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The Telosian Civil War began in 53 BBY[1] as a result of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn revealing to the populace of Telos IV the plan of then-Governor Crion to invade a neighboring planet, Toprawa. Crion had called for the re-evaluation of a treaty that was automatically extended with the neighbor every ten years, and the Jedi Order had been called in to oversee the negotiations. The negotiations were in fact a ruse for a plan of invasion. Crion believed that the neighboring planet's minerals and factories would serve to greatly increase Telos' power and influence.[2]

Crion's son Xanatos, the Padawan of Jinn, had also been present at the negotiations and at the request of his father, had secretly sabotaged the first meeting to strain relations between the two planets. After Jinn revealed the plot, the populace of Telos rose up against Crion. At the urging of his son, Crion and Xanatos raised an army and proceeded to slaughter the Telosians. The civil war ended in the death of Crion at Jinn's hands. Xanatos, unable to forgive his master, subsequently turned to the dark side and left the Jedi Order.[2]



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