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"Telerath is what the galaxy forgot it wanted in a bank!"
―Planetary slogan[src]

Telerath was an Inner Rim banking world, the home of the Telerath Interstellar Banking Initiative. It was created as an experiment in face-to-face customer service by an interstellar bank. Customers were guaranteed to meet with living bank representatives, did not need to make scheduled appointments, and were offered a fantastic variety of comforting recreational activities and accommodations.


"They say few places are finer than Telerath. Feel that warm, tropical air. Look at that glorious sunlight."
Beyghor Sahdett[src]

Telerath was a bank and a vacation resort where every night was like a festival. Security was only present to protect the money, not the people. They thought that visible guards would break the ambiance.


"Telerath is an experiment by an interstellar bank in face-to-face customer service. We offer all the financial services of an Aargau—without the cold and impersonal touch you find at many banks closer to the core."


In 3963 BBY, it was visited by Zayne Carrick and the crew of The Last Resort in an attempt to access one of Marn Hierogryph's many accounts. Due to the Padawan Massacre of Taris, one of them was frozen and because Gryph was a wanted criminal, he had two Arkanian Offshoots Jarael and Camper, as "Chantique" and "Baron Hyro Margryph" respectively to unfreeze the account to say it was a name misconception. The ploy was successful and the account was unfrozen. However, the Moomo Brothers kidnapped their banker, Arvan Carrick, misinterpreting their employer's order to simply watch him. The Arkanians were able to avoid a panic by saying Arvan's wife is having a baby. Because the banker was going to be missed the next day, the Moomos' employer ordered them to head to orbit. Luckily, Arvan was saved by Zayne before that could happen. When the Courageous was destroyed over Serroco, Telerath was in a panic.

After the Mandalorian Wars, Telerath became forgotten. During the Clone Wars and after, Telerath was rediscovered, and some attempted to turn the planet into a vacation destination. As Telerath was populated again, an archipelago-town called Noua was founded. Despite Telerath's inhabitants being known primarily as bankers and vacationers, much of the indigenous population lived in fear of, or became part of, two rival gangs that ruled the planet. These two groups were known locally as simply the Spicers and the Slavers, both named after that which they trafficked in most. Though the gangs strictly followed and enforced the Sword law, a law stating that all disputes had to be settled with swords, not blasters, a simmering hatred of one another was always ready to boil over. After the arrival of fugitive Jedi, Dass Jennir, open warfare erupted between the two gangs, with the T'surr-run Spicers coming out ahead. As chaos and violence wracked the city of Noua, Jennir attacked the assembled Spicer gang alone, intent on stopping their criminal rule. Jennir annihilated the Spicers and departed the planet a short time later. After that the inhabitants of Telerath founded a Militia to make sure that they wouldn't be subjugated by criminals again,

Behind the scenes[]

According to John Jackson Miller, the name may have come from the words "teller wrath."[7]



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