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*''[[Star Wars: Republic 41: The Devaronian Version, Part 2]]'' {{Co}} {{Nc}}
*''[[Star Wars: Republic 41: The Devaronian Version, Part 2]]'' {{Co}} {{Nc}}
*''[[Star Wars: Tiny Death Star]]'' {{Nc}}
*''[[Three Cheers for Kneesaa!: An Ewok Adventure]]''
*''[[Three Cheers for Kneesaa!: An Ewok Adventure]]''
*''[[Chief Chirpa Kidnapped!]]''
*''[[Chief Chirpa Kidnapped!]]''

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"I've never seen anyone more worthy of my tears! You are a true hero, young Teebo."
―Mount Sorrow[src]

Teebo was the star pupil of the Ewok Logray, though he did not succeed him as an Ewok medicine man, as Paploo was the successor chosen by Chief Chirpa. His sound judgment had led to his position as a leader within his tribe. Teebo was also a close friend of Wicket Wystri Warrick. He was son of Batcheela and Warok and the brother of Malani.

Teebo wore the skull of a gurreck[1], decorated with churi feathers, on his head[3] and carried both a hunting knife and authority stick.[1] He was considered a watcher of the stars and a poet.[3]


Ewoks SWSB

Teebo (right)

Teebo and Wicket shared many adventures growing up, along with their friend Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka. Teebo is also the lover of Latara. Wicket and Teebo once went on a dangerous mission and crossed the Rainbow Bridge to save Kneesaa's life. They also trained a bordok for her as a birthday present.

Once, when Teebo began dabbling in poetry, he plucked a tail feather from a loonee bird and was cursed with the perilous laughing spell. This led the three Ewoks on a journey to the top of Mount Sorrow.

Later, in order to rescue the shrunken Princess Kneesaa, Teebo himself was reduced to the size of an insect. In the Fleebog tunnels, he helped to defeat the ra-lugg.

On the eve of Morag's final attack on their village, Teebo approached the shaman Logray and asked to become his apprentice. Logray approved, and Teebo began learning the ways of Ewok magic.

He eventually discovered that Kneesaa, alongside Wicket, had apparently teamed up with the Duloks, causing him to call them out and cite that Chief Chirpa will most likely skin them for it. However, he reluctantly agreed to accompany them, both because Kneesaa still has authority over him due to being a princess, and because they explained that they needed to verify whether Agluk's village had in fact been destroyed by Skull-heads and the Griagh had been unleashed.[4]

Teebo acted aggressively toward Han Solo when his team arrived on Endor to destroy a shield generator. After being freed from his bonds, R2-D2 promptly zapped Teebo's backside.

Teebo later assisted Wicket and the others in helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor.

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Behind the scenes

Teebo iswu

Concept art that likely became Teebo.

"[Teebo] got a little big goofier-looking, more in keeping with his personality, more awkward in his stance."
Ewoks associate producer and story editor Paul Dini describes changes to Teebo's character design in the second season of Star Wars: Ewoks[src]

It is quite probable that Teebo was Force-sensitive, as his master probably was too.

In Return of the Jedi, Teebo has gray striped fur, wears a skull and handles an axe in combat. In the cartoons, Teebo has brown fur and looks much younger.

Teebo was played by Jack Purvis in Return of the Jedi.

In the Star Wars: Ewoks animated series, Teebo was voiced by Eric Peterson in the first season and James Cranna in the second.

It seems that Nelvana, when producing Star Wars: Ewoks, may have received misinterpreted biographies, or had names switched for Teebo and Paploo, as the two characters apparently have each other's personalities and physical appearances from Return of the Jedi. If true, this is understandable as the show was created in the early days of Return of the Jedi's characters' backstory writing.

In 2012, an action figure of Teebo was made. It was included in a Hasbro Toys "R" Us exclusive Ewok pack.[5]


Teebo drum btm

Teebo playing a drum.


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