"It all boils down to one simple question, King Lee-Char. A question that only you, as leader of this planet, have the power to answer. Does Mon Cala wish to remain a part of the great Galactic Empire?"
―Ambassador Telvar, during negotiations with King Lee-Char[src]

Telvar was a human male who represented the Galactic Empire as ambassador to Mon Cala during the early years of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's reign as part of the Diplomatic Service. After fruitless negotiations with King of Mon Cala Lee-Char in 18 BBY, Telvar boarded a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle which subsequently exploded after takeoff from Dac City, leaving no survivors.

Following the death of Telvar, the Empire launched an attack on Mon Cala, with one instance culminating in the Battle of Dac City. During the battle, King Lee-Char contacted Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, overall commander of the military operations on Mon Cala, to end hostilities, as they were not responsible for the death of Telvar. However, near the end of the war on Mon Cala, Lee-Char's Jedi advisor revealed to Vader that he had killed Telvar as they fought in the Royal Command Bunker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Precarious negotiations[edit | edit source]

"I will take my leave, your majesty. I look forward to resuming these discussions soon. I will say again—we are on the same side. Let us hope it always remains so."
―Ambassador Telvar retires from trade negotiations with King Lee-Char[src]

Telvar, negotiating with King Lee-Char in Dac City

Telvar was a human male who, during the early reign of the Galactic Empire, served[1] in the Diplomatic Service[2] as an Imperial ambassador to the Outer Rim world of Mon Cala. During his tenure as ambassador in 18 BBY, the King of Mon Cala, Lee-Char, undertook a new secret advisor, and Lee-Char became involved in precarious economic discussions with Telvar in Dac City to rearrange their trade proposal. During one of these negotiations, Telvar informed Lee-Char that the entire situation boiled down to whether or not Mon Cala wished to remain as part of the Empire. Lee-Char objected, pointing out that the trade proposal would allow the Empire to take Mon Cala's resources away until they were in poverty. Telvar insisted that the trade proposal allowed the Empire to protect Mon Cala, but was rebutted by Lee-Char by expressing that there were no enemies of the Empire and that the galaxy was at peace.[1]

After the exchange, Telvar informed Lee-Char that he respected his position and that he would brief Lee-Char's concerns to his superiors, and in the meantime it could be considered that there could be an annual cap on kelpite strand beam shipments to the Empire, but continued by saying that Lee-Char's inflexibility would do no good, and stated that they were all on the same side. The Mon Calamari Raddus countered, stating that the battleship in orbit showed otherwise, though Lee-Char quickly suppressed Raddus' outburst. After the heated exchange, Telvar stated that he would take his leave, and that he looked forward to resuming discussions, insisting that they were on the same side and hoped that it would remain so. Telvar soon contacted the Sovereign to inform them that he would be returning to the vessel shortly, and that his negotiations were "unproductive, but on-going."[1]

Fruitless deliberations[edit | edit source]

"Sir, our sensors have detected the explosion of Ambassador Telvar's shuttle shortly after takeoff. It appears to be a total loss. No survivors."
―A lieutenant informs Governor Wilhuff Tarkin of the explosion[src]

Ambassador Telvar's shuttle explodes, killing him.

As Telvar returned to his Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, Lee-Char and Raddus observed, and conversed, stating that negotiations did not go well. Raddus continued, describing Telvar as a "pompous dryskin fool," communicating that he held all the cards, and exclaimed that Mon Cala should secede from the Empire, expressing that they receive no benefits from the Empire while it sought to take everything from Mon Cala. Lee-Char countered as they observed Telvar reaching the landing platform with his trooper escort, saying that he didn't believe that they were at the point of secession. As Raddus continued, they observed a black Zeta-class shuttle landing on another nearby landing platform. As the Inquisitorius, Darth Vader, and a group of elite Purge Troopers were greeted by Lee-Char's Chief of Security Gial Ackbar, Telvar boarded his shuttle. As Vader stated that they were hunting an enemy of the Empire and Ackbar responded by saying that there were no such enemies on Mon Cala and that the king was in peaceful trade negotiations, Telvar's shuttle departed but violently exploded midflight. As the shuttle fell into the ocean, Vader told Ackbar that he was mistaken.[1]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

"I promise you, we had nothing to do with the death of Ambassador Telvar. We were negotiating with him in good faith. His death would serve no purpose to us!"
―King Lee-Char, to Governor Tarkin[src]

The Battle of Dac City erupts after the failure of Telvar's negotiations and subsequent death.

In orbit aboard the Sovereign, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin was informed by a lieutenant that sensors detected the explosion of Telvar's shuttle shortly after takeoff, resulting in a total loss and leaving no survivors. Tarkin asked whether it was an attack, a sabotage, or a malfunction. The lieutenant stated that the cause was unclear, and they were still in the process of gathering data. Tarkin ordered the lieutenant to inform Major Rantu to deploy landing craft on his authorization, and that Colonel Bergon and Commander Jordo were to commence their phases of the operation. Tarkin finished by stating that he hoped that there was another solution, but the Mon Calamari had foolishly chosen war.[1]

Soon after, the Battle of Dac City erupted as Imperial forces were being deployed. All Terrain Armored Transports and All Terrain Defense Pods were engaged in the battle, and Imperial Troop Transports carried by Low Altitude Assault Transport carriers were being deployed as TIE fighters swarmed above the city. Vader, the Inquisitors, and their elite troopers secured their landing platform, and moved to the palace to locate King Lee-Char in order to find the king's Jedi advisor.[3]

During the battle, Lee-Char contacted Tarkin in orbit in an effort to withdraw Imperial forces from Mon Cala, claiming that the attack by Imperial forces was unwarranted. Tarkin countered by stating that an Imperial envoy was assassinated, and that either he was killed by orders from Lee-Char or the population was not in control, which would merit a military response. Lee-Char rebutted, exclaiming that Mon Cala was not involved with the death of Telvar and that his death would not serve a purpose. Tarkin stated that if Lee-Char were correct, then he should order his forces to stand down and allow an Imperial investigation to look into the matter. Lee-Char reiterated, stating that they were not investigating, rather invading, and that continued attacks would be met with an aggressive response. When Tarkin asked if it was a threat, Lee-Char stated that it was rather a warning.[3]

During the invasion Lee-Char took refuge in the Royal Command Bunker as the war escalated. Vader soon arrived at the bunker and dispatched its five guards before disarming Lee-Char. Vader then took Lee-Char to a window, where they watched as Tarkin began bombarding the northern hemisphere of Mon Cala. Lee-Char's Jedi advisor, Ferren Barr, arrived at the bunker and confronted Vader. During the duel, Barr revealed he was the one who assassinated Ambassador Telvar, igniting the war on Mon Cala. Upon hearing the revelation, Lee-Char quickly ordered a planet-wide ceasefire and contacted Tarkin, informing him that he was deceived and was ready to surrender. Tarkin accepted, but continued the planetary bombardment for some time until Lee-Char was arrested and Barr was killed.[4]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Telvar was a human male with light skin, brown hair, including a mustache, and blue eyes. In the face of being involved in failing negotiations, Telvar acknowledged when it was time to leave and resume conversations at a later time, as well as hoping that Mon Cala remained part of the Galactic Empire. During the negotiations, Telvar also acknowledged and respected the position of King Lee-Char, and was willing to pass on Lee-Char's concerns to his superiors. Telvar also sought middle ground, bringing the notion of considering an annual cap on kelpite shipments to the Empire, while also recognizing that Lee-Char's inflexibility was an impediment to progress.[1]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

As an ambassador, Telvar was skilled in negotiating and conducting diplomatic conversations with others. Despite the rebuttals of King Lee-Char and Raddus, Telvar remained steadfast on finding a peaceful solution, and in spite of soured and unproductive negotiations, insisted that they were ongoing.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Telvar with his Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and stormtrooper escort

Ambassador Telvar was equipped with a green Imperial uniform and a white cape. His uniform had two golden chains linked to Imperial crests pinned to the front of his uniform by the chest. Ambassador Telvar also used a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle for transportation, with stormtrooper escort.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ambassador Telvar first appeared in the canon 2018 comic Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 13, written by Charles Soule and pencilled by Giuseppe Camuncoli.[1]

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