypnotized him and calmed him down. As the three friends were bathing the baby Bordok, Paploo swung by on a vine and invited them for a game of drop-the-sack. Teebo accepted and a reluctant Wicket agreed to join as well. The boys then went further away from the village and Teebo served as a target for his friends, teasing them regarding their apparent inability to hit him. Unfortunately, Paploo's mother Bozzie was then hit by a sack thrown by Wicket and covered in mud. Teebo tried to escape, but he was caught by Chief Chirpa, who them assigned the three rascals to a cleaning duty. As the three friends were doing the chore, the wisties' Queen Izrina, under Morag's spell, set a fire on Wicket's broom.

The young Ewoks were not believed when they said what had just happened and they were sent away to a remote location, to spend two days in a hut, not allowed to attend the Festival of Hoods. As they were about to go to bed, a fight almost ensued between Teebo and Paploo. Once ordered to sleep, the trio shared the same nightmare about giant, leafless trees coming out of the soil and attacking them and they woke up in a cold sweat. Teebo determined that it was not just a dream, as he could hear the trees calling from help and he ran to the window, only to see that the forest was burning. After the boys notified their guardians Weechee and Willy what was going on, Wicket splashed some water on the possessed Izrina, who fell into Teebo's hands. Once she came around, she told him about Morag's plan to burn down the Ewoks' Soul Trees. Weechee agreed that they should take action and they ran to the village.

The five witnesses to the forest fire interrupted the ceremony at the festival, just after Teebo's sister Malani was given an oversized hood. After some argument over whether the boys' claims were true, the tribe took action and initially tried to use catapults to spill Logray's magic foam over the fire, but a later plan conceived by queen Izrina and Wicket, involving the five young Ewoks dropping sacks of foam over the fire proved to be more effective.[20]

Returning the baby Phlog to its parents[]

Helping save Wicket's father's life[]

When Deej Warrick cut himself on Rokna tree fungus while fishing, Teebo observed the Warrick siblings' rush and decided to find out what was going on. He was informed by Logray that their father's life was in danger and he decided to help them out. He bumped into Wicket and Mring-Mring the Gupin, who had previously retrieved a star urchin from the Dandelion warriors and informed them that the other two had not yet returned to the village. Knowledgable about forest creatures, Teebo led them to the lantern bird nest and spoke to the bird, which lead to finding Willy among her eggs. The whole group then saved Weechee from certain death in the waterfalls, solely to be surrounded by the Frosch. At this time, Mring-Mring revealed his special powers to his new friends and asked them to imagine a giant bird, to which he transformed and led them out of danger and back to the village, where Logray then made a potion to revive Deej.[22]

Undercover with the Jindas[]

An expedition to the Tree of Light[]

As the Tree of Light was fading away and the forest moon of Endor was in danger of being taken over by the Night Spirit, Chief Chirpa and Logray sent an expedition of four young male Ewoks of sufficient age to restore the tree by sprinkling some Light Dust on its roots. Teebo was among the chosen, together with Weechee, Willy and Paploo. As they were leaving, Latara waved goodbye to him, not knowing that she and Kneesaa, as well as Wicket, would eventually follow the expedition.

Once the expedition discovered Wicket, initially assumed to be a monster, following them, Teebo promised to stick up for his friend if he faces the Elders upon return to the village. The two were largely bemused by the constant fight between Paploo and Weechee, which was resolved only when the girls ran into them at the Arbo Maze. The whole tribe was then captured by Duloks while crossing the Valley of Floating Trees, they were tied and had their paddles confiscated. Wicket and Kneesaa untied their ropes and jumped on one of the Dulok trees. As the rest of the group managed to free themselves, they used their blankets to sail towards the Mountain of Light and Teebo held the lantern from top of the tree, lighting the way. As they had no means to stop the tree, they crashed at the shore and he fell down on others.

After a short battle with the Duloks who nearly brought the tree down, Wicket managed to revive it and the Light Spirit won. The Ewok expedition returned to the village and everybody was awarded with a Silver Feather of Bravery. Teebo was proudly sporting his feather while standing next to Willy.[23]

Facing the Red Ghost[]

Enjoying a camping trip away from the village; Paploo, Teebo and Wicket ran into a group of Dulok hunters who were chasing a Maramu stag. The Duloks got the helpless animal cornered on an isolated cliff and threw a net on it. As the three friends were pondering what to do, an unnamed red-furred female Ewok scared the predators away. Teebo then approached the animal and set it free by chewing the net with his teeth, while comforting it. This, however, did not convince the stranger that he was not going to hurt the Maramu and she summoned a Korrina, prompting the boys to flee on their gliders.

Later at the village, as Paploo was telling a tall tale to the woklings, Teebo remarked that his friend was scared. The mysterious female Ewok turned out to be Kneesaa's long lost sister, Asha and she was eventually brought back to the village by the princess herself, aided by Wicket and Chukha-Trok.[24]

A clumsy mage and an (un)successful suitor[]

As he was going through adolescence, Teebo became clumsier and awkward, to the point where he barely passed his apprenticeship. He was, however, more open with his feelings for Latara and he attempted to flirt with her on every available occasion, with little to no success, as she was "playing hard to get".


Defeating the Griagh[]

Chirpa: "Teebo, please join me. For your bravery, I bestow upon you the rank of warrior and the sacred horn of the Soul Trees. Will you remain strong and loyal to your fellow Ewoks?"
Teebo: "I will, my chief"
―Chief Chirpa and Teebo[src]

Wicket and Teebo attack the Griagh in its lair.

While spending some time with his now-girlfriend Latara, Teebo saw Wicket get tricked by Duloks and captured by a condor dragon. He rushed to save his best friend, using his father's glider. After a couple of injuries induced by the axe, the beast fell down, bringing both young Ewoks with it, but they survived and Wicket was punished by the tribe for engaging with Duloks.

A couple of days later, Teebo and Latara ran into Kneesaa and Wicket, who were dragging a captured Dulok on a leash. The Dulok, whose name was Agluk, had a severed arm and had surrendered to the Ewoks. Teebo called them out on their actions, citing that Chief Chirpa would most likely punish them for it. He eventually joined them, prompted by his girlfriend, Kneesaa's authority over him and because they wanted to verify whether Agluk was telling the truth and whether the Dulok swamp had really been destroyed by "Skull Ones."

The Ewoks found out that Agluk was telling the truth and, despite Teebo not trusting him, they agreed to take a secret shortcut through a tunnel that was full of bones, in order to surprise the humans. However, Agluk had snatched a blaster and taken the Ewoks prisoners. After a short chase with Wicket, he woke the Griagh with his shooting and the beast immediately went for Ewoks. Teebo and Wicket attacked it, but soon discovered they were not a match for it. After Kneesaa found the way out of the cave, Teebo almost remained behind, but the beast apparently ate Agluk and let him escape, to the relief of his friends.

The quarter then saw Paploo and Logray captured by the Skull Ones and created a diversion from top of the hill, upon which Wicket freed the Duloks and Latara learnt how to use a blaster. As the Griagh escaped its lair and went for everybody present, she was hit on the shoulder and Teebo was stopped by the Griagh while trying to save her from it. She managed to reach her blaster again, and the beast then went for random Stormtroopers and Duloks. At the last moment, Logray and Kneesaa climbed a cliff and tossed the Sunstar into the beast's mouth. The wistie Zrani accelerated it and both her life and the legendary gem were sacrificed to destroy the Griagh.

That evening, in a ceremony that also presented an eternal frame burning in the honor of Zrani, Teebo was bestowed upon the rank of warrior and presented with the Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees, promising to remain strong and loyal to the tribe.[7]

Capturing and freeing the Rebels[]

"Hey! Point that thing someplace else!"
―Han Solo[src]

Teebo's search party caught Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca in a trap likely intended for an animal. Likely fearing the newcomers and not understanding their language, he could not stop poking Solo even after being warned not to and the rebel general and young Jedi were close to either gunning him down or using the Wookiee's crossbow to scare him. Then C-3PO emerged from the leaf bed and the Ewoks promptly started chanting and bowing to him, assuming he was a deity.[9]

Back at the Bright Tree Village, Teebo had a heated argument with Paploo over what should be done with the Rebels, and they had opposing points of view. After Logray ignored both of them and ordered for the men and R2-D2 to be cooked alive as the main course for a banquet in the "Golden One"'s honor despite the latter objecting to it as well as Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker used The Force to lift the droid in his "throne" and spin him around.

Seeing this, Teebo promptly used his axe to free R2-D2 from his bonds, and the droid tumbled down. Upon being helped up, he chased Teebo and zapped his backside twice.[9] Later on, as the Council of Elders was deciding whether to help the Rebels or not, he seemed alive and well, trying to reconcile with R2-D2, but upon being warned by a couple of beeps, opting to jump on Chewbacca instead.[8]

Battle of Endor[]

After the Ewoks decided they would help the Rebels, Teebo told C-3PO that he, along with Wicket and Paploo, would show the Rebels where the Endor shield generator bunker was. Upon arriving there, he exchanged a couple of words with Paploo, who then stole one of the Imperial Speeders, as a distraction.[8]

Teebo wielding a spear during the Battle of Endor

Later, seeing their new friends captured, the Ewoks teamed up with C-3PO and R2-D2. The droids then distracted the guards who went after them and were initially thrown stones at by a group of fifteen Ewoks. Teebo, who was sitting in a tree, then sounded three long blasts from his Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees, which was a signal for hundreds of other Ewoks to attack, thus starting the ground assault.[8][25] After some of the troops were taken down using catapults and balanced wood trunks, Teebo led the next phase of the assault, where the Ewoks were flying skin-gliders, dropping rocks on the stormtroopers, or dive-bombing with spears. He was hit in the wing by a laser and almost crushed by a walker, but Wicket swooped down to save him. After this, they were both hit by a speeder bike and out of the battle for a while.[8]

Recovered, the two childhood friends clinged onto Chewbacca's back as he took their example and used a swinging vine to jump on a Tempest Scout 2, one of the AT-ST walkers. The Wookiee then dashed the first Stormtrooper who got out to see what hit his vehicle to the ground, while Teebo and Wicket immediately dove into the hatch and subdued the other trooper. They tried to drive the walker, almost causing Chewbacca to fall off its top, but they managed to hit another walker before he came inside to take control over the vehicle. The hijacked walker then destroyed all the remaining ones, paving its way back to the bunker; where Han had managed to hotwire the controls and a wounded Leia took a couple more Imperial soldiers down.[8]

After the battle[]

As the celebration went on in Bright Tree Village, Teebo played drums alongside Leektar, who was involved with other percussion instruments and another Ewok, who played on Stormtrooper's helmets,[9] and eventually he reconciled with R2-D2.[8]

Personality and traits[]

"Teebo emerged from the large structure. He was slightly bigger than most of the others, and undeniably fiercer. His fur was a pattern of light and dark gray stripes. Instead of the usual leathery hood, he wore a horned animal half-skull atop his head, which he'd further adorned with feathers. He carried a stone hatchet, and even for someone as small as an Ewok, he walked with a definite swagger."
―Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (novel)[src]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art that likely became Teebo.

Appearance changes[]

"[Teebo] got a little big goofier-looking, more in keeping with his personality, more awkward in his stance."
Ewoks associate producer and story editor Paul Dini describes changes to Teebo's character design in the second season of Star Wars: Ewoks[src]

Teebo's personality and appearance varied greatly throughout all of the material he appears in; compared to most of the other prominent Ewoks - and they often depend one on the other.

In Return of the Jedi, Teebo appears to be taller than the other featured Ewoks (second only to then-deceased Chukha-Trok overall), has gray and black striped fur.

Throughout the first couple of young reader books released between the film and the cartoon series, Teebo is shown wearing standard Ewok hoods of various colors (orange, green) and with plain gray fur. The Adventures of Teebo indicates that he has green eyes and brown fur and his dreamer and poet persona is established, as well as his affinity to magic and apprenticeship and friendship with Logray.

In the first season of the Ewoks animated series, Teebo is portrayed with light green eyes and brown and beige tuxedo patterned fur. He is nearly of the same height as other young Ewoks (though indicated to be older than his best friend, Wicket). He is wearing a satchel and a baggy hat with a pink feather in it, rather than a typical Ewok hood. Personality-wise, he was a somewhat more mature sidekick to Wicket. He is often shown summoning animals, either with Logray on his own, talking to both them and the plants alike. In the very first episode of the cartoon series, he is also seen hypnotizing Baga.

In the second season, Teebo has changed drastically once again - the hood was now colored violet, the brown fur became beige. His behavior changed, he became infatuated with Latara and his magic would often go wrong. His satchel, which served no major purpose in the first season, now contained magic potions and dust.

In the Ewoks comics and books released after the character design for the animated series was final, Teebo looks same as in the first season of the cartoon, his personality being somewhat of a mix between both of the cartoon incarnations. He is not shown doing any magic in the comics, but his love for poetry remains.

In his most recent appearance, in Shadows of Endor, Teebo is a mix of all of his previous incarnations - bigger than all of his fellow adolescent Ewok friends (including Paploo who once made him fall from a single pat on the back in the cartoon series), sporting gray and black stripped fur and the Gurreck skull headdress; yet in a relationship with Latara and writing romantic poetry.

Et cetera[]

In the Ewoks animated series, Teebo was voiced by Eric Peterson in the first season and James Cranna in the second. He was portrayed by Jack Purvis in Return of the Jedi; Purvis played a different role in each film of the original trilogy.

The most recent action figure of Teebo was included in a 2012 Hasbro Toys "R" Us exclusive Ewok pack. It contains both the headdress seen in the scenes at the Ewok village and upon encountering the captured Rebels, as well as the combination of the headdress and a hood used for promotional photographs and in the battle itself, as well as a couple of props - drum sticks, machete in a holder, a spear and an axe.[26]

He was also released as a Bearbrick, Mighty Mugg and a PVC toy.

In the game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Teebo is one of the unlockable bitizens in the Galactic Registry Series 1 and he could only be acquired as a common reward from a salvage droid sent to Endor. The last official update to the game changed him into a randomly generated human character.


Teebo playing a drum.

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