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"Tehar. Never heard of it. Must be out to the Unknown Regions."
―Ello Asty, to Kazuda Xiono[src]

Tehar was a planet[2] with a human population. Upon hearing of it, the Resistance pilot Ello Asty assumed it was located in the Unknown Regions.[1] There was at least one village located on it, which had a temple to the Force as a centerpiece.[3]

In 34 ABY,[source?] First Order forces led by Kylo Ren attacked the village, with only two children, siblings Eila and Kel, surviving. After the children escaped to the Colossus, the First Order hunted them down in an attempt to cover up the atrocity. The children faked their deaths, leading the First Order to believe that all traces of Tehar would be forgotten. However, the incident was reported to the Resistance by the spy Kazuda Xiono.[1]

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Tehar was first mentioned in the Star Wars Resistance episode "The Children from Tehar,"[1] which was released on November 4, 2018.[4]

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