The Telosian Military base was a former military base that was discovered in the Restoration Zone by Czerka Corporation who were interested in it because it potentially contained expensive military hardware. The first salvage team sent in accidentally set off the internal defenses, after being discovered by HK-50 droids, which consisted of blaster and ion turrets, assault droids, gas traps, mines and a lone tank droid, although the droid itself was uncharged and immobile. With the entire salvage team killed, save one, the Czerka mercenaries sealed the military base and planted mines at its entrance. Soon after Meetra Surik, reunited with an old comrade, came to the restoration zone looking for a way to locate her stolen ship. After fighting through waves of hostile mercenaries and their minefield, patrol droids and defensive turrets, and with Bao-Dur's help, they located the Ebon Hawk using a console located just outside. After defeating the mercenaries the Exile was again forced to fight through the military base in order to take a shuttle from inside as it was the only way to escape from the restoration zone.

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