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"Hello stranger. I have never seen you here before. I am Teemto, one of Mos Espa's most famous racers."
―Teemto Pagalies, to Qui-Gon Jinn[3]

Teemto Pagalies was a Veknoid male Podracer pilot who competed in the Boonta Eve Classic race in 32 BBY.


"It was fast."
"That's all? Just fast?"
"Real fast."
―Teemto Pagalies and Leia Organa discussing Pagalies's podracing days[4]

Considered handsome by Veknoid standards, Teemto Pagalies was exiled from his home planet after unwittingly attracting the attention of a beautiful Veknoid princess and resisting her attempts at matrimony. Subsequently, he became a fringer, desperately trying to find work in the Outer Rim Territories, but he could find solace nowhere. As a last resort (some might say as a suicide attempt) Pagalies tried Podracing, and he finally found his talent. He used an IPG-X1131 Longtail.

When he came to Tatooine, he became infatuated with the Twi'lek Ann Gella, a masseuse of Sebulba, but he could not get her to notice him. He also managed to buy a slave Rodian mechanic from Mars Guo called Pax Bonkik.[5]

Teemto Pagalies also attended Boles Roor's glimmik concert prior to the race, in which he found out that Mars Guo was hitting on Ann Gella, offering to take her away from the planet if he won the race. Frustrated, Pagalies told Sebulba about the affair and the notorious Dug took Guo out during the race in retaliation.[6]

Teemto Pagalies during the Boonta Eve Classic.

"I can drink five times as much as any being three times my height."
―Teemto Pagalies[3]

In the 7-Gee Lounge before the race, Pagalies, a notorious drunkard, had more than a few Juri juices. A professional hit man named Jym Lang had been hired by Jabba Desilijic Tiure to capture the unsuspecting, half-drunken Veknoid to be fed to the sarlacc. However, his life was saved by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, who purposely gave Lang the wrong coordinates of Teemto just moments before the bounty hunter had plotted to carry out the deed.[3]

Pagalies considered Anakin a "good kid", and wished him well in the race. Despite his drunkenness, he kept close track of everyone involved in podracing, including Watto.

Of the pilots who entered the Boonta Eve Classic, Pagalies' Podracer boasted the longest engines, and he was confident that between this and the internal stabilizer ring built into his Pod, Pagalies' Podracer was technologically superior and could not help but win.[7]

Unfortunately, his lofty theories were proved incorrect by a well-placed potshot from the Tusken Raider Orr Agg R'orr in the Canyon Dune Turn, destroying his engines and sending his Pod whirling into the air.[8] Pagalies sustained some injuries from the incident, including having his ears melted off, but recovered fairly quickly and soon returned to the races.

In response to Pagalies' accident, his family put a bounty on Orr Agg R'orr; 3,000 credits for the Tusken's death. This reward was claimed a few months later by the bounty hunter Jango Fett.[9]

Soon afterwards, Pagalies was racing in the Vinta Harvest Classic, apparently with healed ears (or prosthetics). He made the mistake of taunting Sebulba in the starting blocks, and Sebulba reacted by injuring Pagalies's lower back before the race. Pagalies nevertheless finished this new race alive.[10] He was later seen celebrating in the Seko Cantina, in Ryloth[11]

Teemto Pagalies in the Seko Cantina on Ryloth.

He came to be known for trying daring stunts and became a great crowd pleaser. In one such stunt, Pagalies lost one of his eyes in the resulting crash. Though he jumped around Podracing planets for a while, he eventually settled on the spice-mining world of Mon Gazza, where the long, open tracks were perfect for the feats he was able to coax out of his Podracer.

Some time later, Pagalies won the Aleen Classic and planned to use the prize money to buy Ann Gella's freedom from Sebulba. But since he knew that his mechanic's brother, Trax Bonkik, was also owned by Sebulba, he used the money instead to buy Trax's freedom in the last moment; therefore reuniting the brothers.[5]

In 8 ABY, Pagalies was working in the old Mos Espa Grand Arena (now a swoop arena) for Ulda, alongside his previous competitor Ody Mandrell. By this point he had also lost an arm. It was at the Arena that Pagalies was questioned by Leia Organa Solo about the truth behind her father's victory at the Boonta Eve Classic so many years previously.[4]

He was still alive in 11 ABY, when he sent Leia Organa Solo a copy of a video of Anakin Skywalker's win in the aforementioned race.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

«Follow too close and you'll get cooked.»
―Teemto Pagalies was voiced by Michael Sorich[13]

Teemto Pagalies was created for the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, but first appeared in the film's novelization by Terry Brooks. Conceptual art for the character, including bone structure, was created by concept artist Terryl Whitlatch. The character's surname is mispelled 'Pugales' in Todd Strasser's 1999 Scholastic book, Star Wars Episode I Journal: Anakin Skywalker.


Pagalies with Digit droids.


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