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The Teltiors were a tall humanoid race. They were closely related to the Meris, who also hailed from the planet Merisee in the Meris system. The Teltiors had pale-blue to dark-blue or black skin. They had a prominent vestigial tail and three-fingered hands, whose joints were highly-flexible, and lent to great manual dexterity. Male Teltiors traditionally wore their hair in long ponytails down the back, while females tended to shave their head for convenience.

The Teltiors had shown a greater willingness to spread from their homeworld than the Meris, and many had found great success as traders, merchants, farmers, and medics. Less publicized was their tendency to make good con men and pickpockets.

Some Teltiors were associated with the Cult of Those Who Redeem, though others were part of the Loag cult of assassins.

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