Dooku attempting to use a television set that has a non-operational display, with Grievous acting as an antenna

A television was a piece of technology. The swiveling of the sensory apparatus on the head of Greedo the Rodian was reminiscent of satellite antennas scanning for television channels.[1]

Television sets allowed an individual to view different events, either live or prerecorded. It functioned much like a holoprojector; however, the television had a much higher picture quality, though the picture was a two-dimensional image. It shared many qualities with a viewscreen as well—in fact, the two were almost indistinguishable, except for the size of the television set. The television set was often accompanied by an antenna, which clarified picture quality.[source?]

Count Dooku used one of these large televisions to view the battle over Kashyyyk. However, the set would not operate correctly, so he called in General Grievous to act as an antenna, which improved the picture.[source?]


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