This article is about the Force power. You may be looking for the Ee mental power of teleportation.

Teleportation was a rare Force ability that enabled the user to move from one place to another almost instantaneously. Darth Jadus has shown his skills with this ability, as well as the entity Abeloth.[1] Darth Phobos may have also possessed this ability.[2] Some of Palpatine's Force Adepts who guarded his museum and vaults also possessed this power. Darth Plagueis briefly alluded to this ability as he talked of Sith who could move themselves instantaneously through time and space. The Dathomirian Nightsisters clan leader, Mother Talzin was proficient with this power. She appeared or disappeared in the form of green mist. Dread Master Tyrans was able to use this Force ability himself between falling floor tiles instantaneously, when fighting a raid from both the Republic and the Sith Empire in the Dread Palace. Dread Master Raptus also showed talent in this ability teleporting others to the far side of his chambers, away from himself.[3]

Vitiate was an avid practitioner of this ability, capable of teleporting anywhere in his immediate vicinity. Darth Nihilus had also mastered this ability.

It was not the most uncommon of rare Force powers, seeing common use among Jedi who favored the power of the Force over lightsaber skills. It also consumed a bit more energy than some powers and took a bit more time to master. Most beings new to the skill could likely move no more than four feet away, while a master of this skill could likely move anywhere they could clearly see.[source?]


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