"Unit 17-B, stand down at once!"
―Unknown Endor Imperial officer[src]

Tempest Scout 2 was an All Terrain Scout Transport in Tempest Force. Its callsign was 17-B. It first saw battle on Kashyyyk, and was later assigned to coordinate battle activities with the scout trooper detachments on Endor.


Tempest Scout 2

It was piloted by Major Marquand during the Battle of Endor. Lieutenant Watts served as gunner. The vehicle was commandeered by Chewbacca and two Ewoks, Widdle Warrick and Wunka, who threw Watts out and knocked Marquand unconscious. They then used the vehicle to destroy several other AT-STs, turning the tide of the battle in favor of the Rebel ground forces. Midway through, however, the Imperials became privy to Tempest Scout 2's actions and began targeting it, although they believed that the pilots simply turned traitor, not realizing that it was actually hijacked. It later rendezvoused with the strike team after most of the Imperials were wiped out, although the strike team survivors were initially concerned at its arrival, being unaware of Chewbacca and the Ewoks hijacking the vehicle earlier until Chewbacca revealed himself to them. Afterwards, Han Solo posed as one of the scout pilots using the captured walker to trick the Imperials into opening the bunker for them as well as surround them.

Following the destruction of the shield bunker, the walker was given to Renegade Squadron to perform final cleanup operations.



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