Temmin "Snap" Wexley was a human male who lived during the Age of the Empire and the time of the New Republic. At a young age, Temmin was separated from his parents after his father Brentin was taken away by the Galactic Empire and his mother Norra Wexley joined the Rebel Alliance. He became an independent businessman who specialized in junk dealing and rebuilt a B1-series battle droid named Mister Bones to keep him company. Following the Battle of Endor, the teenage Wexley reconciled with his mother Norra and joined forces with her to disrupt a secret Imperial meeting on the planet Akiva.

After the Rebellion on Akiva, Temmin joined his mother, Bones, the bounty hunter Jas Emari, the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, and the New Republic soldier Jom Barell in hunting down Imperial fugitives. Temmin also befriended Captain Wedge Antilles and began training to be a starfighter pilot. Later, Temmin and his mother's team undertook a quest to rescue the rebel leader Han Solo. During a mission on Kashyyyk, Temmin and Norra reunited with Brentin. However, the reunion was soured by the realization that Brentin had become an unwilling Imperial assassin, who attempted to kill Chancellor Mon Mothma and other high ranking New Republic officials.

Following the attack on Chandrila, Temmin joined Norra and her team in hunting down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, whom they mistakenly believed masterminded the attack on the New Republic leadership. Temmin later fought in the Battle of Jakku before joining the New Republic Defense Fleet as a pilot.

He was later recruited into the Resistance and became a member of Black Squadron of the Resistance Starfighter Corps. Wexley later became a captain and respected recon pilot in Blue Squadron; seeing action during the Battle of Takodana and the assault on Starkiller Base. Wexley died in 35 ABY during the Battle of Exegol between the Resistance and the Sith Eternal.


Early life[]

Mister Bones, Wexley's re-purposed B1 battle droid

Temmin Wexley was born on the planet Akiva to Norra and Brentin Lore Wexley. He and his parents grew up in the city of Myrra. At an early age, Temmin was separated from his father, who was arrested by Imperial forces on the charge of carrying messages for the Rebel Alliance. When he was about twelve years old, Temmin's mother left Akiva to become a pilot in the Rebel Alliance. She left her son in the care of her sister Esmelle and Esmelle's wife Shirene.[1]

However, Esmelle and Shirene proved unable to handle him, and he moved back to his family home to live an independent lifestyle. Despite moving out, Temmin still kept in touch with them and visited them weekly. During his visits, he often bought grocery items like fruits, bread, and meat proucts like wyrg-jerky and spicy arguez sausage. He also repaired their evaporator and flood-pump when they broke down.[1]

Living on his own, Temmin learned to take care of himself in his adolescence, turning his parents' house into a spare-parts shop. By the age of fifteen, Temmin had become a streets art junk dealer who was involved in underworld dealings with gangsters like the Sullustan Surat Nuat. During this time, Wexley re-purposed an old B1-series battle droid into an extremely efficient killing machine, appropriately naming it "Mister Bones." With the loss of his mother to the Rebellion and his father taken into Imperial custody, Temmin gained a certain hatred for both factions. While he loathed the Empire, he was also bitter towards his mother Norra for leaving him behind to join the Rebellion. Regarding himself as a businessman, Temmin refused to take any side in the Galactic Civil War.[1]

The Galactic Civil War[]

A difficult reunion[]

Following the Battle of Endor, which decapitated the Empire's leadership, Temmin's mother Norra returned to Akiva to reunite with her son and take him offworld. Despite the advances made by the Rebel Alliance's successor government, the New Republic, Akiva was still occupied by an Imperial fleet. Several leading Imperial officials including Admiral Rae Sloane were convening an Imperial Future Council on the planet to discuss the future of the Empire. While playing a game of Galactic Expansion with his repurposed interrogator droid, Mister Bones informed him that he had customers.[1]

These customers turned out to be Surat's henchmen: the Abednedo Toomata Wree, the Ithorian Herf, and the Koorivar Makarial Gravin, who had come to punish the young dealer for scavenging a black crate from one of Surat's wrecked transports which had crashed on Trabzon Road. When the gangsters demanded that he surrender his shop as compensation, Temmin unleashed Mister Bones on them. The repurposed battle droid quickly defeated them with his vibroblade. Temmin then incapacitated the intruders by having his interrogator droid inject them with a toxic narcotic. Before he could order Bones to get rid of the bodies, his mother Norra arrived.[1]

Temmin's mother, Norra Wexley

After tearfully embracing his mother, Temmin ordered Bones to dump the gangsters in a nearby river before they could wake up. Still angry at his mother for leaving him, Temmin brushed aside her efforts to talk to him. When Norra expressed her shock at his involvement in crime and turning their family home into a junk shop, he countered that she had left him to fight in the Rebellion. He was also upset that she had not been able to find his father Brentin. Their argument was interrupted by a distress transmission from the New Republic starfighter pilot Wedge Antilles, who had been captured during a scouting mission above Akiva. Thinking that Norra was going to leave him again for another rebel mission, Temmin stormed out of the room and slammed the door shut.[1]

Norra eventually managed to follow her son into the basement by playing a certain rythym on their household valachord, a large music instrument. Here, she found Temmin weeping in a small alcove beside a small holotab computer. After apologizing to each other, Norra tried to convince him to leave Akiva with her. Norra told her son that Akiva was being blockaded and occupied by Imperial forces, who had also imposed a communications blackout. However, Temmin was unwilling to leave his shop, home, and Akiva. Unable to reason with her son, Norra injected him in the neck with a needle from his interrogator droid and then dragged him upstairs.[1]

Norra's decision proved timely because Surat dispatched several bounty hunters to hunt down the boy for his debt. After awakening from his drug-induced sleep, Temmin found himself and his mother in a small Corellian freighter in the outskirts of Myrra. She had hired a smuggler to fly them out of Akiva but he had been killed by stormtroopers. Unwilling to leave his home on Akiva, Temmin fled the ship and narrowly escaped being shot by a squad of stormtroopers. Pursued by stormtroopers, Temmin and his mother fled on a speeder bike through the narrow streets of Myrra. Using his knowledge of the city's streets, Temmin managed to outrun his pursuers. After escaping the Imperials, he told Norra to meet him at Aunt Esmelle's house before jumping into the streets.[1]

After hiding on the rooftop of Master Hyor-ka's dao-ben steamed bun shop, Temmin returned to his junk shop and tried to reactivate Mister Bones, who had been locked up and shut down in an ion field. He was quickly captured by Surat's Herglic henchman Gor-kooda and a pot-bellied Rodian. Temmin was taken to Surat's headquarters at The Alcazar cantina where the Sullustan gangster decided to remove his tongue as retribution for stealing his merchandise. Before Surat's henchman Gor-kooda could hurt Temmin, the boy was rescued by the bounty hunter Jas Emari and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, who had agreed to help Jas rescue Sinjir in return for securing passage offworld. Jas and Sinjir were joined by a reactivated Mister Bones, who helped them fight Surat's henchmen. Together, Temmin and his rescuers managed to escape on Norra's Bala-bala speeder.[1]

A reluctant rebel[]

Following their escape, Temmin, his mother, and their rescuers took shelter at the home of his aunt Esmelle and her wife Shirene. Temmin was still sullen towards his mother and refused to leave Akiva with her. When Sinjir derided battle droids as the most inept fighting unit in galactic history, the boy sprung to the defense of his droid Mister Bones. After some discussion, Norra managed to enlist the help of Sinjir and Jas Emari in rescuing Wedge Antilles from Imperial captivity. Jas also informed the others that a high-level meeting of Imperial officials was taking place on Akiva. Temmin agreed to take part in the rescue mission in return for receiving a share of Sinjir's cut.[1]

Shortly later, they were joined by Mister Bones, who had lost an arm during the escape from the crime lord Surat. Temmin quickly set to work repairing his beloved droid. Lacking sufficient spareparts, Temmin was forced to improvise by replacing Bones' missing arm with an astromech droid leg. While Bones was upset about the refit, he vowed to continue serving his master by attacking those who hurt Temmin. Temmin was relieved that Bones had survived the skirmish because he regarded the droid as his longtime companion. After repairing Mister Bones, Temmin took part in a meeting where his mother outlined the details of their plan to rescue Wedge from Imperial captivity.[1]

Norra's plan involved the cobbled-up rebel team taking over a local Imperial communications station in order to convince the people of Akiva to rise up against the Empire. While Sinjir bluffed his way in, Mister Bones dispatched the stormtrooper sentries guarding the building. The former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir then donned an Imperial uniform and pretended to execute Temmin with his blaster. The three companions then uploaded footage of the faux shooting along with two broadcast messages by Norra and Princess Leia Organa urging the people of Akiva to rise up against the Empire and reporting the destruction of the second Death Star. This broadcast sparked a mass uprising on Akiva, which disrupted the Imperial Future Council.[1]

After making their broadcast, Temmin and his companions climbed up through the escape shaft to the roof of the communications station only to be cornered by two Imperial TIE fighters, which destroyed the station's antennae. Before the TIEs could finish them off, Norra arrived in a third TIE fighter she had stolen and shot the other two fighters out of the sky. Norra then took her TIE fighter on a steaming run at Satrap Isstra Dirus's palace, which was hosting the Imperial conference. However, her TIE fighter was shot down by a turbolaser emplacement. Temmin and his companions believed that his mother had perished. Despite their estranged relationship, he began mourning her loss. Fortunately for Temmin, he quickly learned that his mother had indeed survived after discovering the TIE's ejector seat and ejecting to safety.[1]

A treacherous deal[]

Temmin was double-crossed by Surat, who was colluding with Admiral Rae Sloane

Following the incident at the comm station, Temmin and his companions hid in his junk shop. While Jas guarded the ship and Norra and Sinjir were working together, he and Mister Bones went into his "hidey-hole-nook-and-cubby" to fetch some maps. In secret, Temmin contacted the gangster Surat and made a deal to hand over Sinjir and Jas to the Empire in return for giving him, his mother, and Mister Bones safe passage out of Akiva. Surat agreed to the deal and contacted Admiral Rae Sloane. After sealing the deal, Temmin returned with a flimsiplast map of Myrra's subterranean passages that led to the satrapy's palace. At the urging of his mother, Temmin reluctantly agreed to lead the rebel band through the passages.[1]

Before embarking on their mission, Temmin managed to open Surat's stolen cargo with the help of Sinjir and Jas Emari. They discovered that Surat's precious cargo turned out to be a box of data cubes containing information on the crime lord's dealings. As they traveled through the underground passages, Temmin then led his mother and their companions stumbled upon an old batteflield from the Clone Wars which was still littered with the remains of fallen Jedi, battle droids, and weapons. During the journey, Temmin took the opportunity to apologize to his mother for his hostile behavior towards her. He confided that he missed her and his father and that he lacked her passion for the New Republic. Norra reassured her son by telling him that he had enough to worry about and also reaffirmed her love for him. Despite Temmin's preparations, Sinjir rightfully suspected that the boy was leading them into a trap.[1]

While navigating their way through a former Separatist droid factory, the traveling companions were ambushed by several Uugteen, pale-skinned Near-humans who inhabited the abandoned factory. Temmin and his companions managed to escape the creatures by exploding a box of detonators. After escaping the Uugteen, Temmin led his companions up a passageway to the old Banking Clan building, which was near the satrap's palace. Upon reaching the entrance to the satrap's palace, the rebels were ambushed and captured by several stormtroopers led by Admiral Sloane herself. Once inside the satrap's palace, Temmin demanded that Admiral Sloane and Surat honor their deal to release him, Norra, and his droid.[1]

However, Surat informed Temmin that the Empire had negotiated their own deal with him, one which involved capturing his mother Norra. A guilt-stricken Temmin admitted he had made a secret deal with Surat so that he, his mother and droid could leave Akiva. Admiral Rae decided to release Temmin but insisted on holding the others. When Temmin protested and called on Mister Bones to save them, Rae's stormtroopers quickly shot the battle droid with their blasters. Admiral Sloane then ordered her stormtroopers to throw Temmin off the palace. Despite kicking and screaming, Temmin was unable to free himself from his captors' grip. The stormtroopers threw Temmin down the roof but he was saved from death by a large crowd of protestors that had gathered to storm the Satrap's palace. He then managed to climb up the palace wall using a tight gap with a nearby building.[1]

A second chance[]

As a large crowd of an angry Akivans stormed the satrap's palace, Temmin took the opportunity to climb up the wall to the palace roof. He managed to jump up onto the Golden Harp, a departing space yacht owned by the Imperial slaver and money-lender Arsin Crassus. He managed to enter the yacht through a broken window. After struggling with a stormtrooper sentry, he managed to throw the Imperial out of the craft's window. Temmin was then pursued throughout the vessel's hallways by four stormtroopers and Imperial Royal Guards. However, the craft was hit by enemy fire, causing a breach in the hull. The Imperial troops were sucked out through the breach but Temmin managed to cling on to a cabins door handle.[1]

Shortly later, Temmin encountered the ship's pilot, who was enraged at the damage down to his yacht. Following a brief altercation, Temmin managed to convince the pilot to work with him to breach the cabin in order to get back to the cockpit. After removing a bed, they found a maintenance hatch that was sealed with flanser bolts. Temmin used the maintenance hatch to find the room where Norra and her companions Jas and Sinjr were being held by Grand Moff Valco Pandion. While Sinjir distracted Pandion, Temmin used his multi tool kit to free Jas and his mother from their restraints. This enabled Jas to take Pandion hostage at gunpoint.[1]

Before a fight could break out, Admiral Rae and her pilot crash-landed the Golden Harp onto the hangar of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vigilance. Temmin, his mother, Sinjir and Jas survived the crash. With Sinjir's help, Temmin managed to crawl up through a maintenance hatch in the middle of the floor. The rebels also managed to secure the Imperial Advisor Yupe Tashu and General Jylia Shale but Crassus and his stormtroopers were killed upon impact. While Temmin stayed with Sinjir and Jas to secure their Imperial prisoners, Norra left on another TIE fighter to pursue Admiral Sloane, who was fleeing on a Lambda-class shuttle. Unwilling to lose his mother again, Temmin begged her not to leave, not to die, and to let go.[1]

However, Norra felt that she had to answer the call of duty and pursued Rae in her TIE fighter. Despite her best efforts, Admiral Rae and her pilot Morna Kee managed to escape by jettisoning their shuttle while fleeing in the cockpit. The shuttle exploded, killing Grand Moff Pandion who had tried to attack Rae, and the flaming wreckage collided with Norra's TIE. Temmin's mother survived the collision but was seriously wounded. Shortly later, a New Republic fleet broke the Imperial blockade of Akiva and liberated the planet. Faced with a popular uprising, the planet's satraps capitulated and Akiva became the first Outer Rim world to join the New Republic.[1]

Several days later, Temmin reunited with his mother at her bedside in a medical center in Hanna City on the planet Chandrila where they reconciled. After Norra had been discharged, Temmin informed his mother that the New Republic had unleashed a crackdown on Surat and his gang, forcing the gangster to go into hiding. After examining Surat's stolen data cubes, he and Norra uncovered contained information about the Empire's dealing with various crime syndicates. Temmin was cautiously hopefully that this information would lead them to his father. Shortly later, they were joined by the New Republic soldier Jom Barell, Jas, Sinjir, and a newly repaired Mister Bones. Jas invited Temmin, his mum, and their companions to join them on a hunt for Imperial war criminals across the galaxy.[1]

New Republic service[]

Hunting Imperial fugitives[]

Wedge Antilles became Temmin's mentor, flight instructor and later stepfather after Wedge married Norra.

After reuniting with his mother, Temmin Wexley underwent starfighter pilot training under the tutelage of Captain Wedge Antilles, who had become his mentor. In the months following the events on Akiva, Temmin, his mother Norra, and her friends Jom Barell, Jas Emari, and Sinjir managed six Imperial fugitives including Commandant Stradd, Prefect Kosh, Moffs Keong and Nyall, Vice General Adambo and the former Imperial Security Bureau minister Venn Eowelt. In 5 ABY, Temmin and his mom's team traveled to the planet Vorlag to kidnap the former Imperial Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde. While Norra's team infiltrated the palace of Slussen Canker, Temmin and Roger stayed aboard Jas' ship Halo to man the get-away transport. After some subterfuge, Norra and her team managed to escape Slussen Canker's castle with Gedde, who had become a spice addict.[12]

The Halo was pursued by two TIE fighters but Temmin managed to shoot them down. After escaping the TIEs, Temmin prepared the Halo for a jump into hyperspace. Shortly later, an argument broke out between Norra and her crew, who were incensed that Jas had pretended to "betray" them at Slussen's palace without giving them any prior warning. Temmin entered the conversation to reveal that he had been privy to Emari's plan. Fortunately for Norra and Temmin, the arguing dissipated when Jas reconciled with Jom and the two fell in love. Under Norra's orders, Temmin set a course for Chandrila and agreed to take Mister Bones with him.[12]

After returning to Chandrila, Temmin had a private conversation with his mother who told him to trust her. Knowing that her son was stubborn and rebellious, Norra told her son to be good with himself and to know that he belonged to her team. Hugging him, Norra reassured Temmin that he did not have to be a bounty hunter or a soldier. She told Temmin to be himself and not to worry what the galaxy thought he should be. Temmin joked that the galaxy wanted him to be a rich droid manufacturer living in a palace on the Outer Rim. After joking about being a lounge singer or a Jedi, Norra told her son to fly them to Hanna City Spaceport.[12]

After handing Perwin Gedde to the New Republic authorities, Temmin met with his instructor Captain Antilles at Landing Platform OB-99 on the edge of the Silver Sea. Temmin was joined by Mister Bones, who tried to hug Wedge. After flying his X-wing starfighter, Wedge told Temmin that he was planning to establish a squadron called Phantom Squadron. He offered Temmin a place in his squadron once he was spaceworthy.[12]

Later, Temmin and his team learned that Vice-Admiral Gedde had died from Kytrogorgia poisoning, preventing the New Republic authorities from questioning him. While meeting aboard the Halo, Temmin mumbled about how he did not want to miss X-wing practice; prompting Jom to correct the boy that it was called training and not practice. During the meeting, Temmin also learned that Norra had received a request from Princess Leia Organa to rescue her husband General Han Solo, who had gone missing on a mission to liberate Kashyyyk. Temmin and his team also learned that Princess Leia was pregnant with child.[12]

Continuing their hunt for Imperial fugitives, Temmin accompanied the former Imperial loyalty officer on a visit to the former General Jylia Shale's apartment. Temmin and his team had captured General Shale on Akiva a year earlier. Due to her cooperation, General Shale had been given a comfortable prison cell. Shale was unable to provide information to Sinjir about Imperial fugitives but told them to visit the former Imperial Adviser Yupe Tashu, who was housed under less comfortable circumstances due to his refusal to cooperate with the New Republic authorities. Temmin was unnerved by Tashu smearing the walls of his cell with food waste marked in strange symbols and maps. From Tashu, Sinjir learned about a Siniteen prison builder called Golas Aram who lived on the planet Irudiru.[12]

After Temmin's mother Norra departed with Captain Antilles on an unsanctioned mission to find Han Solo, Temmin, Mister Bones, Sinjir, Jas, and Jom accompanied Norra for a meeting with Princess Leia and Admiral Ackbar in Hanna City's Skygarden. When Admiral Ackbar ordered her to cease her search for Han Solo and to concentrate on her mission to hunt down Imperial fugitivies, Norra resigned her commission in the New Republic Starfleet. Hoping to find his father, Temmin accompanied Norra and her team on a mission to find Solo.[12]

Joining forces with Han Solo[]

Temmin and his team would come into contact with Princess Leia and Han Solo

Using Sinjir's information, Temmin and his team traveled to the planet Irudiru where they surveyed Golas Aram's compound. The rebels found the compound well-defended by ghosted lasers, land mines, turret-droids, and carnivorous thirstgrass. While surveying the compound, Temmin and his team encountered Han Solo. At a nearby cantina, Solo revealed that Chewbacca had been captured by the Empire and sent to Ashmead's Lock, an automated prison on the far side of Kashyyyk. Jas informed Solo that Golas Aram was the architect who had built the prison.[12]

Working together the rebels managed to storm Aram's compound and capture the prisoner designer. Bones and Temmin aided the mission by cutting the conduit from the wind farm that powered Aram's fence and turrets; allowing the others to enter the compound. Under duress, Aram divulged information about Ashmead's Lock but omitted to mention the passcode needed to bypass the prison's computer security system SOL-GDA. Following the mission, Temmin noticed that something was troubling Sinjir and asked him what was wrong. After some obfuscation, Sinjir revealed that he was still struggling to find a sense of purpose. In returned, Temmin revealed that he was still troubled by his lost father, who been taken away by the Empire.[12]

Temmin and Norra's team then traveled with Han Solo to the Kashyyyk system, which was still held by the Empire. The rebels managed to bluff their way through the orbiting Imperial fleet by claiming that they were a repair crew who had been sent to Ashmead's Lock. After landing, Temmin and the team made their way inside the automated prison. Temmin told Mister Bones to keep an eye out and to be ready for anything. The rebels soon encountered SOL-GDA, which dispatched several droids to forcibly incorporate the visitors into the prison.[12]

With Temmin's encouragement, Mister Bones used his vibroblade to cut through a door. Temmin subsequently discovered that SOL-GDA was being powered by many prisoners who were being held in eternal stasis. While Bones fought off the droids, Temmin convinced Han and Jas to shoot a cable connecting the computer to the stasis cell. Despite Bones sustaining extensive damages, they managed to disable the cable. Temmin and his rebel comrades then proceeded to free the prisoners from their stasis cells including Chewbacca. Temmin and his mother subsequently encountered Brentin.[12]

After freeing the prisoners, Temmin accompanied his mother and Mister Bones back to Chandrila aboard Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon. While approaching Hanna City, Brentin bonded with his family and praised his son and wife for becoming pilots and joining the Rebellion. They were accompanied by the hundred liberated prisoners including his father Brentin. Meanwhile, Solo, Chewie, and the rest of the team stayed behind to free the Wookiees on Kashyyyk from the thralldom of Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck. Unknown to Temmin and his team, all of the prisoners had been fitted with inorganic biochip implants that turned them into unwilling drones of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. The Ashmead's Lock prisoners were crucial to his planned attack on the New Republic government on Chandrila.[12]

Discovering a conspiracy[]

A month after the events at Ashmead's Lock, Temmin tried to reunite with his father Brentin. However, Brentin was still traumatized by his experience at Ashmead' Lock and was unable to talk coherently with his teenage son. Angry at life and with his mother, Temmin stopped attending his X-wing starfighter classes. Temmin tried to hide his unhappiness but the perceptive Mister Bones sensed that the youth was despondent. Temmin also heard a faint sound which caused the utensils and machinery to clatter. This sound turned out to be a signal transmitted by Fleet Admiral Rax to his unwilling drones. Brentin's frequent night walks also aroused Temmin's suspicion.[12]

Unable to explain what was happening to his father, Temmin blamed his mother Norra, who had taken up a job as a shuttle pilot at the Galactic Senate on Chandrila. While Brentin was on one of his nightly excursions, Temmin had a pakarna noodle dish for dinner. When Norra arrived home and inquired about Brentin's presence, Temmin told his mother that his father had gone for a walk. When Temmin remarked that Brentin needed to stay away from her, she told him to watch his attitude. Norra explained that they were going through difficult times.[12]

In a bad mood, Temmin flung his meal into the sink and was about to leave when Norra told him that Wedge had suspended him from the Liberation Day patrols since he had not been attending starfighter classes. When Temmin dismissed the Liberation Day celebrations and the upcoming Imperial-Republic peace talks as nonsense, Norra tried to interject. However, Temmin announced that he and Mister Bones would be going for a long walk.[12]

On the evening before the Liberation Day celebrations, Temmin and his father worked on fixing a valachord. Temmin noticed that his father was unable to remember how to use tools. Frustrated, Temmin and father went for a walk through Hanna City. During the night walk, the two were separated. When Temmin finally found his father,he discovered him in a presence of a New Republic Senate Guard named Windom Traducier. Traducier was a secret Imperial agent who had used a transponder erected on top of the Hanna City opera house to transmit Rax's commands to the former prisoners. When Traducier spotted him, the Imperial agent ordered Brentin to deal with him.[12]

Brentin then stunned his own son and shoved Temmin inside a crate. Temmin spent the night and the following morning inside the crate until Mister Bones managed to rescue him. The droid had mistaken Temmin's disappearance for a hide-and-seek game and was glad to see his master. However, Temmin told Mister Bones that they had to reach his mother. By that time, the Liberation Day celebrations had begun. As a former Ashmead's Lock prisoner, Brentin had been invited to the Old Gather-House with his wife Norra to attend a speech by Chancellor Mon Mothma.[12]

The Attack on Chandrila[]

Temmin was caught in the Liberation Day attack on Chandrila

Following the Liberation Day parades, Temmin and Mister Bones tried to enter the Old Gather-House where Chancellor Mothma was scheduled to give a speech dedicated to the Ashmead's Lock prisoners. However, they were blocked by several Senate Guards who warned them to leave. When one of the guards waved a shock-lance at Temmin, Mister Bones attacked the guard. While Temmin and Bones were struggling with guards, the Ashmead's Lock prisoners including Brentin began firing concealed pistols at Chancellor Mothma and other New Republic officials and military personnel. Fleet Admiral Rax had used the inorganic bio-chips to transmit commands to the unwilling former prisoners.[12]

While Temmin witnessed his father struggling with his mother, a Senate Guard tackled Temmin and hit him with a baton. However, Mister Bones flung the guard aside. When two more Senate Guards approached them, Mister Bones unsheathed his blades and sprung to his master's defense. Amidst the chaos, Temmin tried to stop his dad, who was fleeing to a landing platform. When Temmin told his dad that Norra was right that he was not himself, his dad tried to raise a blaster. When Temmin charged his father with murdering people, he denied doing so.[12]

Temmin responded that he did and accused his father of working with the Empire. When Brentin protested, Temmin challenged his father to shoot him. Brentin hesitated which gave Temmin the opportunity to tackle his father to the ground. Following a struggle, Brentin tried to shoot himself in the head. Temmin then tackled his dad in an attempt to save him. Following a struggle, Brentin punched Temmin in the stomach and then threw his son aside. Brentin could only sob as he watch his dad fleeing the skybridge towards a docking platform.[12]

The attack on Chandrila brought chaos to the New Republic. Images of the attacks were transmitted by HoloNet across the galaxy and had the effect of demoralizing the New Republic's populace and worlds considering joining the new government. While Chancellor Mon Mothma survived, several New Republic officials including General Crix Madine were rumored to be dead. The New Republic authorities also managed to arrest Windom Traducier and discovered that he had used a transponder to broadcast the signals controlling the unwilling assassins. Temmin's mother was also awarded a medal for saving Chancellor Mothma from his own father and her husband.[12]

New goals[]

Following the attacks, Temmin returned to his X-wing classes. While flying on a simulator, he crashed his simulated starfighter. When Captain Antilles expressed his disappointment with Temmin's consecutive crash, the boy insisted that he would perform better on a real X-wing. However, Antilles countered that he could not put the boy on a real one because the New Republic had tightened security. However, he reassured Temmin that the could get him on a real ship before the next moon alignment if he stopped crashing his fighters on the simulator.[12]

Wedge then asked Temmin about his mother. After some hesitation, Temmin complimented Wedge for his role in the liberation of Kashyyyk. However, Wedge responded that the real credit should go to Princess Leia. When Temmin remarked that he had heard about Wedge's "pretty slaggn' amazing" flying from his fellow Phantom Squadron mates, Antilles told the boy to watch his language. Seeking to make amends, Temmin pleaded with Wedge to put him on the next simulator. However, he received a message from his mother and returned home.[12]

After returning home, Temmin joined his mother Norra, Mister Bones, Sinjir and Jas Emari on a mission to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the leader of the Galactic Empire. Norra mistakenly blamed Rae for engineering the attack on Chandrila and resolved to bring her to justice. They also received the personal and financial backing of their new friend Princess Leia. Temmin and his team departed on the ship Moth.[12]

Hunting Mercurial Swift[]

Temmin and Sinjir brought news about the Imperial presence on Jakku

For the next several months, the Wexleys' team searched for Grand Admiral Sloane on several worlds including Kashyyyk, Ord Mantell, Corellia, and Jindau Station. Unable to find any leads on Sloane, they concocted a plan to trap the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, who was known to have ties to Sloane. While Norra, Sinjir, and Jas Emari trapped Swift on the planet Taris, Temmin and Mister Bones waited aboard the Moth above Taris. Norra and her team discovered that Sloane had headed to the barren Inner Rim world of Jakku.[9]

Temmin expressed anger towards his mother at being left behind to mind the ship. Norra responded that someone needed to stay with the Moth to make sure that the ship was ready to fly. Temmin then argued about accompanying Norra to Jakku but she refused to discuss the matter. When Temmin reminded her that she had left him behind to find his father and to join the Rebellion, Norra responded that they were looking for Sloane. Temmin insisted that he wanted to help, but they remained troubled by the fact that Brentin had been programmed into an Imperial killing machine.[9]

While appreciating Temmin's enthusiasm, his mother responded that she did not want to lose him too. Before they could argue further, the Moth exited hyperspace above Jakku. Temmin and Norra discovered a large Imperial fleet orbiting Jakku; which turned out to be the Imperial remnants that the-now Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax had brought to the barren world. Norra instructed Temmin to set the ship to jump into hyperspace within two minutes. She then headed with Jas Emari in an escape pod to travel to Jakku.[9]

When Temmin realized that Norra had left the ship, he resolved that he had to get back to Chandrila and warn Princess Leia that the Empire was on Jakku. Unable to be with his mother in person, Temmin instead sent his battle droid companion Mister Bones to protect Norra. Mister Bones' escape pod managed to exit the Moth just seconds before the ship leapt into hyperspace. The Moth also narrowly avoided being hit by torpedoes. Together with Sinjir, Temmin headed back to Chandrila to warn the New Republic.[9]

Warning the New Republic[]

After returning to Chandrila, Temmin and Sinjir sought an audience with Princess Leia, who was expecting a child soon. Desiring the well being of his mother, Temmin tried to convince Leia's husband Han Solo to lend them the Millennium Falcon. However, Han was unwilling to lend them his ship for what he regarded as a suicide mission. Solo was also preoccupied with his wife, who was heavily pregnant and approaching labor. For once, Temmin's stubbornness was outmatched by Solo's stubborn refusal to lend his ship.[9]

Before the argument could escalate, Princess Leia and Chancellor Mothma entered the waiting room. Chancellor Mothma asked Temmin to repeat what he had told Leia. Temmin and Sinjir recounted how they had witnessed a large Imperial fleet including a Super Star Destroyer above Jakku. Sinjir pleaded for Chancellor Mothma to intervene but the Chancellor was unhappy that Leia had sent them on a mission that had not been authorized by the Senate. After some discussion, Chancellor Mothma agreed to raise the matter of the Imperial presence on Jakku to the Galactic Senate but warned Temmin and the others to tell nobody outside their room.[9]

While Temmin was outraged and distraught that Chancellor Mothma was unable to send military forces to Jakku to rescue his mother, he controlled his emotions. Leia promised Temmin that they would get his mother Norra back. However, Temmin and Sinjir were unwilling to trust the politicians to keep their word and decided to make a second attempt to convince Solo to return a favor to them. Unknown to Temmin and the others, their conversations were being tapped by Mothma's rival Senator Tolwar Wartol, who had planted a listening device inside Princess Leia's nanny droid T-2LC.[9]

Following further discussion, Han Solo allowed Temmin and Sinjir to borrow the Millennium Falcon to travel to Jakku. Since Temmin had flown the Falcon back from Kashyyyk, he was familiar with the ship's controls. As the two headed to the hangar, Sinjir suggested not flying a recognizable rebel ship and instead smuggling themselves into Jakku as cargo. Princess Leia also advised Temmin and Sinjir to escape before dawn so that she could claim ignorance of their unauthorized mission to Jakku. At dawn, Temmin and Sinjir traveled to Hangar 34 but were stopped by two Senate Guards, who ordered them to return to their quarters.[9]

Sinjir and Temmin tried to argue but the Senate Guards insisted that they had orders from the Chancellor herself. While Sinjir went to confront Leia, Temmin went to find his starfighter instructor Wedge Antilles. Due to Phantom Squadron's role in the unauthorized Liberation of Kashhyyyk, the squadron had been dissolved and Antilles had been reassigned to managing a hangar bay. Temmin pleaded for Wedge to help his mother but Antilles was unwilling to risk getting in trouble with the New Republic authorities by embarking on another unauthorized mission. Antilles instead advised Temmin to wait until the New Republic launched their attack on Jakku. Angry and frustrated, Temmin stormed out of the hangar bay.[9]

Intrigue on Nakadia[]

After Sinjir's friend Conder Kyl and Chancellor Mothma discovered that Senator Tolwar Wartol had been responsible for the Jakku leak and sabotaging the vote to send military forces to Jakku respectively, Princess Leia enlisted Temmin and his friends Sinjir, Conder, Jom Barell and her husband Han Solo's help in tailing the five senators who had voted against Mothma's bill. This mission coincided with the New Republic's efforts to move its capital from Chandrila to the agrarian world of Nakadia. The Galactic Senate had relocated to Nakadia's Quarrow Senate house.[9]

Temmin and his companions spied on each of the five senators at a popular bar in Quarrow. Disguised as a military veteran, Temmin was tasked with tailing the Askaj senator Grelka Sorka. After Sorka left the bar, Temmin informed Jom that he would be following her. Jom advised the youth to be careful. However, Grelka ducked away and Temmin lost sight of her. Conder was kidnapped by members of the Red Key crime syndicate. The team also rescued Han, who had been dumped in a rubbish bin. After capturing Senator Rethalow, the group learned that Red Key and Black Sun had coerced him and the other four senators into opposing Mothma's bill through bribes and threats. The criminals had also kidnapped Nim Tar's child and Sorka's pet jerba.[9]

While Temmin guarded Senator Rethalow, Han and the others flew the Millennium Falcon to a warehouse and rescued Nim Tar's child and Conder Kyl. Though they were unable to rescue Sorka's jerba, Sinjir contacted the five senators. Posing as Chancellor Mothma's advisor, he offered to pardon them if they voted to support Chancellor's bill to intercede on Jakku during the re-vote on Nakadia. Sinjir's ploy worked and the New Republic was able to send military forces to Jakku, setting the stage for the Battle of Jakku.[9]

Battle of Jakku[]

Phantom Squadron[]

Temmin took part in the Battle of Jakku

Following the Senate's vote, Temmin returned to the New Republic hangar bay where Wedge Antilles was working. Temmin told Wedge that he was enlisting in the New Republic Starfleet and insisted on going to Jakku. When Wedge responded that this was not how the system worked and that Temmin was a kid, the boy responded that he had piloted Jas Emari's gunship Halo, the Millennium Falcon, and had flown X-wing flight simulators. When Wedge countered that Phantom Squadron had been shut down, a tearful Temmin responded that his mom and droid were on Jakku. He also reminded Wedge of his exploits against the two Death Stars and the Empire.[9]

Temmin's words had the desired effect on Wedge, who decided to reform Phantom Squadron. He told the boy to meet him at Hangar Forty-Seven in two hours. Wedge mustered his fellow Phantom Squadron fliers Yarra, Koko, and Jethpur and the squadron traveled to Jakku. They entered the battle after the main New Republic fleet had engaged in battle with the Imperial remnant fleets. For that battle, Temmin flew an older T-65C-A2 X-wing starfighter with an astromech droid named R3-W5. Since the space over Jakku was crowded, Temmin managed to convince Wedge and his fellow pilots to attack the Imperial air-to-space defenses in order to aid the New Republic ground forces.[9]

Temmin flew his X-wing during the ground fighting and blasted an Imperial transport. With Phantom Leader Wedge's permission, he then pursued an Imperial command shuttle. Unknown to Temmin, the shuttle had been commandeered by his mother Norra and Mister Bones. Before Temmin could open fire on the shuttle, Bones opened the ramp and waved to Temmin. Using Bone's speaker system, Temmin talked with his mom over the intercom. After a brief reunion, Norra told Temmin that she was heading to an Imperial base in the Sinking Fields. Temmin wanted to accompany his mom there but she told him to turn around because it was too fortified. She promised that they would be a family again.[9]


Heeding his mother's words, Temmin returned to the battle and joined Koko in pursuing fleeing TIE fighters. Temmin shot one TIE fighter creeping behind Wedge's starfighter. During the dogfight, Temmin and his comrades received word from Admiral Ackbar that New Republic forces had downed the Imperial command ship Ravager and to beware of falling debris. While mopping up the remaining Imperial fighters, Temmin's X-wing was hit by falling starship debris and crashed in the desert. Temmin then witnessed the Starhawk-class battleship Concord and the Super Star Destroyer Ravager crash into the desert, unleashing a massive sandstorm. Temmin sheltered under his X-wing's cockpit until the sandstorm had passed.[9]

After exiting his X-wing, Temmin tried to rejoin a group of New Republic commandos sheltering by a wrecked transport. On the way, he ran into three desert stormtroopers, who wanted to kill him. Temmin found himself cut off by an approaching AT-ST walker. Before the stormtroopers could murder him, his friend Mister Bones jumped down from the AT-ST and attacked the troopers. Bones killed two of the troopers and Temmin clubbed the third with his own blaster. Bones then leapt on top of the AT-ST and killed the AT-ST drivers inside. Before Mister Bones could exit the walker, it was destroyed in a friendly fire incident by two passing A-wings. All that Temmin could find of his former friend were his seared, melted limbs. Losing his best friend, Temmin wept in the desert.[9]

Comrades in arms[]

Wexley encounters Gina Moonsong during the Battle of Jakku.

Temmin later stumbled upon an abandoned stormtrooper camp where he encountered the New Republic Blade Squadron pilot Gina Moonsong, who had crashlanded her B-wing starfighter nearby. Though Wexley lacked a comlink, he managed to share his DH-17 blaster rifle and some nutritional supplements. While Temmin rested, Gina took the first watch. During that time, Temmin told Gina that he was the son of Norra Wexley, who had flown a Y-wing into the Death Star during the Battle of Endor.[13]

Later, they were joined by a unit of New Republic soldiers led by Sergeant Agarne of the Third Recon Group. Sergeant Agarne brought Temmin and Gina to his commanding officer Major Ranz, who enlisted the two pilots' help in ambushing an Imperial supply convoy traveling through a nearby pass to reinforce Golga Station. Gina also gave Temmin a blaster, quipping that she hoped he knew how to use it.[13]

At the advice of Gina, Major Ranz's troops planned several power packs in the pass. When the second Imperial Troop Transport in the convoy passed over the packs, the New Republic soldiers detonated it. Major Ranz's troops then emerged from their spider holes and raze the rear transports with rockets. When the surviving stormtroopers regrouped and formed a skirmish line with a tripod-mounted blaster cannon, Temmin along with Moonsong, Sergeant Agarne and three squad members attacked the Imperial troops with antipersonnel grenades. Temmin and Gina then entered the first ITT and secured its communications gear. However, the ITT's long-range comm dish had been damaged.[13]

While Temmin repaired the dish, Gina sent a voice message directly to Admiral Ackbar's command ship Home One. Wexley was stunned while fixing the dish and collapse. As the fighting continued, Gina evacuated the wounded Temmin to the nearest dune. Meanwhile, the stormtroopers used their blaster cannon to bombard the New Republic positions, killing Major Ranz. A flight of TIE fighters also strafed Ranz's position, killing several of his troopers. Before the TIE fighters could target Temmin and Gina's position, they were shot down by Gina's fellow B-wing flyers. Following the skirmish, Gina attended to Temmin. When he asked what was happening, Gina told him they were going home and that his mother would be proud. Temmin also met Gina's former boyfriend Braylen Stramm.[13]

Meanwhile, his mother Norra joined forces with his father Brentin and Grand Admiral Sloane to hunt down and kill Counselor Gallius Rax, the true mastermind behind the Attack on Chandrila and the Battle of Jakku. Sloane and Temmin's parents managed to stop Rax's plot to blow up Jakku and the New Republic and Imperial forces. This coupled by the downing of the Ravager and the signing of the Galactic Concordance turned the tide of the Battle of Jakku in the New Republic's favor.[9] Thus, the sixteen year old Temmin played a part in the Battle of Jakku, the pivotal battle that ended the Galactic Civil War as a New Republic victory.[10]

A new order[]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Temmin accompanied his mother Norra to their former homeworld of Akiva where they attended his father Brentin's funeral. Brentin had died at the hands of Gallius Rax during the Battle of Jakku. During the burial ceremony, Temmin placed Mister Bone's droid arm on top of Brentin's body, which had been wrapped in gauzy cloth. Temmin told his fallen friend Mister Bones to watch over his late father. While Norra cried, Temmin supported her as his aunts watched. After spending a few days with Aunts Esmelle and Shirene, Temmin and his mother returned to their home on Chandrila.[9]

Several weeks later, Temmin and Norra reunited with several of their old friends including Sinjir, Conder Kyl, and Jas Emari. After toasting the fallen Jom Barell, Auxi Kray Korbin, Brentin and Mister Bones, Norra told a playful joke about Temmin's childhood. Jas also joked about Temmin's new nickname Snap. Temmin also revealed that he was growing a beard and that he was planning to study at the New Republic's new flight academy on Hosnian Prime. Temmin's mentor Wedge Antilles was the head instructor there and Norra had secured a job as an instructor there. After the dinner, Temmin spent time with his mother. The two then decided to stay up all night and watch the boats go out to catch fish in the morning. Norra relented on the condition that they had to pack up for moving to the new academy.[9]

Precision strike team[]

"Did they start?"
"About to! Move your boots, Seastriker!"
―Joph and Snap Wexley about to watch the Five Sabers[8]

In 28 ABY,[14] Wexley served in the New Republic Starfleet as an X-wing pilot and member of the precision air team. He had earned his nickname "Snap" by then, and was stationed in the Senate complex's main hangar. With other pilots, he sat down to watch the orbital sprints phase of the Five Sabers race on a holotransmitter in the hangar. Wexley was later recruited into the burgeoning Resistance by fellow pilot Joph Seastriker.[8]

The Resistance[]

Snap and his fellow Black Squadron pilots prior to the Ovanis mission

Following the Amaxine warrior crisis, Temmin along with his fellow New Republic pilots Joph Seastriker and Zari Bangel attended the Resistance's inaugural meeting at the Hosnian Senate complex's hangar.[8] Within the next few years, Captain[15] Temmin was recruited into Black Squadron by Commander Poe Dameron.[10] He later became a pilot in Blue Squadron.[16] Wexley earned a reputation as the Resistance Starfighter Corps' best recon fliers.[17]

Dogfight on Ovanis[]

Following Operation: Sabre Strike, Temmin along with his fellow Black Squadron pilots Karé Kun, L'ulo L'ampar, Jessika Pava, and Oddy Muva were enlisted by Poe Dameron for a sensitive mission to find Lor San Tekka. General Leia Organa believed that Lor San Tekka had the information that would help the Resistance to find her Jedi brother Luke Skywalker, who had disappeared from the known galaxy. Poe picked Temmin and the other pilots because he regarded them as his friends. By 34 ABY, Snap was regarded as an "old-timer" and Karé considered him lucky for being allowed near a starfighter. Temmin responded that he was only sixteen years old when he participated in the Battle of Jakku.[10]

Temmin and his fellow pilots traveled to the planet Ovanis, which was home to a sect called the Crèche who worshiped a large egg. While Poe visited the Cave of the Crèche, Snap (who answered to the call-sign "Black Two") and his fellow pilots circle overhead. Poe reported that the settlement was apparently deserted with the exception of one big egg. Snap then asked Poe where they could land and remarked that he could not see a flat surface "bigger than a gundark." Poe replied that the cave was a tight flight and told them to look around before his comlink was disabled. Temmin tried to contact Poe but could not pick up his signal.[10]

Poe was confronted by members of the Crèche, whose leader tried to induct Poe into her sect. Poe also discovered a tracker on his ship. Shortly later, the First Order arrived on Ovanis.[10] First Order stormtroopers led by Agent Terex entered the Cave and demanded to know Poe's whereabouts. Poe and his astromech droid BB-8 stayed hidden and managed to transmit the message "get me some leverage" to Temmin. After discussing the situation with his fellow pilots, Snap and the rest of Black Squadron decided to attack the First Order landing platform above the Cave of the Crèche and its TIE fighters.[18]

Black Squadron wiped out Terex's TIE fighters. Snap then told his fellow pilots that they needed to land on the platform and get word out to Poe. However, L'ulo hit the First Order platform too hard, causing it to lose control and list. Meanwhile, Poe confronted Terex. Unperturbed, Terex ordered his Flametroopers to torch the Crèche egg. Terex had also brought a reserve force in the form of the Maxima-A class heavy cruiser Ravenous and more TIE fighters and stormtroopers.[18]

With Black Squadron overwhelmed by First Order fighters, Snap told his fellow pilots to head down into the canyon and split up in an attempt to lose their pursuers. Temmin's tactic initially worked until Jessika's astromech droid was hit by fire. Realizing his mistake, Snap ordered his fellow pilots to return into the open air. When L'ulo expressed doubts that Temmin's plan would succeed, Temmin reassured him that they would have a better chance fighting together. Before returning to the open, Temmin expressed his feelings for Karé in case they did not make it back to base.[19]

Temmin's tactic worked and Black Squadron survived the dogfight. Meanwhile, a large blue winged creature emerged from the Crèche egg and proceeded to attack the Crèche cultists and the First Order forces. The blue creature was attached by a giant black-winged creature, which turned out to be the Savior of the Crèche. Amidst the confusion, Poe and BB-8 managed to disarm Agent Terex following a fight. Running low on fuel, Temmin and his fellow pilots were caught up in the fight between the blue and black-winged creatures. The black creature ultimately defeated the blue creature.[19]

Black Squadron and the Crèche cultists disarmed Terex and his stormtroopers. Unwilling to provoke open warfare between the New Republic and the First Order, Poe decided to let Terex and his men go. Temmin disliked the idea but complied after the Crèche leader reassured him that he could not hurt them anymore. After the Crèche cultists departed on the black-winged creature, Temmin and his fellow pilots refueled and departed Ovanis.[19]

Undercover on Megalox Beta[]

Temmin and Black Squadron enter Megalox

Following the events on Ovanis, Snap and his fellow pilots returned to the Resistance base on D'Qar. After toasting, Temmin spent a quiet moment with Karè Kun and confided his feelings for her, which she reciprocated. Continuing their search for Lor San Tekka, Black Squadron traveled to the prison world of Megalox Beta to visit the imprisoned Grakkus the Hutt. Lor had once met Grakkus, who collected artifacts related to the Jedi prior to his imprisonment. General Organa managed to bribe the prison's warden Luta into letting Black Squadron visit the prison. Megalox was a private prison for the galaxy's worst criminals. Due to the planet's high gravity, the prison was protected by a grav-field dome generated from orbit by a space station.[20]

Upon entering the prison's landing bay, the guards abandoned Black Squadron and told them that they had been paid by someone else not to escort them to Grakkus' fortress. Unable to pay the guards a million credits, Black Squadron were forced to fight their way through the criminals using smoke bombs. Upon arriving at Grakkus' fortress, Snap and his comrades were taken prisoner by Grakkus and his Hutt minions, who wore cyborg enhancements. Grakkus agreed to give them information about Lor provided they behave themselves. He also agreed to allow them to leave later on the condition that they surrendered their weapons.[20]

Grakkus then revealed that Agent Terex had already arrived at his fortress. Knowing that both the First Order and Resistance were interested in Lor, Grakkus agreed to divulge the information to whoever freed him from Megalox.[20] While Poe met with Grakkus and Terex, Snap and the other pilots waited in Grakkus' courtyard. Temmin and his comrades were surprised to see Terex again and marveled how he had beat them to Megalox. When Poe returned, he briefed Snap and the other pilots about their new predicament. Since their mission was classified, Temmin asked Poe how Terex knew they were coming. Poe explained that Terex was a member of the First Order Security Bureau and that he had spies everywhere. He speculated that Terex had been responsible for bribing the guards into abandoning them.[21]

While BB-8 and the other astromech droids proceeded to disable the gravity field protecting the prison, Terex hired several criminals including Kan Be, Papa Toren, and Isin to instigate a prison riot and invade Grakkus' fortress. Their plan was to kill Grakkus' guards and Black Squadron. He planned to interrogate Grakkus before killing him as well. Terex promised to get the three gangsters offworld on his ship. When the mob tried to storm Grakkus' compound, Temmin and his fellow pilots joined forces with the Hutts to defend the compound. The mob managed to storm the compound and Grakkus and his Hutts fled inside the palace, leaving Black Squadron to the tender mercies of the mob.[21]

Armed with improvised weapons and stolen blasters, Temmin and his comrades fought off the prison mob. Despite sustaining a gash to his head, Snap and his comrades managed to hold out long enough for BB-8 and his team to disable the gravity field protecting the prison from Megalox Beta's high gravity. The high gravity overwhelmed Terex and the criminals. Temmin and his comrades were unaffected because they wore gravity belts. They managed to find Grakkus and convince him to help them in return for rescuing him.[22]

After returning to the space station, Snap and his fellow pilots reunited with their droids. They then departed on their starfighters with Grakkus following in a shuttle. Before leaving, Black Squadron returned control of the station to Warden Luta. However, Agent Terex attacked the station with his starship Carrion Spike, disabling its systems. He then proceeded to attack the station's shuttles as they headed to the planet to evacuate the prisoners. While Grakkus was unwilling to help, Poe instructed Black Squadron to attack the Carrion Spike so that Luta and her guards could rescue the prisoners from being crushed by Megalox Beta's high gravity. Snap and his fellow pilots managed to damage the Carrion Spike, forcing Terex to retreat. Having rescued Grakkus, they then returned to D'Qar.[22]

Dogfight over a desert planet[]

After discovering that a spy had been leaking intelligence about Black Squadron's operations to the First Order, Poe found himself unable to trust his squadron mates. As a result, Poe instead brought his droid BB-8, General Organa's spymaster C-3PO and the technician Oddy Muva on a mission to the planet Kaddak to retrieve one of the Resistance's spy droids, who was believed to hold information about the location of Supreme Leader Snoke.[23]

Poe and his team managed to retrieve the spy droid N1-ZX but were pursued by Terex and the Ranc gang. They crash-landed on an desert world.[24] While Poe and the droids fled into the caves, Oddy Muva freed the slaves including his wife Sowa Chuan aboard Terex's ship Carrion Spike. In response to Poe's distress call, Temmin led the rest of Black Squadron to the desert world. Upon arriving, Temmin reassured Poe that Black Squadron was coming and apologized for taking so long.[25]

Despite being outnumbered, Black Squadron took on the Carrion Spike and Terex's fleet of "Uglies." After learning from Poe that N1-ZX was unwilling to fight and was a BX-series droid commando, Temmin transmitted Mister Bones' droid personality template to Poe's comlink. As a result, "Mister Bones" took over N1-ZX's programming and slaughtered the Ranc gang's landing party. As Poe watched, Temmin told Poe about his former friend Mister Bones and alluded to their previous adventures. Wexley explained that he carried Bones' code with him into every battle for good luck. However, "Mister Bones" was shot and then decapitated by Terex, who fought with Poe.[26]

As the dogfight raged, Temmin and his fellow pilots provided firing cover for the escape pods carrying Oddy and the escaped slaves from the Carrion Spike. When one of the "Uglies" destroyed an escape pod, L'ulo fired on the ship only to be shot down by another "Ugly." Temmin, Kàre, and Jess then headed for another round against the Carrion Spike and the remaining "Uglies." Temmin then informed his fellow pilots that his ships' sensors picked up incoming ships. These turned out to be a First Order Maxima-A class heavy cruiser and its TIE fighters. Instead of attacking the Resistance, the First Order wiped out Terex's fleet. Temmin and his fellow pilots reacted with shock and relief.[26]

These First Order reinforcements led by Commander Malarus had been sent to apprehend Terex, who had embarked on an errant mission to destroy the resistance in violation of Supreme Leader Snoke's orders to avoid open conflict with the New Republic and its aligned forces. Believing Malarus to be hostile, Poe got Temmin and his fellow pilots to do a holo flyover. However, Malarus reassured him that she had come only for Terex. Before parting, Poe got Temmin to transmit an oral report telling Terex that the First Order had destroyed his starfighters and flagship Carrion Spike.[26]

Wexley and Kun became married.

Eventually Wexley married Kun. The wedding was intended to be a secret, but after some poor planning by the young members of J-Squadron, it became the worst-kept secret at the Resistance base.[27]

Battle of Starkiller Base[]

Wexley during the Starkiller base briefing

Following the Hosnian Cataclysm, Temmin attended a briefing at the Resistance base to discuss the findings of the reconnaissance flight to the planet-destroying superweapon Starkiller Base. Temmin remarked that the First Order had somehow developed a "hyper-lightspeed weapon" built into the planet itself. After the First Order targeted the Resistance base, Wexley along with several other Resistance pilots including Poe Dameron, Jess Pava, Nien Nunb, and Ello Asty engaged the First Order TIE fighters and turbolaser cannons in order to destroy the weapon. Towards the end of the battle, Temmin and the other pilots provided cover for Poe while he destroyed Starkiller's thermal oscillator, causing the superweapon to explode. The destruction of Starkiller Base marked a victory for the Resistance in their struggle against the First Order.[5]

Post-Starkiller Base[]

Following the battle, Organa sent Temmin and several other pilots, including Pava, to gather the New Republic's surviving commanders, after the Hosnian Cataclysm had wiped out most of the New Republic's fleet, as well as Resistance comrades in the Outer Rim Territories.[28]

They departed while the rest of the Resistance was evacuating the base. Temmin became Black One for the operation.[29] Their first mission was to Pastoria, where they failed to convince King Siroc to aid their cause.[30]

Their next stop was at Ikkrukk, where the Squadron responded to the distress call. Wexley ordered the Squadron to splitup, with himself and Kun staying to engage the First Order fleet.[31] Eventually Pava and Javos managed to rendezvous with Grist and restore the city defenses, while Wexley and Kun were saved by a newly-arrived Commander Dameron.[32] Following the battle, despite his protests, Wexley and Kun were sent to Akiva to recruit his mother Norra and step-father Wedge Antilles into the Resistance.[11]

Battle of Exegol[]

"Yeah, I see it!"
―Snap's last words to Poe Dameron[4]

Wexley met his end at Exegol.

After Wexley's return to the main Resistance cell, he continued to work closely alongside General Leia Organa and Commander Dameron. Wexley was among the Resistance forces who first deployed to the battle of Exegol, and was shot down by the Sith Eternal forces, causing his crippled star fighter to crash into the side of a Star Destroyer, much to Dameron's horror. His mentor Antilles arrived mere moments later as the gunner aboard the Millennium Falcon.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"...He's got your [Norra Wexley] spark in him. Yours and Brentin's. He's challenging because he's smart as a whip-snake, savvy as a sail-bird..."
―Esmelle describing Temmin's characteristics and personality[1]

Wexley in the cockpit of an X-wing

Temmin Wexley was an intelligent yet stubborn young boy; traits passed down from his parents and necessary to survive on the impoverished planet of Akiva. In his youth, Temmin had a lean, ropy body, black hair,[1] and dark eyes.[33] Due to his rough upbringing and frequent dealings with underworld elements, Temmin developed a street-smart personality and knew how to engage in some rudimentary hand-to-hand combat. Temmin was deeply traumatized by the childhood experience of witnessing his father Brentin being arrested by the Empire for assisting the rebels. As a result, Wexley developed a deep hatred of the Empire. He was also bitter towards his mother Norra Wexley for leaving him on Akiva at the age of twelve to find his father and join the Rebellion.[1]

Temmin's stubborn and rebellious personality made it difficult for his aunt Esmelle and her wife Shirene to raise him. By the age of fifteen, Temmin had become an independent junk dealer who was frequently in contact with the underworld. As a child, he had no friends and was bullied by his classmates. Temmin found a friend in the form of "Mister Bones," a refurbished B1 battle droid that served as his personal bodyguard. His anger and bitterness towards his mother led him to spurn her offer to leave Akiva and go offworld with her. He regarded Akiva as his home and took pride in his work as a junk-dealing businessman.[1]

Due to their adventures together, Temmin grew to appreciate his mother more but was reluctant in being drawn into the New Republic's struggle due to his troubles with the Sullustan gangster Surat Nuat. In an effort to get Surat off his back, Temmin made a secret deal with the gangster to let him, his mother, and Mister Bones leave Akiva in return for leading the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus and the bounty hunter Jas Emari into a trap. Temmin decided to help his mother and the Rebellion after Surat double-crossed him and handed Norra over to Admiral Rae Sloane.[1]

Temmin experienced a near-death encounter when a pair of stormtroopers threw him from the roof of the satrap's palace. While Temmin did not believe in the afterlife, he thought he had been given a second chance and decided to rescue Norra, Jas, and Sinjir. Wexley displayed much courage and agility when he leaped onto a departing Imperial yacht. After navigating his way through the ship, he managed to free his mother and her companions and helped them to capture and kill several Imperial officials. Following the Battle of Akiva, Temmin buried the hatchet with his mother and joined her and their new-found friends in hunting down Imperial war criminals across the galaxy.[1]

Wexley in his pilots gear

A year following the Battle of Endor, Temmin juggled between attending starfighter classes and accompanying his mom and her team on missions to capture Imperial fugitives. As a teenager, Temmin could at times be moody and irreverent towards his mother Norra due to her decision to leave him to find their father and join the Rebellion. At one point, Temmin wanted to emulate the bounty hunter Jas Emari but settled on being himself at the advice of his mother. Temmin found a firm but sympathetic mentor in the form of Captain Wedge Antilles, who became his starfighter instructor. Temmin's moodiness at one point led him to flunk his starfighter classes.[12] Antilles would eventually marry Norra. By their escape during the mission to Corellia, Temmin had come to view Antilles as his father.[11]

Temmin was witty and quick-thinking. He managed to deactivate the computer system SOL-GDA by telling Han and Jas to disable the cord connecting it to prisoners, on whom it depended as an energy source. When Temmin found that his father Brentin was a shadow of his former self due to his experience at Ashmead's Lock, Temmin descended into a brief moody state which led him to rage at his mother and the galaxy; unfairly blaming them for his life's problems. Temmin was perceptive enough to discern that something was wrong with his father. Temmin's suspicions were proven right when he discovered that Brentin had been reprogrammed into an unwilling assassin of the Empire.[12]

By the age of sixteen, Temmin had started to grow a beard. Despite their quarrels, Temmin was devoted to his mother Norra. After Norra departed on a mission to Jakku to hunt down Grand Admiral Sloane, Temmin was determined to go back and rescue his mother. His stubbornness earned him the respect of both Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Temmin encouraged Wedge to re-establish Phantom Squadron by appealing to Wedge's devotion to the Rebellion and past courageous acts during the Galactic Civil War. Temmin was overcome with grief after losing his best friend Mister Bones and father Brentin Lore Wexley.[9] As a mark of respect for his fallen friend Mister Bones and good luck, Temmin carried the droid's personality template whenever he went into battle.[25]

As an adult, Temmin grew a black beard and mustache and developed a pudgy physique.[33] By 34 ABY, Temmin was regarded as an "old-timer" by younger Resistance pilots like Karé Kun. Poe regarded him as a friend and handpicked him and the rest of Black Squadron to search for Lor San Tekka.[10] In Poe's absence, Snap took command of Black Squadron as Black Two. He cared for his fellow pilots and improvised tactics that gave them an edge over more numerous First Order TIE fighters.[18] Temmin also developed romantic feelings for Kun[19] and the two developed a relationship.[20] Snap was also a team player and was loyal to his fellow pilots.[21]

Skills and abilities[]

Wexley's T-70 X-wing starfighter

Temmin had a knack for mechanical tinkering as seen in his creation of the modified battle droid "Mister Bones" out of spare parts from an abandoned Separatist factory. He also displayed impressive abilities when piloting speeders through the narrow streets and on the rooftops of Myrra. In his free time, Temmin Wexley liked to play the board game "Galactic Expansion." He was also adept at maneuvering through drainpipes, navigating wire-mesh grates, or finding handholds in steep walls. Temmin used these skills to navigate through an Imperial yacht and free his mother and her friends.[1] Later, he used his mechanical skills to repair a long-range comm dish so that Gina Moonsong could contact Admiral Ackbar.[13]

Due to his life experience and work, Temmin was familiar with hand to hand combat. He also knew how to fly an X-wing, Jas Emari's freighter Halo,[12] and his mother's ship Moth. Temmin displayed good team work when working with Han Solo, Sinjir, Conder Kyl, and Jas Emari to tail five New Republic senators, who had voted against Mon Mothma's bill to send New Republic forces to Jakku. Temmin was also a competent starfighter pilot during the Battle of Jakku and shot down several Imperial fighters.[9]

As an adult, Temmin became a skilled starfighter pilot in the New Republic Starfleet and later the Resistance's Starfighter Corps. He was regarded as the Resistance's best recon flier and had a keen eye for trouble. He was also skilled enough to evade enemy starships.[33] In Poe's absence, Temmin displayed leadership skills and devised tactics for his squadron that enabled them to fight overwhelming enemy forces.[19] He was also able to hold himself up in melee combat.[22]

Behind the scenes[]

Wexley's flight helmet

Temmin Wexley first appeared in the 2015 novel Aftermath, written by Chuck Wendig. The character later appeared as an adult, referred to by the nickname "Snap," in the film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, in which he was portrayed by Greg Grunberg. Although his rank badge clearly identifies him as a major,[5] Wexley was both referred to and addressed as a captain in Alan Dean Foster's novelization of The Force Awakens.[16]

Jason Fry, the author of the novelization of Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, originally desired to show the pilots who flew with Dameron in The Force Awakens, including Wexley, on a mission to explain their absence from the film, but he realized that the plotline couldn't have a payoff.[34]


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