Tehk'la blades,[2] also known as Tehk'lka blades[3] were handheld melee weapons used throughout Nagai society.



A Nagai preparing to throw a tehk'la blade

Tehk'la blades were similar in design to vibrodaggers and featured both a serrated edge and vibration generators to aggravate damage when withdrawn from a wound.[1] Additionally, the blade was well balanced, capable of being used with the off hand by those who were capable of using two weapons simultaneously. The balanced blade also made it a useful throwing knife. These weapons were not simply used to battle opponents but to cripple them upon victory.

Tehk'la blades were individually crafted for the owner of the weapon, and often they were crafted by the owner himself.[1] During the period of the Mandalorian Wars, many were made with cortosis weave as was common with vibroblades in the Old Republic.[4] Some Twi'lek assassins used them for weapons.


Nagai brothers Vor Essen and Kor Essen knew how to make Tehk'la blades. When they were captured by Chevin slaver Phylus Mon around 20 BBY, they would try to bribe any would-be rescuers for help to escape by crafting them specially-made Tehk'la blades.[5]

Nagai military leader Ozrei N'takkilomandrife was a proficient user of the Tehk'la blade. Wookiees that he befriended on Kashyyyk were unable to pronounce his name, so they took to calling him "Knife" in Shyriiwook for his skills with his Tehk'la blade.



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