This article is about CSF Captain Jaller Obrim's wife. You may be looking for the Inner Rim moon, Telti.
"Jaller's still stuck at HQ. Haven't seen him for two days, but that's normal for Jaller."
―Telti Obrim discusses her husband, CSF Captain Jaller Obrim[src]

Telti Obrim was a female Human and the wife of Coruscant Security Force Captain Jaller Obrim, the head of the Anti-Terrorism Unit. They lived with their two two teenage sons in the Rampart Town section of Coruscant. Telti had grown used to the demands of Obrim's work as a police officer and took many aspects of his life in stride and was described as a pleasant woman. During Fi Skirata's rescue from being euthanized at the Republic Central Medcenter, she did not object when her husband brought Skirata to their home to stay indefinitely.


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