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"Sir, the temperature's dropping too rapidly."
Tigran Jamiro, to Han Solo[src]

Temperature was a measure of the warmth or coldness of an environment or object, expressed in degrees. Its zero point was defined by the freezing point of water.[1]

On the planet of Hoth, the temperature in summer, the hottest season, only crawled up to about 10 degrees below freezing.[1] In contrast, the temperatures on Tatooine were so high that only a small part of the planet's northern hemisphere could sustain intelligent life.[2] The boiling surface of Bespin, a gas giant, bubbled at a constant six thousand degrees.[1]

Frequent orbital bombardments and beam-weapon assaults could affect the atmosphere of a planet to the point of increasing the temperature of that world's seas, potentially killing many of the organisms they contained.[3]

In many living organisms, environmental exposure to excessive heat could cause dehydration, abnormally high body temperatures, mental confusion, and, in the worst cases, death.[4]

The insides of starships such as the Millennium Falcon were carefully temperature-controlled.[5]

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