If you wish to use this template outside a citation, such as in an External links section, use the following format:

  • profile= Instagram title as seen in the page title
  • profilelink= Instagram nickname

For usage in citations, use the following format:


Required parameters

  • author= Author being cited in the linked post.
  • dateposted= The date of the Author's cited comments.
  • description= A short description or title of the citation.
  • link= Permanent URL to Instagram post, excluding the portion.

Optional parameters

  • archive= Offsite (non-Instagram) archive link, using a service such as imgur for screenshots. If the archive image has been uploaded to Wookieepedia, use the filename (minus the File: prefix) instead of a full URL.
    • For private conversations with authors, provided that permission is given, an archive= URL (but only an archive URL) is required. A link= parameter can also be excluded and an archive URL used instead if a post is archived but deleted from Instagram before a permalink is recorded.
  • quote= A short excerpt from the citation for quick reference in the article.
  • timeposted The time when the Instagram photo was posted, in 24-hour format (13:58, not 1:58pm)
  • dateaccessed= The last date the Instagram permalink was confirmed live by a Wookieepedia editor.
  • timeaccessed= The last date the Instagram permalink was confirmed live by a Wookieepedia editor. Note: The time MUST be in 24-hour format (for example 13:58, not 1:58pm).
  • archivedate= The date the archive copy was created.

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