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The Temperance was an MC75 Star Cruiser that was in service to the Alliance Fleet and the subsequent New Republic Defense Fleet, in which it served as the flagship of Vanguard Squadron.


The Temperance was an MC75 Star Cruiser that was in service to the Alliance Fleet and the subsequent New Republic Defense Fleet, in which it served as the flagship of Vanguard Squadron.[3] The warship featured engines, weapon systems,[4] and a hangar for launching starfighters.[3] Its bridge could hold dozens of individuals at their workstations.[4]


The cruiser was built on Mon Cala alongside its sister ship, the Accordance. During the Battle of Endor, an Imperial armada launched a surprise attack on the Core Worlds, and engaged the Alliance Fleet on the borders of the Hosnian system, leading both the Temperance and the Accordance to defend the system's borders. The Accordance, however, was destroyed in the battle, forcing its survivors to take refuge aboard the Temperance.[3]

Service with Vanguard Squadron[]

Around the end of the Battle of Endor, the Temperance served as the home of Vanguard Squadron, a New Republic starfighter squadron who would prove vital in capturing a Star Destroyer for Project Starhawk. At this time, the Temperance was commanded by Lindon Javes, an Imperial defector.[2]

Under General Syndulla[]

During the Trothe operation, the Temperance was temporarily placed under the command of General Hera Syndulla, the captain deferred to her command. They arrived at the battle after receiving a message from Alphabet Squadron pilot Chass na Chadic, and slipped through the planet's defenses to launch Vanguard Squadron. There, it bombarded the Scar of Troithe to clear the way for New Republic ground forces, despite the risk of hitting their own troops. It arrived just in time during the engagement to rescue Wyl Lark's squadron from Shadow Wing and to provide support for the 61st Mobile Infantry troopers who were trying to breach the Core Nine mining megafacility. Although the New Republic was unable to stop Shadow Wing from escaping on the bulk freighter Yadeez, they were able to recapture the planet.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Temperance first appeared in the 2020 novel by Alexander Freed, Shadow Fall, where it was described as an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate,[4] in contrast to its appearance as an MC75 Star Cruiser in the video game Star Wars: Squadrons, released the same year.[3] Lucasfilm Story Group executive Matt Martin clarified that the novel was in error, and that the Temperance was indeed an MC75, something which would be fixed in later printings of the novel.[5]


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