"In our efforts, we have learned that life is not rare. Rather, given a chance, life will occur. It is tenacious, aggressive—it seems to crave existence."
―Tem Eliss, Sentientologist[3]

Professor Tem Eliss was an Iyra sentientologist who worked in the University of Sanbra's Sentient Studies Department. His book, The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life, was considered too pro-alien for COMPNOR, and made him a fugitive from the Galactic Empire. It was rumored that he went on to join a Rebel Alliance cell.


Early career[]

Tem Eliss a male Iyra[4] who was a native of his species' homeworld of F'tral, although he was raised among the stars rather than in the oceans and was not immersed in Iyra culture. Largely as a result of his upbringing, Eliss was unlike most of his kind; he spent decades studying sentient species and their cultures,[1] becoming a noted scholar[5] and one of the most respected and well-known sentientologists in the galaxy. Eliss eventually became the head of the Sentient Studies Department of the University of Sanbra.[1] Known as a demanding but fair teacher, Eliss was one of the most popular instructors within his department and had an office on the university's campus.[4]

At one point, Eliss, then a professor, was operating out of the Cultural Studies department of the Advora Learning Center on Riflor when the city was struck by one of the planet's frequent earthquakes. Eliss, who had only been on Riflor for a few weeks, was en route from the other side of the planet at the time of the earthquake; his shuttle was commandeered to search for survivors, and the academic found himself participating in the relief effort, serving as an emergency medic. In the process, Eliss gained many insights into the culture and personalities of the Advozsec.[6]

Fugitive from the Empire[]

Eliss became infamous for his disregard of the protocols of the Galactic Empire,[1] and he landed in trouble for anti-Imperial rhetoric on more than one occasion. This came to a boiling point when, upon the request of the faculty, Eliss was preparing The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life,[7] which he intended as an aid to travelers, merchants, and others who frequently came into contact with new cultures and species. Eliss believed that achieving his goal for the document required him to honestly state facts without regard for their political implications;[3] the Guide deviated significantly from the doctrines of the Galactic Empire[5] and included findings that criticized Imperial policies regarding sentient rights.[5] COMPNOR loyalists on Professor Eliss' staff notified COMPNOR Sanbra sector monitor Bront Autin of the impending publication of the guide and its failure to adhere to Imperial doctrine, and Autin recommended detaining and questioning Eliss to COMPNOR Executive Director Kem Tija.[4]

Eliss ultimately made his Guide available on public channels before fleeing the university to avoid imprisonment for releasing data deemed inappropriate by the Empire,[2] taking all of his research material with him.[4] As Eliss fled Sanbra, Professor Mankuskett and a changeling in the guise of a Nikto accompanied him away from the campus to the quiet landing pads south of the Shoapy Hostel, where a squad of COMPNOR officers blocked the roadway. By impersonating a Human Imperial officer, the changeling was able to move Eliss and Mankuskett through the roadblock and to their ship.[8] COMPNOR officials detained several students for questioning in an apparent attempt to determine whether Eliss harbored any sympathies toward the Rebel Alliance, although all were released within hours.[4]

Thirty-seven Sanbra hours after his escape, the fugitive Eliss arrived at a Priapulin colony on Krinemonen III, a small outpost in the Mon Calamari Shipyards.[9] Eliss slowly disseminated The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life through the HoloNet[5] from his hidden place of exile[2] on Krinemonen III,[8] and the Guide began appearing on student communication nets three weeks after his disappearance.[4] Eliss' publication of the first draft of the Guide shocked the academic community and attracted attention from fellow scholars, as well as from proponents of free speech.[5] The renegade Eliss transmitted at least one entry of the Guide from a HoloNet node in Hutt Space, where he was believed to have studied all of the Hutt servant races to test his theories concerning Hutt genetic and cultural manipulation.[10] It was also rumored that Eliss established contact with a Rebel Alliance cell and joined the group.[4]

Later life[]

Eliss was still alive after the signing of the peace accords between the Empire and the New Republic, and he revealed the details of his escape from Sanbra into temporary exile 25 years after said escape.[8] By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Eliss had returned to Sanbra, where he witnessed a Nosaurian aide's reaction to news that her homeworld had been devastated by the Vong.[11]

Personality and traits[]

Tem Eliss was a gifted scholar and an amiable being, unlike most Iyra; the species possessed a reputation for being egotistical, condescending, and obnoxious. Many representatives of Iyra culture disliked Eliss for keeping company with members of other species.[1]

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