"The Teezl could have increased Imperial communications a thousand-fold. I do not take its destruction lightly."
Darth Vader[src]

A teezl, also referred to as a screamer, was a non-sentient, bluish, luminous, swirling creature that could be used as a natural hyperspace communications amplifier.


Teezls were thought to be extinct, but the Galactic Empire found one shortly after the Battle of Hoth, and a large armada led by Admiral Mils Giel was assigned to protect it on its journey from the Valtha Divide to Coruscant in the modified Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser Helmsman. The Alliance to Restore the Republic found out about the teezl in the Empire's possession, and formulated a plan to destroy it.

After the Imperial fleet was infiltrated by members of Rogue Squadron, the teezl was destroyed.


These luminous masses were capable of taking in electronically supplied input and broadcast it to any receptor in the galaxy. This potentially meant that, once installed in a location, the teezl would allow virtually instantaneous communication between far flung colonies in a galaxy. The creature itself was, however, not intelligent or sentient though it was still a living being. It was obedient to its masters and commenced any orders it received.

The teezl also possessed the ability to create psychic shrieks that was capable of creating a powerful static that blocked all communication channels except for those wavelengths that the screamer was ordered not to interrupt making it a potent jamming tool.

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Curtis Saxton has speculated on his Star Wars Technical Commentaries website that the teezl may somehow be connected to the Yuuzhan Vong.



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