Temolak were a sentient species indigenous to Zirulast. They were renowned as scavengers throughout the galaxy.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Temolak were heavyset bipeds with skin the color of red clay. They were muscular and had a full height of 1.9 to 2.3 meters, with a slightly hunched posture. Their hands had five fingers each, and a fin-like structure ran on the underside of their forearms, stretching from their elbows to above the wrists.[1]

They possessed a scrunched face dominated by a wide, hairless head, small fin ridges on their chin, and large upward-curving horns rising from their cheekbones. Their eyes were small, sunken and white, and their mouths were full of large, crooked teeth. They possessed a wide nose with large nostrils that flared out when they spoke.[1]

One notable distinction from many other species were the Temolak's redundant organs. Their harsh homeworld and prolonged centuries in space produced evolutionary progressions to cope with the hardships of their chosen lifestyle. They possessed two hearts, two livers, four lungs, and three kidneys.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

After the Temolak left their barren, backwater homeworld, their society quickly began to revolve around salvage. They searched the galaxy for derelict starships, space stations, and other detritus. They were adept at turning what others saw as mere scraps into workable technology, and would strip a found derelict down to the wiring and deckplates and take those parts for good measure. They used abandoned space stations as their homes and bases of operation, treating them as colonies. The Temolak preferred by far to deal with primitive or less-developed species, and steered clear of advanced species. They found that primitive species had a higher need for the simple technology they sold, and also placed a higher value on these items.[1]

They were considered timid and nonviolent, and were rather quiet and crafty for a species with such a brutish appearance. They were resourceful and well-versed in technology, and were not averse to fighting for what they saw as theirs, to the surprise of many pirates foolish enough to challenge them.[1]

Their native language was Temolish, which sounded guttural to outsiders. Most Temolak learned to speak Basic as well.[1]

Temolak most often used single names, including Chaiza, Durakas, Eskavon, Kurun, Luzura, Orborus, Shalunask, Unkave, Zanvost and Zardanka.[1]


Around 2000 BBY, the water on the Temolak homeworld of Zirulast fully evaporated, leaving the species desperate for resources. They quickly and capably built orbital ships capable of harvesting water from the icy rings surrounding their homeworld. Shortly after, they developed their own sublight drives, and soon acquired hyperdrive technology.[1]

As they spread into the galaxy, the Temolak began their scavenging operations in earnest. Though they became fairly widespread during the time of the Old Republic, they rarely dealt with other advanced species, preferring to deal with primitive species instead. During this time, competition amongst salvage crews began to erupt into intra-species conflicts, many of them bloody. In response, the Temolak created the Temolak Salvage Consortium. This conglomerate assigned territories to the myriad salvage crews throughout the galaxy, eliminating the competition altogether.[1]

When the Empire rose to power, the Imperials imposed strict salvaging laws upon the consortium. Many Temolak abandoned the consortium, seeking their fortunes beyond the reach of the Empire in the lawless Outer Rim Territories. While some Temolak crews prospered, others disappeared entirely, presumed dead.[1]


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